What is the Average Salary in Hong Kong? and its’ Statistics

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Hong Kong is a lively city known worldwide for its busy economy and famous skyline. It’s a place where Eastern and Western cultures come together to make something special.


The average salary in Hong Kong is 36,500 HKD per month, which is approximately equivalent to 4662.27 USD.


In this article, we explore what is the average salary in Hong Kong and its minimum wages, median salary, and maximum salaries. And various factors that influence average salaries and salary comparisons.

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What is the Average Salary in Hong Kong?


According to the Hong Kong SAR Government, Census and Statistics Department, the average monthly salary in Hong Kong is 36, 500 HKD, approximately equivalent to 4662.27 USD.


The average annual salary in Hong Kong is 440,000 HKD, nearly 56202.74 USD.


The average hourly wage in Hong Kong is 210 HKD, equivalent to 26.82 USD.


Minimum Wage in Hong Kong


According to the Hong Kong SAR Government, Labor Department, the minimum wage in Hong Kong is nearly 16,300 HKD, equivalent to 2082.06 USD.


In Hong Kong, the law is very strict and no one can be paid less than the minimum wage for their work. This is kind of a government condition to make sure that individuals earn fair wages. Therefore, one should not forget about those who have small or even no wages and provide them with the minimum amount of income.


Median Salary in Hong Kong


According to Salary Explorer, the middle salary, or the median salary as it is called in Hong Kong, is approximately 33,300 HKD. This is roughly 4253.53 USD.


So, if you would place all the salaries from the lowest to the highest one, the median salary would be around that much.


Maximum Salary


In Hong Kong, the maximum salary is around 163,000 HKD, which corresponds to 20820.56 USD.


This maximum salary is nothing but a person in Hong Kong who earns the most possible amount of money. It’s still quite a large amount! Hence, such a person could make that much money if they are in Hong Kong and getting the highest possible salary.


Salary Comparisons and Statistics in Hong Kong


Average Salary Variation Based on Industry in Hong Kong


Having an idea of what people get paid in different professions in Hong Kong is crucial for both employers and employees here. Here we are going to find out what the wage rates are in different industries of this busy city so that we can see the level of job market in this city.


A list of average salaries based on different industries is provided below:

Industry Average Monthly Salary in (HKD) Average Yearly Salary in (HKD)
Health & Medical
Information Technology (IT)
Real Estate
Hospitality/ Tourism

Source: Salary Explorer


Salary Comparison between Government and Private Sectors


Did you ever think that there is a huge gap in the salary package between working for a private company and the government in Hong Kong?


 In general government positions have an average salary 10% higher than in other types of work.

Sector Average Salary in (HKD)
39,300 (10% higher)

Source: Salary Explorer


This profile reveals that government jobs are about 10% higher than the private sector ones. It is something you need to consider when you make up your career path in Hong Kong.

Is Hong Kong the Ideal Outsourcing Destination?


Over the years, Hong Kong has emerged as a famous outsourcing destination globally. People heard about it for its good location, solid buildings, and roads, and how easy it is to do business there.


Many businesses consider Hong Kong as their main offshore location when they want to outsource their work. But is it the best option? Let’s discuss why Hong Kong could be an excellent spot for outsourcing.


Geographical Advantage


Hong Kong is located in a very favorable position in Asia. It is just in the middle of everywhere, so it’s quite convenient for businesses to sell to other markets nearby. Hence, if a company is planning to expand in Asia, Hong Kong is a great place to begin.


Business Friendly Environment


Hong Kong is a good business place because all taxes are fair, the government doesn’t interfere much in business and the laws are strong. The firm will operate without any organizational problems at all.


Skilled Workforce


Hong Kong has many smart and talented people who are good at many different things. As a result, firms can locate the right people with the right capabilities to help them execute their projects.


Advanced Infrastructure


Hong Kong is such an amazing place to live with its beautiful architecture, fast internet, and public transportation. This is the fact that businesses can work at any place in the world and communication with their clients and partners will be without any problem.


Political Stability


Hong Kong is a fantastic place to live because it has stunning buildings, fast internet, and great public transport. Plus, businesses can work from anywhere in the world and easily talk to their clients and partners without any issues.


Outsourcing to Hong Kong might bring many benefits to the business but there are many factors that the enterprises should seriously consider before they make such a decision. Hong Kong may not be the right place for every business but many companies, that want to expand their business in Asia, should consider outsourcing, it’s a very good place.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts


In conclusion, one should know what employees receive as salary and what are the factors that can affect their pay both for employers and employees in Hong Kong. Whether you’re considering the scope of salaries across different industries or comparing government and private sector wages, you’ll see that the amount you earn can affect the type of jobs you are interested in.


While Hong Kong is one of the places that offer good pay and lots of working opportunities is a good idea before you finally decide. You should think about the situation in the industry that you are to enter, what kind of job you want, and what you want to see in your future position.


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The amount that people in Hong Kong earn usually depends on the position that they hold. It is because some jobs require special skills or have high educational requirements, so they pay more. For instance, the health sector and the IT sector usually pay their staff more since they require people who are specific in their skills and knowledge.

To ensure you are getting paid right, there are several ways to do that. First, see the salaries of people who are in jobs like yours. Secondly, assess your knowledge of the job and your experience. In addition, you might discuss your salary with your employer. And do not forget to know the pay and overtime regulations in Hong Kong. In this way, you will know your rights.


Absolutely, in Hong Kong, there are regulations regarding compensation that employers must follow. They have to observe regulations connected with the minimum amount they can pay for and maintain records of how much they pay their workers including the overtime extra pay. If they break these rules, then they might land into some kind of legal problems.

When businesses choose to outsource tasks, it can transform the way salaries are paid for certain jobs and the number of available jobs. At times, it even leads to fewer jobs and people getting paid less than what they deserve. However, in other instances, it could be the reason for bringing new job opportunities as well as the increased growth of industries, which could lead to a change in the average salaries in general.

Time Champ can help your business in Hong Kong work better if the following tasks are done. It can watch what your employees are doing, produce logs of how well they are performing or how long they are taking to complete their work and make it easier for you to manage projects and tasks. On the other hand, it guarantees that all the work is done well and according to the rules you set, this way you can work more productively and without any problems.