4 Reasons Why You Need HR Software for Successful Remote Work Setup 

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In 2020, switching to remote work from a complete traditional work setup wasn’t easy. But as time passed, remote working became a norm, and so many organisations out there are entirely operating remotely. Organisations can manage their employees remotely without an HR system, but it is challenging.

With a proper global HRMS in place, organisations would be able to monitor and manage their employees in an even better way. Let us understand why you need an HR system to successfully manage remote employees.

Role of HR Software for Successful Remote Work Setup

If you are hesitating to opt for the best HR software for your organisation, these four reasons would convince you why you need it.  

1. Automating Administrative Tasks

HR system, along with employee management software, is enough to track employees‘ everyday tasks, monitor their performance, and track their attendance, leaves and working hours. It creates transparency between employees and the management with precise data of everything happening and ensures that everyone gets paid fairly.   

2. Better Communication

Employee monitoring software like Time Champ can be used as productivity tracking, project management and HR software. With this tool, team leads and management can assign tasks for the team and track their progress for each task or project. The entire team will be able to communicate, collaborate and work together using the software itself.   

3. Regular Check-ins and Performance Monitoring

The team would be able to check in with their members regularly. They can monitor the tasks their team is working on, their progress and how every one of the team members is performing. Remote working setup can be daunting as the employees have no personal interaction.   

However, this can be resolved with the help of effective HR and employee monitoring software; it becomes easy for the team leaders and members to be on the same page and work together.   

4. Ensuring Compliance and Encourage Employee Retention

HR software can help employers comply with local and international labour laws. They can avoid any kind of penalties and legal issues with the help of this. The software will also help remote employees to have a proper work-life balance and keep them motivated, resulting in better employee retention.   

Time Champ- The Best HR Software in India

Time Champ has evolved as India’s most reliable employee monitoring and HR software. Its unique in-built features that combine HR services with employee monitoring, project management and productivity tracking can help an organisation on different levels.   

With multiple integrations in place, you can club Time Champ with the software you are using in your organisation and monitor your employee productivity daily.    


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