What is the Average Salary in Colombia? and Factors Affecting

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Colombia is emerging as a leading destination for outsourcing, offering a strategic location, a skilled bilingual workforce, and a favorable business environment.


The average annual salary in Colombia is around 56,500,000 COP, which is roughly 14357.45 USD.


In this article, we will explore the average salary in Colombia, minimum wage, median salary, maximum wages, factors influencing average salary in Colombia, and the reasons why Colombia can be a good outsourcing destination.

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Average Salary in Colombia


According to survey by Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary in Colombia is around 4,710,000 COP, which corresponds to about 1196.88 USD


The average annual salary in Colombia is around 56,500,000 COP, which is roughly 14357.45 USD.

Colombia’s Average Salary Statistics and Trends


Minimum Wage


The minimum wage or minimum salary is the legally mandated lowest amount of compensation that companies must pay employees for their jobs, usually on an hourly basis, as determined by government regulation or law. It is intended to ensure that workers are fairly compensated for their labour and to prevent exploitation.


The minimum wage per month in Colombia is around 1,300,606.00 COP, which is around 330.94 USD effective from 01 January 2024.  This minimum salary was an increase of 12% from the previous minimum salary of 1,160,000.00 COP.


The minimum wage in Colombia is a very important factor in determining the standard of living of the citizens, as it influences their stipend to buy necessities like shelter, food, and healthcare.


Median Salary


The median salary in Colombia is around 4,050,0000 COP, which is a corresponding 10319.48 USD.


This number denotes the value in terms of income in the middle of the income scale of the country where 50% earn more and the other 50% earn less.


The purchasing power of different groups determines their standard of living and their ability to meet financial needs.


Maximum Wage


According to Statista, in Colombia the maximum wage is nearly 20,900,000COP, this is equivalent to 5325.36 USD.


This is the top limit, i.e. the maximum someone can get. For others, it indicates that their dedication to saving and investing has led to financial success.


For some people, it only remains a dream, while for others it’s nothing more than a reality, meaning that these guys are richer than others.

Factors Influencing Average Salary in Colombia


Average Salary by Profession


The average salary in Colombia for different professions is given below:

Profession Average Salary
4,330,000 COP
3,080,000 COP
3,670,000 COP
1,700,000 COP
5,270,000 COP
Police Officer
2,910,000 COP
HR Manager
7,330,000 COP

Source: Salary Explorer

Average Salary by City

The average salary in Colombia by different locations is shown below:

City Average Salary
4,840,000 COP
4,470,000 COP
4,760,000 COP
Manizales 4,260,000 COP
4,260,000 COP
4,680,000 COP
4,470,000 COP
4,590,000 COP

Source: Salary Explorer

Top 3 Reasons Why Colombia Can Be a Good Outsourcing Destination?


Cost Effectiveness


According to Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (ICBF), labor costs in Colombia are low compared to most of the outsourcing destinations.


The nation gives skilled labor at a lower wage scale compared to the United States and European nations.


This cost advantage therefore attracts businesses that want to outsource services such as IT support, client support, and back-office operations.


Strategic Geographic Location


Geographically Colombia is the ideal business destination for those who trade with the markets of North and South America.

Being neighbors, it is easier for the sourcing companies to communicate and interact, which reduces the time zone differences and makes the business flow easily.


Skilled Workforce and Language Proficiency


In Colombia, there are qualified and skilled workforce with an emphasis on fields like information technology, engineering, finance, and customer service.


Colombians are one of the strongest economies regarding the level of their English competency and companies prefer to outsource their services to the English readers’ markets.


On the other hand, the Colombian government also made education and training programs to achieve the right skill sets in its workforce, which can make the country become an even better destination for outsourcing.


In Colombia, there is a highly qualified and skilled workforce, particularly in fields such as information technology, engineering, finance, and customer service.

How Can You Improve Productivity with Your Outsourced Colombian Team?


Clear Communication Channels


Establish clear and efficient communication channels between your in-house team and the outsourced Colombian team.


Use video conferencing, instant messaging platforms, and project management tools to facilitate regular communication and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding tasks, goals, and deadlines.



Define Clear Objectives and Expectations


Start by clearly stating the project goals, what needs to be achieved, and what is expected from the outcomes.


Clearly explain to the Colombian team members what their roles and responsibilities are to minimize problems based on the misunderstandings.


Provide Training and Development Opportunities


Provide training and development options for the Colombian team you’ve outsourced to improve their skills, knowledge, and productivity.


Offer workshops, webinars, online courses, and other resources to help them grow professionally and stay current with industry trends and best practices.


Utilize Project Management Tools


Implement project management tools such as Time Champ to track progress, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor productivity.


This tool can help streamline workflow management, facilitate collaboration, and ensure that everyone is accountable for their assigned tasks.


Empowering Your Colombian Team with Time Champ Tools


Employee Productivity Monitoring:


Time Champ enables you to keep employees productive in your Colombia company while making sure the team is on task and the focus is maintained.


Project Management


With Time Champ you will be able to execute projects effectively by assigning tasks, fixing time limits, and tracking progress, this is fundamental for the coordination of activities among your outsourced employees in Colombia.


Task Tracking


This tool gives you the ability to monitor the jobs assigned to your team members from Colombia. It also allows you to monitor the work done by them so that you can hold them accountable for any project deliverables.


Location Activity


Time Champ offers insights on the current activity of employee location, which is especially useful for monitoring the teams that do remote working and ensuring that the Colombian team members are fully involved in their work.




Time Champ works together with the already existing platforms and tools, thus making collaboration and communication easy between your outsourcing team in Colombia and other parties such as team members or stakeholders.


Activity Logs


The platform collects complete activity logs that give you a complete history of the actions and contributions of your Colombian team and can be used for performance evaluations and to address any problem that might develop.


Productivity Reports


Time Champ gives you productivity reports that enable you to assess the efficiency of the Colombian team and find the areas where the team lags which you can use to correct this to lead the team more efficiently.


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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In conclusion, understanding Colombia’s average salary landscape and the factors influencing it is crucial for outsourcing decisions.
With its competitive labor costs, skilled workforce, and strategic location, Colombia leads in outsourcing.

Utilizing tools like Time Champ enhances management efficiency, empowering outsourced teams for success in today’s global market.

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The average annual salary in Colombia is around 56,500,000 COP which is nearly 14,357.45 USD. Such salary suggests that there is a balance among the personalities and organizations at employment opportunities. This is the main index showing the productivity of the economy and how people doing in terms of income as well.

Colombia leads in outsourcing due to its highly qualified workforce, cost-effectiveness, adaptability to culture, language proficiency, and governmental support for business initiatives. Also, developments in technology and infrastructures make it more prospective for international corporations looking for outsourcing solutions.

The average salary in Colombia is greatly affected by some parameters like the profession, the city where one works, and the economic status of the country. Other aspects apart from the education level and experience impact the average salaries in Colombia. These include the industry demand for specific skills and regional variations in the cost of living.

Colombia “outsources more of its activities” than others, however, as a result of its cultural closeness to the Western countries it finds it fairly easy to deal with them successfully, and in that, they cooperate. Besides, its policies of foreign investment and the stability of the economy are among some factors that make it the preferred choice for outsourcing initiatives.

Improving productivity with your outsourced Colombian team involves clear communication, defining objectives, providing training opportunities, and utilizing project management tools like Time Champ.

Time Champ offers features such as employee productivity monitoring, project management, task tracking, location activity insights, integrations with other tools, activity logs, and productivity reports, simplifying the complexities of managing outsourced teams.