What is the Average Salary in Egypt? and Recent Trends Analysis

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In recent years, Egypt has become a prominent choice for outsourcing due to its skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and competitive costs.


The average salary in Egypt is 156, 526 EGP which corresponds to 5065.40 USD.

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Egypt Average Salary


According to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), the total wage in Egypt is around 358,702,149 EGP which is approximately equivalent to 11606868.35 USD.


The average monthly salary in Egypt is nearly 13,244 EGP which corresponds to 428.59 USD.


The Average annual salary in Egypt is 156,526 EGP which is around 5065.40 USD according to Salary Expert.

The Average hourly wage in Egypt is 75.25 EGP which is nearly 2.44 USD.


Minimum Wage in Egypt


Minimum wage is the minimum mandated amount of wages that employers must pay their employees for the work done within a specified time frame, usually to ensure suitable salaries and protect against exploitation.


According to the State Information Service of Egypt, the minimum wage in Egypt is around 3,500 EGP which corresponds to 113.26 USD.


Median Salary


According to Salary Explorer, the median wage in Egypt is 7,870 EGP which corresponds to 254.66 USD.


This number indicates the remuneration received usually in various jobs and industries in Egypt. Being aware of such figures enables employers and employees for a smart deal on salary.


Maximum Salary


The maximum salary in Egypt is nearly 41,100 EGP which is approximately equivalent to 1330.10 USD.

Factors Influencing Average Salary in Egypt


Two factors influence the average salary in Egypt. They are:


Average Salary by Occupation


Average salaries by different industries are listed below:

Profession Average Salary
9000 EGP
Information Technology (IT)
14,300 EGP
Teaching/ Education
7,330 EGP
Human Resources
13,700 EGP
Health & Medical
21,100 EGP
Accounting & Finance
17,800 EGP
15,500 EGP
Police Officer
5,430 EGP
Customer Service & Call Center
12,100 EGP

Source: Salary Explorer


Average Salary by City


 Average salaries by different cities are listed below:

City Average Salary
8,920 EGP
9,820 EGP
Sharm ei-Sheik
8,420 EGP

4 Key Reasons Why Egypt Can Be a Good Outsourcing Destination?


There are 4 main reasons why Egypt can be a good outsourcing destination. They are listed below:


Skilled workforce


In Egypt, many skilled workers have been trained well, especially in areas like technology, engineering, finance, and helping customers. The people working in this company are good at speaking different languages like English, Arabic, and French. This helps them serve customers from many different countries.


Saving Money


Doing business in Egypt costs less compared to many Western countries. This means many companies can save a lot of money by outsourcing work there. It’s cheaper because things like paying workers, renting buildings, and taxes are lower, making Egypt a good choice for businesses that want to save money.


Good Location


Egypt is located in a place where Africa, Europe, and the Middle East meet. This makes it a good spot for helping clients from many different areas. Being close to important markets makes it easier to talk to people, move things around, and do business smoothly.


Government Support


The Egyptian government is helping the outsourcing industry by giving tax breaks, improving infrastructure, and encouraging investment. They want to bring in more money from other countries, make the economy grow, and create more jobs in outsourcing.

Are You Exploring Egypt as an Outsourcing Destination?


Are you thinking about getting some help with your work from Egypt? If you are, you are on the right track! Egypt is becoming a popular choice for getting work done because they have skilled workers, and it doesn’t cost too much. But how can you ensure your work goes smoothly when you get help from Egypt?


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Conclusion and Final Thoughts


In conclusion, the average salary in Egypt reveals that challenges and opportunities emerge for both individuals and enterprises. While inequalities affect sectors and regions differently, the analysis of such ways is of great importance for intelligent decisions.


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The average pay in Egypt depends on some factors such as profession, experience, and industry. However, for the most recent figures, the average wage has reached 7,870 EGP which is equivalent to about 254.66 USD. The average monthly wage in Egypt is around 13,244 EGP which is equivalent to 428.59 USD. The average annual wage is around 156,526 EGP which is equivalent to 156, 526 EGP which is approximately equal to 5065.40 USD.

Industries like IT, engineering, finance, and oil and gas pay much more than others following the logic of demand for unusual skills and higher professionalism. The IT field, in particular, is in demand, and those with a skill set addressing the industry’s needs for software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis are in great demand, with competitive salaries.

Salaries could vary equally from spot to spot within Egypt. Although Cairo and Alexandria offer greater earnings because of the presence of schools, stores, shops, and industries, which generate more job opportunities, the rate of payment in other rural regions may be lower. Factors including cost of living, skill demand, and task-related opportunities can also shape salary differences between urban and rural areas.


Of course, there is a potential for growth in the same in Egypt since the market is fast growing and most of the skills that are required in different sectors are getting increased. Lifelong learning, increased work experience, and following industry trends are all excellent contributors to a desirable career advancement path.

Education level, experience, knowledge, skills, industry demand, responsibility for a job, and negotiation abilities are many of the factors that affect how much money an individual makes in Egypt. Moreover, the economic situation and policies implemented by a particular company are taken into consideration when the rate is decided. As the case, geographical location within Egypt can lead to different salary levels for employees working in urban or rural areas where wages are mostly dependent on the degree of urbanization and cost of living.