Find 18 best call centre outsourcing companies in the world

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In the realm of customer service, call center outsourcing has emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


By leveraging the expertise of specialized call center outsourcing companies, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and focus on core competencies.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the t 18 best call center outsourcing companies worldwide, delving into their unique offerings, pricing plans, and key features.


Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, understanding the landscape of call center outsourcing is crucial in making an informed decision for your customer service strategy.


Top 18 Call Center Outsourcing Companies


1. Helpware


Helpware is a modern service provider, blending the best in customer support with innovative technology solutions. Known for its tailored approach, Helpware specializes in creating custom teams for its clients, ensuring a personalized touch in customer interactions.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


The pricing is customized based on the services required. Visit their website for a detailed quote.


XACT is a leader in call center outsourcing, offering a wide array of services from customer support to disaster response. Their state-of-the-art technology and trained professionals make them a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.


XACT provides flexible and scalable call center services. They are known for their adaptability and can cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


XACT offers various pricing models depending on the scale and scope of services. Contact them for a tailored quote.

3. American Call Center (ACC)

ACC is renowned for its comprehensive range of call center services, especially catering to North American clients.   with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Their expertise lies in offering personalized customer interactions.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


ACC provides custom pricing based on the specific needs of the business. Visit their website for more information.

4. Triniter

Triniter offers a blend of technology and human expertise to deliver exceptional call center services. They are particularly adept at handling technical support and customer service.

They specialize in providing scalable services that adapt to the evolving needs of businesses.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


Pricing is tailored to the client’s requirements, with details available upon request.

5. LinkSolution

LinkSolution is known for its innovative approach to call center services, focusing on creating meaningful customer connections.


LinkSolution stands out with its emphasis on customer experience and efficiency. They provide multi-tiered support systems and are known for their fast response times and high-resolution rates.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


For detailed pricing information, businesses need to contact LinkSolution directly.

6. WOW24-7

WOW24-7 is a global provider of customer support services, offering 24/7 assistance in multiple languages. They are particularly noted for their flexibility and ability to handle high-volume calls with ease.


Key Features:


  • Specializes in providing a ‘wow’ customer experience.
  • Offers scalable solutions to accommodate business growth.
  • Strong focus on customer satisfaction metrics.

Pricing Plans:


WOW24-7 offers custom pricing plans, which can be obtained by reaching out to them directly.

7. Simply Contact


Simply Contact is a customer-centric call center service provider, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.


Key Features:


  • Customized solutions for a diverse range of industries.
  • Expertise in both inbound and outbound call services.
  • Focus on enhancing customer experience.


Pricing Plans:


  • Contact Simply Contact for a bespoke pricing arrangement.

8. SupportYourApp

About the Company: SupportYourApp is well-regarded for its comprehensive support services, particularly in the tech industry.

Key Features:

  • Specialized in supporting tech companies.
  • Offers multilingual support.
  • Incorporates CRM integration for seamless service.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing varies based on services and scale, with details available on request.

9. TELUS International


TELUS International is known for its global outreach and ability to provide a wide range of customer experience and digital IT solutions across various industries.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


TELUS International provides customized pricing models based on client requirements.



10. Mindy Support


About the Company: Mindy Support, with its large-scale operations, specializes in providing multilingual outsourcing services, ensuring high-quality customer support.


Key Features:


  • Extensive language support covering major global languages.
  • Capable of handling large-scale and complex projects.
  • Emphasizes data security and quality assurance.

Pricing Plans:


Pricing is tailored to individual business needs, with details available upon request.


11. Flatworld Solutions


Flatworld Solutions offers a diverse range of BPO services including call center, software development, and healthcare BPO.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


  • Custom pricing is available based on the services required.


12. Go4Customer


 Go4Customer is renowned for its robust call center solutions and emphasis on enhancing customer engagement.


Key Features:


  • Expertise in customer service, telemarketing, and technical support.
  • Focuses on using innovative technologies to boost customer engagement.
  • Provides omnichannel support.

Pricing Plans:


Contact Go4Customer for detailed pricing information.



13. Invensis Technologies


 Invensis Technologies is a leading IT-BPO service provider offering a broad spectrum of call center services.


Key Features:


Pricing Plans:


  • Pricing details can be obtained by contacting Invensis Technologies directly.



14. Magellan Solutions Outsourcing


Magellan Solutions provides small and medium-sized enterprises with tailor-made outsourcing solutions, including inbound and outbound call center services.


Key Features:


  • Specializes in serving small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Offers both inbound and outbound call center services.
  • Provides bespoke solutions to meet specific business needs.

Pricing Plans:


  • Contact Magellan Solutions for a customized pricing quote.



15. 2nd Office


2nd Office caters to e-commerce businesses, offering specialized support and back-office services.


Key Features:


  • E-commerce focused support services.
  • Offers a range of back-office and customer support services.
  • Tailored solutions for online businesses.

Pricing Plans:


Reach out to 2nd Office for specific pricing details.



16. Acquire BPO


Acquire BPO is a global business outsourcer offering a comprehensive suite of outsourcing services, including call center operations.


Key Features:


  • Wide range of BPO services.
  • Focus on technology-driven solutions.
  • Scalable services to accommodate business growth.

Pricing Plans:


For pricing, contact Acquire BPO directly.



17. 1840 & Company

1840 & Company provides a blend of traditional and modern outsourcing services, focusing on creating value for their clients.


Key Features:


  • Combination of traditional and innovative outsourcing solutions.
  • Emphasis on quality and efficiency.
  • Customized service offerings.

Pricing Plans:


Detailed pricing information is available upon request.


18. Maxicus


About the Company: Maxicus specializes in providing technology-driven customer engagement solutions.


Key Features:


  • Advanced technology integration for enhanced customer support.
  • Specializes in customer engagement and retention strategies.
  • Offers a range of BPO services.

Pricing Plans:


Contact Maxicus for specific pricing details.

3 Standard Call Center Pricing Models

1. Inbound Call Centers

  • Shared: This model is ideal for businesses with fluctuating call volumes. Pricing typically depends on the usage.
  • Dedicated: Suitable for companies requiring dedicated agents for consistent support. This model usually involves a monthly or annual fee.
  • Monthly: A fixed monthly charge is applicable, allowing businesses to budget effectively.


2. Outbound Call Centers

  • Hourly: Charges are based on the number of hours agents work on your campaign.
  • Commission: Payment is based on the performance or sales achieved by the agents.
  • Hybrid: A combination of hourly and commission-based models.


3. Location-Based Pricing

  • Australia: $35-$55/hour
  • US and Canada: $22-$35/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $12-$25/hour
  • Latin America: $8-$18/hour
  • Asia, including the Philippines: $8-$14/hour
  • India: $5-$9/hour

Time Champ: for Monitoring Outsourced Employees


Time Champ is an innovative software solution designed to monitor the performance and productivity of freelancers and outsourced employees. Time Champ is an essential tool for businesses that rely on outsourced employees. It provides real-time insights into the work patterns and productivity of freelancers and remote teams, ensuring transparency and efficiency.


Key Features Briefly:


  • Automated time tracking and productivity analysis.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Comprehensive analytics for performance assessment.
  • Screenshots and activity levels to monitor work progress.
  • Detailed reporting for informed decision-making.

Choosing the right call center outsourcing company is crucial for businesses looking to enhance their customer service quality while managing costs effectively.


The 18 companies listed here represent the best in the industry, each with its unique strengths.


If you’re looking to streamline your customer service operations and ensure optimal performance from your outsourced teams, exploring the options mentioned in this guide is a great starting point


Additionally, tools like Time Champ play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of outsourcing strategies by providing critical insights into employee productivity and work patterns.


We encourage you to explore these options and consider how Time Champ can aid in the efficient management of your outsourced call center operations.

Call center outsourcing involves hiring an external company to handle customer service operations, including answering calls, responding to emails, and managing live chat.

Time Champ provides real-time tracking, activity monitoring, and productivity analysis, making it easier to manage and assess the performance of outsourced employees.

Consider factors like the company’s expertise, technology, language capabilities, pricing structure, and customer reviews.

Common models include hourly rates, commission-based pricing, shared services, dedicated services, and monthly fixed charges.

Companies outsource to reduce costs, access specialized skills, and focus on core business activities.

Time Champ offers features like time tracking and productivity analysis, helping businesses monitor and manage their outsourced call center staff effectively.

Benefits include cost savings, access to specialized skills, and the ability to focus on core business activities.

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