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  • Activity Tracking
  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • Idle Time Tracking
  • Screen Recording
  • Productive Time Tracking
  • Live Screen Tracking
  • Office TV
  • Audio Tracking
  • Keystroke Tracking
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Get Organized in Your Own Way

Use these features to restrict data access, organize teams, and make the most of Time Champ.


Manager Login

Enable managers to access exclusively their teams’ data, assess performance, and modify productivity labels.

manager login

Employee Login

Empower your employees with the ability to access their own data, fostering transparency and accountability.

employee login


Seamlessly connect any software your team utilizes, whether internal or external, with the Time Champ Rest API.


Raw Data

Obtain precise, real-time information on your employees’ computer activities, down to the second.

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Get alerts based on productivity levels, or unwanted activities. Stay informed about your productivity levels or track any undesired activities with real-time alerts.

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Automated reports from top employee monitoring system solve quantification, analysis issues, reduce costs by 40%.

How Time Champ Works in Different Teams

monitoring employees in secret

Introducing Company Computers

This choice is perfect for office teams utilizing computers provided by the company. Time Champ kicks off automatically as soon as the computer is turned on, granting you the flexibility to decide whether you want it to monitor your employees continuously, during specific hours, or only when the computers are connected to a designated network.

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Interactive Mode

stealth mode monitoring

Silent Mode

Personal Computers

The option of personal computers is better suited for remote teams, as it offers employees greater control over tracking. With the clock in/out buttons, workers have the autonomy to determine when Time Champ tracks their time and activities.


Take break

stealth mode monitoring

Finish the day

employee clocker

Use cases

Boost Your Productivity and Concentration

Empower your team with Time Champ data. Overcome obstacles, monitor progress, and address issues with our cutting-edge software. Boost focus and dedication for enhanced productivity.

time clock app

Efficiently Lead Your Remote Team

Effortlessly manage your remote team with Time Champ. Stay informed with daily reports, active hours, activities, and screenshots. Simplify payroll with custom hourly rates. Take control and experience seamless remote workforce management.

online time clock

Enhance Attendance Precision

Track employee attendance accurately, based on laptop activity. Generate precise timesheets reflecting actual work, ensuring compliance and preventing losses from buddy punching and time theft.

attendance tracking software
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Ready to Assume Complete Authority over Your Workplace?

cloud storage

Cloud Solution

Effortless setup in minutes for teams. No IT help needed. Securely store data on Google Cloud’s advanced infrastructure with top-notch security protocols.

on premise storage

Own Your Data with our On-Premises Solution

Take control of your data with our On-Premises Solution. Ideal for teams needing full control, this custom option requires technical expertise and IT team collaboration. Safely store data on your own servers, ensuring protection and peace of mind.

Boost Productivity and Security with the Employee Monitoring Software

Nowadays, every results-driven team depends on Best Employee Monitoring Software to enhance their performance.

What was once considered a “nice-to-have” a few years ago has become a “must-have” in today’s business world. In fact, an impressive 85% of major companies are currently using employee monitoring solutions.

The reasons for such broad adoption are clear. By leveraging top Employee monitoring software like Time Champ, companies can boost their efficiency by up to 28%, ensure 65% more accurate time tracking and significantly improve the overall workforce efficiency.

Why Do Successful Companies Use Employee Monitoring Software?

Less than 60% of work time is spent productively, meaning over 40% is wasted.

This is a concerning number for any business leader aiming for good productivity and profitability. Monitoring employee time can be tough in the modern workplace, where every click and tap cannot be watched. Without oversight, digital work environments can become unproductive and unorganised. Social media, timesheets, and budgets can spin out of hand, and it is hard to differentiate between looking busy and working. Here’s where employee activity tracking software comes in.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is a tool that organisations use to track and analyse employee activity and productivity during working hours. It gives insight into how employees spend their time, identifies areas for improvement, and ensures that business policies are followed. The software can monitor computer usage, internet activity, and other factors.

It is important to first understand what best employee work monitoring software does and doesn’t perform. Because there is usually some confusion. Social media, timesheets, and finances may all spin out of control, making it difficult to tell the difference between appearing busy and actually working.

The best PC monitoring software can help you manage your team's time and attendance, identify which apps, websites, and software they use the most, recognise inefficient employees, and more. The best thing is that staff monitoring software converts this data into relevant insights and patterns that you can use to constantly improve team performance.

Imagine having a supervisor who can see and understand everything about your employees. That's the power of modern work tracking software.

What kind of employee activity can be tracked?

With today’s sophisticated employee tracking software, you can monitor:

  • Use of email applications and websites
  • Computer usage
  • Attendance and Time
  • Time spent on projects and tasks
  • Screenshots

Additionally, the best employee tracking system, like Time Champ, tracks workers automatically and in real time. The data from your entire team is then delivered to an intuitive dashboard that is as simple as reading an email.

Why Choose Our Employee Monitoring Software?

Explore the reasons to choose our employee monitoring software:

  • Real-time activity monitoring:

    Stay up to date on employee activities with a real-time employee tracking system. Our software collects precise information on applications used, websites visited, and time spent on each activity, allowing you to identify potential productivity barriers and address them in advance.

  • Application and Website Tracking:

    Gain visibility into how your employees use company resources. Our system monitors the use of specific applications and websites, allowing you to optimise resource allocation and ensuring that employees are focused on tasks that propel your organisation ahead.

  • Screenshots and Video Recording:

    The employee screen monitoring software enables you to take screenshots or record video clips of employee screens to have a comprehensive understanding of their work activities. This tool allows you to track progress, identify training requirements, and maintain accountability among your employees.

  • Keystroke Logging and Productivity Metrics:

    Employee productivity can be measured using keystroke recording and productivity measures. Our software analyses keyboard input and monitors time spent on tasks, delivering precise productivity data for performance evaluations and process enhancements.

  • Internet and Email Monitoring:

    Monitor internet activity to maintain compliance and safeguard your organisation against any security threats. Our most popular employee monitoring software monitors surfing history, and downloads, helping you in maintaining a safe work environment and identifying any unauthorized activity.

  • Attendance and Time Tracking:

    The best enterprise employee monitoring software allows you to efficiently manage employee attendance and time tracking. You may easily track clock-in and clock-out times, breaks, and absences, which will help you optimise payroll operations and ensure accurate time records.

  • Privacy and data protection measures:

    We understand the value of privacy and data protection. Our employee monitoring solution follows strict security protocols, ensuring that employee data is secured and always protected. You can trust that your sensitive information remains confidential and secure.

What Teams Rely on Employee Monitoring System?

With today's employee monitoring software's flexibility and advanced features, teams from every industry imaginable rely on it to conduct employee productivity monitoring.

Remote Teams Accounting Agencies
Sales Teams Enterprise
Customer Support Teams Small & Medium Business
Startups Software Development
Quality Assurance Team Research and Development

Features to Look for in Employee Monitoring Software

  • Activity Monitoring

    Effective employee monitoring tools should provide comprehensive activity monitoring capabilities. This includes tracking application usage, websites visited, keystrokes, and file transfers. It allows employers to gain insights into how employees spend their time and identify any potential productivity or security issues.

  • Screen Capture

    Screen capture functionality enables employers to capture screenshots or recordings of employees' computer screens at regular intervals. This feature can be useful for verifying work activities, detecting policy violations, or investigating potential misconduct.

  • Website Blocking and Filtering

    Software for employee monitoring should be able to block or filter access to certain websites or applications. This helps prevent employees from visiting unauthorized or time-wasting websites, improving productivity, and minimizing security risks.

  • Time Tracking

    Accurate time tracking is crucial for measuring productivity and managing resources effectively. Best software for employee monitoring should provide features for tracking work hours, breaks, and attendance. This allows employers to analyze time data and make informed decisions about workforce optimization.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities are essential for extracting valuable insights from employee monitoring data. The software should offer customizable reports, visualizations, and analytics tools to help employers make data-driven decisions and identify patterns or trends.

Best Practices for Implementing Employee Monitoring Software

Implementing employee monitoring software requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some best practices to ensure a successful implementation:

  • Transparent Communication

    Before implementing employee tracking tools, it is crucial to communicate openly with employees about the reasons, goals, and expected outcomes. Transparency builds trust and reduces resistance to the new system.

  • Clear policies and Guidelines

    Establish clear policies and guidelines regarding the acceptable use of technology and employee monitoring practices. These policies should outline expectations, explain the purpose of monitoring, and clarify how data will be used and protected.

  • Respect for Privacy

    While monitoring employee activities, it is important to respect their privacy rights. Employers should strike a balance between monitoring productivity and security purposes and respecting employees' reasonable expectations of privacy.

  • Training and Education

    Provide thorough training and education to employees regarding the implementation of employee monitoring software. This ensures they understand the purpose, benefits, and limitations of the software and helps alleviate concerns

Our Objective

  • Remote Workforce Management:

    Effectively manage remote teams by monitoring their activities and ensuring they remain engaged and productive, no matter where they are located.

  • Safeguard Sensitive Data Access:

    Safeguard sensitive information by monitoring employee access to confidential files and data, reducing the risk of data leaks or unauthorized usage.

  • Employee Training and Development:

    Identify areas where employees may require additional training or support, leading to targeted professional development initiatives.

  • Project Management and Collaboration:

    Track employee activities related to specific projects, facilitating collaboration, and ensuring timely completion of tasks.

  • Employee Behavior and Policy Compliance:

    Monitor adherence to company policies and identify any potential issues or violations, promoting a culture of compliance and ethical behavior.

How Does Our Employee Monitoring Software Work?

  • Installation and Setup Process:

    Our software is easy to install and configure, ensuring seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure. Our support team will guide you through the installation process and provide any necessary assistance.

  • User-friendly Interface and Dashboard:

    Navigate our user friendly interface and dashboard effortlessly. Access comprehensive reports and analytics that provide clear insights into employee activities, enabling you to make informed decisions.

  • Customizable Monitoring Settings and Filters:

    Tailor the monitoring settings and filters to align with your organization's specific needs. Customize what you monitor, ensuring you focus on the activities that matter most to your business.

  • Data Storage and Reporting Capabilities:

    Effortlessly store and access monitoring data and generate detailed reports for analysis and compliance purposes. Our software provides robust data storage capabilities, ensuring that you have the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Integration with Other Business Tools and Software:

    Time Champ’s Employee Monitoring Software seamlessly integrates with a wide range of business tools and software, including project management systems, collaboration platforms, and HR solutions. This integration streamlines processes and enhances productivity across your organization.

Pros and Cons of Using an Employee Monitoring System

When it comes to making business decisions, it is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a live employee monitoring system. Before making a purchase, there are several factors to consider, including your goals, expectations, and the nature of your employees' work. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have outlined the pros and cons of employee monitoring software.

Advantages of Employee Monitoring System:

  • Increased Efficiency:

    An unexpected 89% of employees admit to spending time at work. In real terms, just 11 out of 100 employees are continuously productive. These unproductive activities take between 30 minutes and five hours daily, costing companies more than $40 billion annually. Using staff monitoring tools such as Time Champ, you can effectively combat time-wasting behaviour. Employee monitoring apps track work patterns, ensure productivity, encourage accountability, and help with efficient task management.

  • Enhanced Productivity:

    Non-work-related activities, such as browsing the internet, accessing social media, or checking personal email, are estimated to cost businesses $134 billion annually due to decreased productivity. Employee activity monitoring software offers real-time insights and detailed charts for assessing individual, team, and organisational productivity. This allows you to find areas for development while increasing overall productivity.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden:

    Tedious administrative tasks affect productivity and performance, with 59% of managers spending over three hours daily on administrative work. Time Champ eliminates the need for time and attendance management by accurately tracking clock-ins and clock-outs using computer activity monitoring. Furthermore, Time Champ connects smoothly with payroll systems, automating cost calculations such as taxes, currency, and preferred payment methods. Its Automatic Time Tracking and project management features track project and task progress, removing the need for human timesheets and timers.

  • Increased employee engagement.

    Only 15% of employees consider themselves engaged at work, influenced by factors such as the work environment, project allocation, and lack of support. Understanding what inspires and engages your staff is important but often difficult. Time Champ's productivity trends and reports provide clear insights into what motivates your workforce. For example, you can analyze an employee like Greg from marketing, track his output based on time and location, and make informed decisions about his work arrangements, such as remote or in-office work. This includes project allocation, software usage, and on-the-job support.

  • Improved focus:

    Employees frequently spend time on tasks that do not correspond with company objectives, resulting in wasted effort. Real-time employee monitoring software helps to instantly identify misplaced focus, allowing managers to intervene and redirect their team's efforts accordingly. By glancing at the real-time activity dashboard, managers quickly identify who is working on what and provide timely guidance to ensure tasks are aligned with company goals.

  • Clear Direction:

    As Henry Ford famously said, "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." However, managing a large team, particularly one made up of remote or freelance workers, might make it difficult to coordinate their efforts. Remote employee monitoring software serves as a directional lighthouse, directing your team regardless of their geographic location. Using Time Champ's real-time dashboard, you can monitor what each team member is working on, detect bottlenecks, and align their focus, supporting a unified approach.

  • Easy Management of Remote teams

    The powerful remote employee monitoring solution allows for easy remote team management. It provides real-time data on team productivity, enforces accountability, and optimises operations. The remote employee monitoring software is designed to provide a transparent and efficient work environment, enabling informed decision-making and driving success. It improves communication, project management, and team performance. Adopting the future of work is simple with this comprehensive remote team management solution.

Cons of Employee Computer Monitoring Software

  • Impact on Team Culture:

    94% of executives believe that team culture is crucial to success. Introducing software to monitor employee computers may raise concerns about the potential negative influence on team culture and morale. However, when used properly, computer monitoring software can improve team culture by recognising top performers and resolving performance issues.

  • Perceived lack of privacy:

    One of the drawbacks of using employee work monitoring software is the perceived lack of privacy. Employees may feel that their personal space and privacy have been invaded, causing discomfort and distrust. This perception can influence morale and productivity since employees may feel constantly monitored and assessed, lowering their sense of autonomy and security at work.

  • Increased stress levels:

    Having someone constantly look over your shoulder as you work can be stressful and disrupt workflow. Similarly, the mere knowledge of cloud-based employee monitoring can cause some employees to feel stressed. Work time monitoring solutions enable you and your team to track the time spent on tasks and projects, so you can find areas for improvement and increase productivity.

  • Perceived lack of trust:

    Employee monitoring, such as email tracking or screenshot capture, may create mistrust. It is important to clarify that monitoring is primarily intended to increase efficiency, not to question an employee's trustworthiness. Communicating this distinction is critical when introducing computer monitoring software.

  • Legal Ramifications:

    Employee monitoring laws vary across different jurisdictions, with places like California having strict regulations around employee surveillance. Familiarising yourself with the legal landscape around employee monitoring is critical for avoiding litigation. Employers have the right to monitor employees within legal limitations, but it is important to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Steps to Implement Best Employee Monitoring Software

To successfully implement employee work monitoring software, follow these steps:

  • Define objectives:

    Clearly define the goals and objectives of implementing the best employee monitoring software. Identify the specific metrics and outcomes you want to achieve.

  • Select the right software:

    Research and evaluate different software options based on your organization's requirements. Consider the features, ease of use, and compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

  • Communicate with employees:

    Transparently communicate the reasons for implementing employee monitoring software to your employees. Address any concerns or misconceptions they may have and emphasize the benefits.

  • Train and educate employees:

    Provide comprehensive training and education to employees on how the software works, what data is collected, and how it will be used. Offer guidance on maintaining productivity and privacy.

  • Evaluate and adjust:

    Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the software and adjust the monitoring parameters as needed. Regularly review the collected data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Future Trends in Employee Monitoring Software

The field of employee monitoring software is continually evolving. Here are some future trends to watch:
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are being integrated into employee monitoring apps. These advancements enable more accurate insights, predictive analytics, and automated anomaly detection.

  • Mobile monitoring:

    As remote work and mobile devices become more prevalent, employee monitoring software is adapted to monitor mobile activities. This includes tracking mobile app usage, location tracking, and communication monitoring.

  • Integration with other tools:

    Employee work monitoring software is increasingly being integrated with other productivity and collaboration tools. Work time tracking tools log hours spent on tasks, promoting efficient time management, enhancing productivity, and ensuring accurate project billing.

  • Employee Well-being Focus:

    Employee Monitoring tools will increasingly incorporate features to support mental health and work-life balance, such as stress level detection and reminders for breaks.

Try Employee Monitoring System in Your Business for Free

By now, you know the productivity, performance, and saving benefits of employee monitoring software, like Time Champ. Monitoring technology has become easier to install, use, and customize as it has evolved. However, the decision to begin monitoring employees in the workplace is dependent on the structure of your team, its goals, and the importance you place on productivity and performance.

This guide will help you in making the correct choice about software to monitor employees computers. Still, the only way to buy the best computer monitoring software for your team is to try it first. That is why at Time Champ, we invite you to try a free 7-day trial. Install Time Champ on every device, monitor every activity, try every feature and then, make the smart decision about whether it is right for you.

To claim your free Time Champ trial, Signup now to try everything on employee monitoring software free.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, reputable employee monitoring software focuses on tracking work-related activities. It should not invade employees’ privacy by monitoring personal activities or accessing personal data.

The legality of employee monitoring software varies depending on the jurisdiction. It is important to comply with local laws, obtain necessary consents, and clearly communicate monitoring policies to employees.

Employee monitoring software can positively impact productivity by identifying time-wasting activities, streamlining workflows, and providing insights for targeted improvements. However, its effectiveness depends on how it is implemented and balanced with employee autonomy and trust.

Yes, employee monitoring software can be used for remote teams. It enables employers to track remote employees’ activities, measure productivity, and ensure compliance with company policies and security standards.

Without employee monitoring software, businesses may face challenges in identifying and addressing productivity issues, detecting security breaches, ensuring compliance, and optimizing resource allocation. Monitoring software helps mitigate these risks and supports efficient operations.