Best Job Portals in India

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In the past, people would walk from one company to another, handing out resumes in the hopes of getting a job. But times have changed.


Finding a legit and trustworthy website for job searching can become a hassle nowadays of thousands of websites present online. You don’t need to worry about it, we have curated a list of the best 12 job portals in India.


These Job Portals are very beneficial for a wide range of people because irrespective of the physical location anyone can access the job listings and apply from anywhere in the world.


Below, you’ll find a list of the top 12 job portals in India that cater to everyone’s needs.


You can find all the companies from multinationals to startups and you can choose to apply from a wide range of job positions.


Whether you’re a recruiter searching for top talent or a job seeker chasing your dream job, these platforms have something for everyone. So, dive in and explore the endless opportunities waiting for you!


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Best 12 Job Portals in India for Job Seekers and Recruiters


1. is one of the oldest job-searching portals in India launched in 1997.


This Website gets updated daily with new job postings from a wide range of recruiters.


A multi-faceted job search portal provides job listings, career guidance, company reviews, and industry happenings and it is free for job seekers.


It has job search filters that narrow down opportunities, messaging related to the fields of work, expert advice, and perspectives on different industries. aims to serve jobseekers both those starting and advancing their careers by providing the necessary stuff and information. which helps job seekers zeroes in on career guidance and sector insights and advertises job vacancies in India.


2. Monster India

Monster India which is formerly known as Foundit.


Monster India is also one of the oldest job-searching portals in India.


Other than a job posting they also have a blog post section where you can find all the related posts to a job search answering your queries about multiple situations.


Monster India is a prominent job portal offering job listings, resume services, and career resources across various sectors and career levels.


It provides job search filters, resume-building tools, career advice articles, and skill assessment tests. Premium services include resume writing services, career booster packs, and personalized job alerts.


Monster India has a large user base comprising job seekers and employers, making it a preferred platform for recruitment and job search activities in India.


3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not a traditional job portal, it is a professional networking site where people from across the world come together through LinkedIn.


Presence is most important in this site because this website works differently than other traditional job portals.


If you are looking for a job position you should be present on this website where you get a chance to display your work and share your opinions.


Most professionals maintain their presence on LinkedIn and grow their networks bigger, if you maintain a significant presence on this site then you can connect with such recruiters and get a chance to showcase your talents and even get hired.


4. TimesJobs

TimesJobs, owned by the Times Group, is a popular job portal offering job listings, career resources, and industry insights.


TimesJobs stands out for its personalized job recommendations tailored to each candidate’s profile. One of its standout features is its dedicated section for government jobs, catering to those specifically interested in public sector employment.


TimesJobs hosts, a specialized platform focusing solely on IT jobs, providing a niche space for tech enthusiasts.


It features job opportunities across sectors such as IT, banking, finance, healthcare, and more, along with tools for resume building, interview preparation, and skill enhancement.


TimesJobs has a significant user base in India, providing job seekers with access to a wide range of job opportunities and career-related content.


5. Indeed

Indeed is a US-based job portal now it has spread across the globe and reached India.


Indeed not only posts updates about job postings and listings but also features company ratings and reviews so that job seekers will get an idea of the company they are applying to.


Indeed provides search filters so that job seekers can narrow down their specific job roles from the wide range of listings.


Job seekers can access advanced search filters, email alerts, company reviews, salary information, and career development resources. Indeed also offers tools for resume building and job application tracking.


6. Shine is operated by the esteemed newspaper brand HT Media Limited, this platform is recognized for its innovative approach to providing valuable guidance and insights to job seekers. It stands out as a dynamic job portal that not only offers job listings but also provides professional advice and tips to assist individuals in their job search journey. is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive job listings across various industries and locations in India.


It offers personalized job recommendations, resume services, company reviews, and career advice articles. also provides tools for skill assessment, interview preparation, and career counselling.


With its extensive database of job listings and career resources, attracts job seekers across different sectors and career levels in India.


7. Freshersworld

Freshersworld specializes in entry-level job opportunities, internships, and trainee positions for recent graduates and students in India.


It features job listings across various industries specifically tailored for freshers, along with career guidance, resume-building tools, placement papers, and interview preparation resources.


Freshersworld caters to a niche market of entry-level job seekers in India, providing them with opportunities to kick-start their careers in various industries.


8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a popular platform where people can read reviews about companies and learn from employees’ experiences. It’s a handy tool for job seekers in India.


Glassdoor not only lists jobs but also shows salary details, interview experiences, and company ratings. Plus, it offers career tips like interview advice and salary negotiation tips.


Lots of job seekers and professionals in India use Glassdoor. It helps understand company cultures, salaries, and what interviews are like.


9. Jobsforher

JobsforHer was founded in 2015, this website connects female job seekers.


Millions of female job seekers are connected to this platform.


This platform offers job listings, skill development resources, career guidance, and networking opportunities.


JobsForHer aims to bridge the gender gap in the workforce by helping women re-enter the workforce, transition into new roles, and achieve their professional aspirations. Through its initiatives and services, JobsForHer is making a significant impact on women’s careers and workplace diversity in India.


10. Upwork

Upwork is an online platform connecting freelancers with clients for various services. Freelancers showcase their skills, while clients post job listings.


Upwork provides a diverse array of job categories, encompassing writing, design, programming, marketing, and numerous other fields.


It offers tools for communication, project coordination, and financial transactions are among the key functionalities provided by Upwork. making it convenient for remote collaboration.


11. Quikr Jobs

Quikr Jobs is a platform that features job listings across various sectors and allows job seekers to search for opportunities based on location, industry, and experience level.


It offers job search filters, location-based job search, and the ability to apply for jobs directly through the platform. Quikr Jobs also provides tools for resume building and job application tracking.


Quikr Jobs caters to job seekers looking for opportunities across different cities and industries in India, offering a user-friendly platform for job search and application.


12. Google Jobs

Google Jobs is a major player in the market with widespread support. Its job portal gathers job postings from all over the web, making it a top choice for job seekers who easily find relevant openings.


Google Jobs is a handy job search engine that gathers job listings from different websites. It helps job seekers find relevant openings effortlessly and enables recruiters to boost job posting visibility and simplify hiring processes.


For recruiters, Google Jobs offers an effective tool to increase posting visibility, target the right audience, and simplify the recruitment process.


Each job portal provides a search feature where users can enter keywords, job titles, or company names to find relevant job listings. Filters such as location, industry, experience level, and salary can also be applied to refine search results.

Yes, most of these job portals provide free registration and access to job listings. However, some may offer premium services for extra features such as resume writing assistance or priority job applications.

Yes, recruiters have the ability to post job openings by creating employer accounts on these portals. Through these accounts, they can manage job listings, applications, and search for potential candidates according to their specific requirements.

Most job portals offer email alerts or notifications where users can set up job alerts based on their preferences. Notifications can also be received through mobile apps or browser notifications to stay updated on relevant job opportunities.

Yes, dedicated sections for government job listings are available on portals like GovtJobs and PlacementIndia, featuring vacancies in various government departments and organizations.

Improving chances of getting hired can be done by creating a complete profile, customizing resumes for each application, networking with professionals, and staying updated on job market trends.

Yes, job portals offer resources and guides for employers to optimize job postings, attract talent, and streamline recruitment. Solutions such as employer branding, candidate sourcing, and recruitment analytics are also provided.