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  • Automated Insights
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Screen Recording
  • In-Depth Monitoring
  • HR
  • Timesheets
  • Task Management
  • Project Management

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Empowering Lasting Productivity through Sustainable Practices

Time Champ Revolutionize Team Dynamics for Unmatched Productivity, Efficiency, and Accountability - In the Office, Remote, or Hybrid

Teams Productivity

Improve team dynamics, track productivity, optimize focus, spot trends, patterns, and tackle burnout with our TimeChamp's work monitoring solution.

  • Goal Setting
  • Set clear objectives and milestones to drive team progress and success.
  • Team Trends
  • Identify patterns and insights to optimize teamwork and collaboration
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Hybrid & Remote

Seamless remote collaboration for hybrid and remote teams. Improve productivity with location impact analysis, employee visibility, and remote attendance monitoring using TimeChamp.

  • Flexible Work Locations
  • Work from anywhere with ease and adapt to different environments for enhanced productivity.
  • Increased Visibility
  • Get real-time insights into team activities and performance for better decision-making.
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Automatic Attendance

Streamline automatic attendance and time tracking for your team. Gain real-time visibility into work hours, simplify shift scheduling, and optimize with past data. Export attendance records effortlessly for payroll processing.

  • Late Arrivals
  • Automatically monitor and record late arrivals for precise attendance management.
  • Multiple Shifts
  • Manage various work shifts and schedules for a diverse workforce.
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Projects & Timesheets

Manage project and task workflows, track timesheets, streamline invoices billing, and perform task tracking make informed resource management decisions for enhanced productivity.

  • Accurate Timesheets
  • Capture and maintain precise records of employee work hours and activities.
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Keep a close eye on project development and individual task progress in real-time.
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Usage Analytics

Use application usage insights to improve your team's tech stack optimization and visibility into its tools. Reduce costs by identifying and allocating unused licenses. Pay for only what you require.

  • Technology usage
  • Utilize application usage insights to enhance your team's tech stack optimization.
  • Cost Reduction
  • Identify and allocate unused licenses to minimize expenses and ensure you only pay for the resources your team needs.
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Employee Monitoring

Track employee activities with Monitor Tab: keystrokes, mouse movements, screenshots, screen recordings, audio tracking, and location tracking.

  • Office TV
  • Displays real-time live screens of currently working employees.
  • Location Monitoring
  • Keep track of employee whereabouts and enhance security with location tracking features.
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Simplified HR Solutions

Digitalize HR processes effortlessly, maintain a centralized employee directory, manage organizational hierarchies, leave management, and org chart.

  • Employee profiles
  • All-in-one place for easy and efficient employee management.
  • Organization Tree
  • Visualize organizational hierarchies through a structured org chart, streamlining communication and reporting lines.
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Proven and Trusted Brand

Active Users
Hours Tracked
Computers Tracked

Discovering Practical Insights within the Daily Work Routine


device usage Device Usage
time & attendance date Time & Attendance date
task engagement Task Engagement


streamlined procedures Streamlined Procedures
efficient technology utilization Efficient Technology Usage
enhance data protection Enhance Data Protection

Insights to Empower Your Team's Success

Time Champ equips teams focused on productivity with valuable insights to enhance effectiveness in decision-making regarding their people and processes. Say goodbye to relying on hunches or assumptions and embrace data-driven strategies for optimal outcomes.

  • Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency for Companies of All Sizes
  • Providing Leaders with Enhanced Management and Increased Visibility
  • Gives employees more work flexibility and wellbeing support.
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Transform Your Time into Value

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Time Champ software monitors employee productivity and provides appropriate recommendations to improve their performance. It also records their attendance, leave records and activities during their stipulated time.


This product offers a wide range of features at a reasonable price; it is very easy to use and helps you to gather sufficient evidence to identify an employee who has been working in an unproductive manner.


“Easy to use, time accuracy it maintain and support is very great”Easy to use Dashboard with the different reports and know the productivity and unproductivity hours of the employees during working hours.It is easy to use and set up.

Transform Your Time into Value

Time. Productivity. Monitoring. Tasks.

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With robust enterprise-grade security and exceptional customer support, Time Champ utilizes your work data to provide actionable insights that drive team productivity. It's no surprise that Time Champ is consistently ranked as the number one choice.

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Transform Your Time into Value

Meet our intelligent chatbot, your productivity co-pilot and personal assistant rolled into one

Get real-time notifications and comprehensive reports right in your favorite collaboration apps like Teams and Slack etc. From attendance and productivity summaries to insightful recommendations.

Working Time

Productive Time



System Activity

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AI analysis

15 other integrations other than teams, slack etc

Team Performance

Work-life balance

Technology and Domain

Clients & Projects

Office and Location


Role Based Productivity Chatbot

Customize interactions for users, tailoring insights and suggestions to enhance work patterns and performance.

AI Based Insights

AI-driven actionable insights empower proactive decision -making and process optimization.

System Location Tracking

Facilitates accountability, security, and remote workforce management by tracking user login locations for potential breach identification.

Productivity Management tool

Automated insights assignment fosters productivity and self- accountability by eliminating administrative burden.

Moonlighting Detection

Preserves company ethics and productivity by detecting employees working elsewhere during company hours.

Suspicious Activity Notification

Boosts security by alerting management of potential breaches, safeguarding company data and integrity.

Our Integrations

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Integrate the Jira project management app with Time Champ for time tracking

Import your Trello boards to the Time Champ for easy time tracking

Import tasks from Azure DevOps directly to your Time Champ time tracking app

Integrate the Basecamp project management app with Time Champ for time tracking,reports,timesheets etc..


20+ more integrations