Employee Monitoring in a Remote Environment: Tips for Success 

employee monitoring in remote environment

The post pandemic era has brought some huge changes in the way we work and one of those notable changes is remote work setup. Before the pandemic, there were very few companies that operated remotely but with more companies joining the trend, it has become important to have certain compliances in place that helps companies and employees to stay on the same page. 

One of them is monitoring the employees. No, it isn’t an easy affair. Although there are some of the best employee monitoring software like Time Champ available in the market, the management of organizations have their own set of doubts. In this blog, we are going to debunk all these doubts and show you how an employee tracking tool is going to pave way for increased productivity and success. 

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

If you are operating in a remote setup, you will have some doubts like whether your employees are actually working or not right! How their productivity levels are and many more. However, you can stop stressing about that by deploying desktop monitoring software will help in monitoring everything for you.

Is it a worthy investment?

Well, you will get to know all about it in this section. Read the multiple benefits of time tracking software and you can decide whether you need to invest in this software or not.

Increased Productivity

When working remotely, it is impossible to be assured that every employee is putting in their 100% efforts. Someone somewhere will fall off the rails, and this can impact your entire business. But we have a solution- remote employee monitoring software.

Deploying software like Time Champ will give your employees a sense of watching. This tool will track every minute of your employees’ time on the device and give you a clear idea of what they have been up to, the number of hours they have worked, the idle time, break time and many more.

Even employees can access these insights on their individual dashboards and alter their working style if needed. According to this Massachusetts Institute of Technology Study, companies in which employees are aware that they are being watched were able to clock 9% more profits. The teams will be more efficient and help you gain competitive advantage. 

Save Money

Well, how is this possible when you are actually spending money on software already? The answer is simple. When you monitor your employees for the time that you are paying them and ensuring that they are working for you effectively, you are already getting your money’s worth work.

Unproductive employees can have a huge impact on an organization’s revenue. So, it is always a good idea to spend some money on remote employee monitoring software like Time Champ. 

No Micromanagement

You don’t have to observe every activity your employee is doing, the time they are logging in, logging out, the number of breaks they are taking or anything for that matter. The software will take care of everything for you. 

It also helps in keeping track of the leaves of an employee.

Improved Team Performance

You can monitor the employee’s performance from time to time and understand where they are lacking, what they need to better. If any employee has more time on their hand, you can delegate extra work to them as well.

This way, the team performance will get better, contributing to the overall growth of the organization. 

Is it Legal to Monitor Employee Devices?

Yes, in countries like India, the US, the UK, it is completely legal to install employee monitoring software in the devices. Employers can monitor, track and analyse the performance of their employees within office hours. If you are contemplating whether to opt for Time Champ or not due to this reason, then I think you have your answer here.

It is required to inform the employees about this monitoring so that they are aware of it and behave accordingly.

Wrapping It Up

Monitoring your employees and staying up-to-date about their performances doesn’t only benefit your organization rather it makes your employee’s life easier as well. If you are looking for an employee management software, then Time Champ can be your go-to solution.

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