The 10 Best Employee GPS (Location) Tracking Apps

GPS location tracking

In the modern corporate world, especially for teams working in the field, knowing the actual location of your staff is important. Employee GPS tracking software offers a solution, offering visibility into how teams move across the project sites and enabling tracking of time and attendance without needing to visit each site yourself.

GPS information additionally lets you keep track of time spent on:


  • Work
  • Breaks
  • Travelling across work locations
  • Errands


What are GPS Tracking Apps?

GPS tracking applications are programs that leverage GPS technology to monitor the position of individuals or assets in real time. These apps are particularly valuable for firms with field crews, as they provide insights into employee movements, boost operational efficiency, and assure safety.


The 10 Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps


1. Time Champ:


Time Champ’s GPS tracking functionality stands out for its integration with other vital capabilities. Alongside location tracking, it also offers geo-fencing to set virtual boundaries for employee work locations.


Time Champ is a complete employee tracking software, featuring sophisticated features for location and productivity tracking. It’s a perfect choice for firms searching for an employee location tracker that goes beyond just GPS tracking.


Time Champ includes various features, like an automatic attendance system, apps and website monitoring, productivity tracking and analysis, real-time reporting, and task and project management, making it a comprehensive solution for workforce analytics.


This multimodal strategy ensures that organisations not only track where their employees are but also obtain insights into how they spend their time and contribute to initiatives.


Key Features of Time Champ:

  • GPS Tracking (location tracking): real-time location tracking of employees is especially valuable for field teams.
  • Time recording: Accurate recording of employee work hours is beneficial for payroll and project costs.
  • Productivity Tracking: Analyzes how employees spend their time, highlighting opportunities for improvement.
  • Task and Project Management: Helps in organizing tasks, assigning them to team members, and tracking progress.

For businesses searching for a comprehensive solution that goes beyond simply location tracking, Time Champ is a useful tool. It’s not just a GPS tracker for workers; it’s a full bundle that enhances entire labour management. Its ability to incorporate numerous aspects of employee monitoring into a single platform makes it a top choice for firms trying to enhance productivity and efficiency.


Best For

Time Champ is best suited for enterprises seeking an all-encompassing solution that combines employee location tracking (GPS tracking), time tracking, and productivity analysis.


Its diverse capabilities make it an excellent option for companies of all sizes, particularly those aiming to enhance employee performance and expedite project management processes.




Time Champ offers multiple pricing plans customised to different corporate needs:


  1. Starter Plan: Priced at Rs 1,800 per user/year, this plan includes automated attendance, intensity graphs, time claims, offline tracking, and more.
  2. Professional Plan: At Rs. 2,500 per user/year, it contains all Starter features plus project management, mobile apps, document uploading, and advanced tracking features.
  3. Enterprise Plan: For Rs 5,000 per user/year, it offers real-time status, live video viewing, configurable roles, and dedicated support.

Additional capabilities like screen recording, audio recording, keystroke statistics, task management, and timesheet approvals are available at additional costs.

Implementation and training charges of Rs 300 per user licence, with a minimum of Rs 5,000, are also applicable.


Capterra Reviews


Time Champ has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Capterra, reflecting high user satisfaction. The app scores particularly well in ease of use and customer service, indicating its user-friendly nature and reliable support.


2. Timesheet Mobile

Timesheet Mobile is a multifunctional tool developed for tracking employee work time, travel, and location. It is particularly beneficial for managing teams remotely, giving tools like time monitoring, scheduling, and chat.


The app also has a punch prompt for easy logging in and out, and geofencing to automate the procedure.


Best For
Timesheet Mobile is best suited for sales teams, offering powerful management solutions that are accessible from anywhere.


The base plan for Timesheet Mobile starts at $3.49 per user with a $14.99 company subscription. For more thorough pricing information, it’s advised to check their official website.


User Reviews and Ratings for Timesheet Mobile
Timesheet Mobile has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Capterra, suggesting strong user satisfaction. The app ranks well in ease of use and customer service.



3. QuickBooks Time


QuickBooks Time is a time-tracking software that features enhanced GPS functionality, meant to perform quickly in low-signal situations without exhausting batteries. It ensures data backup, offering reliability even in difficult work conditions.


Best For

QuickBooks Time is perfect for teams working in low-signal locations and is well-suited for managing complex tasks.



QuickBooks Time Pricing

QuickBooks Time offers 2 pricing plans


  • Premium package: starting at $6 / user/ month plus $8 per user per month for 3 months (Base charge includes 1 admin)
  • Elite plan: starting at $12 / user/ month plus $10 per user every month for 3 months (Base charge includes 1 admin)

For more detailed and up-to-date price information, it is recommended to visit QuickBooks Time’s official website.


User Reviews and Ratings for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Time has an exceptional overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra, showing a high degree of user satisfaction, notably in customer service and ease of use.



4. Hellotracks

Hellotracks is a full-field staff operations tool, featuring capabilities like real-time location tracking, route recording, geofencing, and onsite time recording. It is developed for managing employees attending multiple job locations, enabling precise data collecting and task performance analysis.

Best For
This tool is great for workforces like plumbers and electricians who attend many job sites, guaranteeing effective tracking and data collecting.

Hellotracks provides multiple price plans:

Hellotracks Business – Location: $10 USD per user/month, delivering real-time location, unlimited location history, geofencing, onsite time tracking, and more.
Hellotracks Business – Dispatch: $12.5 USD per user/month, contains all capabilities from the Location plan plus task scheduling, auto-dispatch, route optimization, and more.
Hellotracks Enterprise: Custom pricing is offered for scalable, secure, and tailored solutions for larger organizations.
User Reviews and Ratings
Hellotracks has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Capterra, suggesting a great user experience overall, especially in terms of ease of use.

5. Time Tracker by eBillity

Time Tracker by eBillity is a robust timekeeping programme appropriate for organisations of all sizes. It focuses on recording employee time effectively for payroll, invoicing clients, and controlling productivity. The app combines GPS and geofencing tools for effective employee location tracking.

Best For

Time Tracker is great for teams battling time theft and buddy punching difficulties. It’s packed with GPS and facial recognition technologies, making it a perfect tool for mobile teams.

eBillity offers numerous price options:

Time Tracker: $7.20 per user/month plus a $12 monthly base fee.
Time Tracker Premium: $12 per user/month plus a $20 monthly base fee.
LawBillity: $24 per user/month with no base fee.
For more specific prices, visit eBillity’s pricing page.

User Reviews and Ratings

Time Tracker by eBillity has a rating of 4.4 out of 5, indicating good user satisfaction. This grade represents the app’s efficacy in managing staff time and productivity.

6. Jibble

“Jibble” is a time-tracking software that stands out for being free for an unlimited number of users. It includes GPS time tracking from mobile or shared kiosks, biometric authentication with facial recognition and PIN, and location limits using geofencing.

Best For

Jibble is particularly ideal for teams with a minimal budget, including basic time monitoring, GPS and geofencing features, and facial recognition tools without any expense.

Jibble’s pricing plans include:

  • Free Plan: Offers limitless time tracking for an unlimited number of users at no cost.
    Premium Plan: Priced at $2.49 per user/month, this plan includes everything in the Free plan, plus group administration, unlimited geofences, and leave accruals and balances.
    Ultimate Plan: At $4.99 per user/month, it delivers everything in the Premium plan, plus project and client-based tracking, specific individual permissions, and live location tracking.

User Reviews and Ratings

Jibble has a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra, suggesting outstanding user satisfaction, notably in simplicity of use and value for money.

7. OnTheClock

OnTheClock offers a number of features including GPS punch recording, geofencing, and device limits, making it an efficient tool for tracking employees. It is designed to ease time tracking, payroll, and staff administration, focusing on business growth.

Best For

OnTheClock is great for expanding firms searching for an economical and easy-to-use employee tracking solution.

OnTheClock’s cost varies based on the number of employees:

  • 1-2 Employees: Free
    3-10 Employees: $3.50 per employee per month
    11-25 Employees: $3.45 per employee per month
    26-50 Employees: $3.40 per employee per month
    51-100 Employees: $3.35 per employee per month
    101-200 Employees: $3.30 per employee per month
    201-300 Employees: $3.25 per employee per month
    301-400 Employees: $3.20 per employee per month
    401+ Employees: Contact for pricing.

User Reviews and Ratings
On The Clock has a solid reputation among users, noted for its connectivity with other payroll solutions and user-friendly design. For detailed reviews, visit Capterra.

8. TimeClock 365

TimeClock 365 is a robust time monitoring programme that offers features like fingerprint scanning for employee authentication, project and task management, and GPS-based location tracking. It is designed to avoid buddy punching and time theft, catering to field teams with several properties and job sites.

Best For

TimeClock 365 is best suitable for field teams managing various properties and job locations, ensuring secure and effective tracking of employee time and location.


TimeClock 365 supports several price plans:

  • Basic: $3 per user/month (paid yearly), offering time tracking via a web interface, a management dashboard, customizable timesheets, and more.
    Standard: $5 per user/month (paid monthly), contains everything in Basic plus mobile app access, biometric clock features, and more.
    Pro: $11 per user/month (paid yearly), adds project and task management functionality, Jira/Trello task tracking, and detailed task reports.
    Premium: $13 per user/month (paid monthly), contains all Pro features plus GPS-based position monitoring for real-time field agent tracking.

For more extensive pricing information, visit TimeClock 365’s pricing page.

User Reviews and Ratings

TimeClock 365 has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 on Capterra, suggesting strong user satisfaction, particularly with its features and ease of use.

9. Timeero About the App

Timeero is a GPS time tracking and mileage monitoring tool that offers a range of functions to manage a mobile workforce. It features a simple planner for creating and assigning work, push notifications for scheduling adjustments, and real-time tracking to decrease travel time and costs.

Best For

Timeero is suitable for mobile workforces aiming to cut travel time and costs. Its real-time planner and tracking functions make it perfect for efficient job scheduling and administration.

Timeero provides several price plans:

Basic Plan: $4 per user, focusing on basic time, location, and distance tracking.
Pro Plan: $8 per user, which covers everything in the Basic plan and more.
Premium Plan: $11 per user, containing all capabilities of the Pro and Basic versions, plus more advanced tools.

User Reviews and Ratings

Timeero has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Capterra, demonstrating strong customer service and value for money.

10. Connecteam

Connecteam is an all-in-one team organizer built for mobile phones. It includes a range of services like time monitoring, scheduling, and task management. The app is noted for its user-friendly UI and fast employee location-tracking capabilities.

Best For

Connecteam is highly successful for mobile workforces throughout major enterprises, including sales teams. It offers a comprehensive solution for handling many areas of team organization and tracking.

Connecteam offers different pricing tiers:

  • Small Business Plan: Free for life, allowing full access to all hubs and features.
    Basic Plan: $35 per month for the first 30 users, then $0.6 per month for each extra user.
    Advanced Plan: $59 per month for the first 30 users, then $1.8 per month for each additional user.
    Expert Plan: $119 per month for the first 30 users, then $3.6 per month for each extra user.

User Reviews and Ratings
Connecteam has an exceptional rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Capterra, suggesting good customer satisfaction, notably in customer service and value for money.


In conclusion, the selection of the ideal employee GPS tracking software depends on your business’s specific demands, budget, and the features you prefer.


Each app has its unique features and cost, catering to diverse business demands. Remember to consider your specific objectives and budget while choosing the perfect app for your firm.


For firms wishing to optimize their labour management, Time Champ offers an outstanding combination of location tracking with added benefits of time tracking, productivity analysis, and project management. It’s a versatile solution, guaranteeing that organisations get a holistic perspective of their operations.

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Real-time location tracking is a technology that uses GPS to track the exact location of an individual or an asset in real-time. It’s widely used in employee tracking apps to monitor staff movements, especially in field operations.

An employee GPS tracking app uses GPS technology to track the geographical location of employees. This helps in managing remote teams, ensuring safety, and improving accountability and productivity.

Such apps help in better workforce management, ensuring employee safety, tracking time and attendance accurately, and optimizing travel routes for field teams.

Jibble offers a generous free plan for unlimited users, and Connecteam’s Small Business Plan is free for life. Both provide essential tracking functionalities without any cost.

To track employees’ location, businesses can use GPS tracking apps like Time Champ, which provide real-time location data along with other features like time and productivity tracking.

Live locations can be tracked through apps that offer real-time GPS tracking. These apps provide continuous updates on an individual’s or asset’s location.

Time Champ is among the best options, offering comprehensive tracking features beyond just location, including time tracking and productivity analysis.

Staff tracking apps help in better resource allocation, enhanced productivity, improved time management, and increased transparency in operations.

GPS tracking provides insights into employee movements and time spent on tasks, helping businesses to optimize workflows and reduce unproductive time.