What is the Average Salary in South Africa? Outsourcing Trends

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Explore South Africa’s economic climate as we highlight the average salary and analyze outsourcing trends.


According to Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) Labor Market, the average salary in South Africa is nearly 26,000 ZAR per month which is around 1358.94 USD.


This average salary varies for different employees in South Africa, then the range is 26,000 ZAR to 31,000 ZAR per month. In USD, 1358.94 to 1620.27 per month.

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What is the Average Salary in South Africa?


According to the Quarterly Employment Statistics (QES) survey of South Africa, there is a 3.3% annual growth in average monthly earnings for employees in the formal non-agricultural business sector from November 2004 (estimated at R6,887) to November 2005 (estimated at R7,112).


The average monthly salary in South Africa is in the range of 26,000 ZAR to 31,000 ZAR. In USD, it is approximately range from 1358.94 to 1620.27 per month.


The average annual salary in South Africa is 372,000 ZAR, which is approximately equivalent to 19443.26 USD.


Minimum Wage


According to the Department of Employment and Labor of South Africa, the minimum wage in South Africa is 25.42 ZAR per hour.


Individuals working an 8-hour shift in South Africa can expect to earn approximately 203.36 ZAR per day and 4405.79 ZAR per month.


Following government regulations, no worker in the country should receive wages below this set minimum. Employers found breaking this regulation risk facing penalties, with complaints registered through the Department of Labor.



Median Salary


The median salary in South Africa is around 27,200 ZAR, which is approximately 1421.66 USD according to Salary Explorer.


This median Salary in South Africa makes a statement that is in two impressions: half of the workforce in South Africa earns more than 27,200 ZAR every month while the other half earns less. This makes it a midpoint of the distribution scale that covers the whole range – from the lowest to the highest possible value.


Maximum Wage


The Maximum Wage in South Africa is around 139000 ZAR, which is equivalent to 7265.09 USD.


This maximum wage data is thus a key resource for policymakers, employers, and those who desire solution-oriented discussion on wage schemes, tax issues, and policies aimed at maintaining a high level of employment.

Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa


Medical Specialists


For medical specialists, the average salary is around 75,100 ZAR, which is equivalent to 3925.24 USD.


Surgeons, neurosurgeons, as well as bone surgeons among others are highly paid in South Africa. They are professionals with specific fields in their line of jobs in the healthcare sector. They have to deal with multiple years of studying and a solid effort to acquire the vital skills they are expected to possess.


They are the masters of diagnosing, managing, and even performing surgeries (if needed) on the most complicated (life-threatening) diseases. Because of this, they are well-paid and their rank in the healthcare system is high.




The average salary for Pilots in South Africa is around 57,700 ZAR, which is equivalent to 3015.80 USD.


Airline pilots earn high salaries that ensure the safety and comfort of many passengers becomes their responsibility and it also demands special abilities from them. Pilots compete in the most difficult training sessions and receive licenses that ensure the safety of flying.


They have to be able to safely fly the planes in all kinds of weather, as well as be ready to react immediately in case of any emergency. This is the reason why they are then paid well and have been provided with good compensation.


Information Technology (IT) Managers and Directors


The average salary for IT managers is around 54,000 ZAR, which is approximately 2822.41 USD.


The salaries of IT managers and directors in South Africa are rapidly growing to high value. They manage all of IT, including IT operations, software development, cybersecurity, information technology systems, and more.


Corporations are entirely dependent on IT and therefore the requirement for advanced IT personnel is very high. IT managers and directors provide technological vision and showcase new solutions to the organization’s IT issues to keep their systems secure and efficient.


Petroleum Engineers


The average salary for petroleum engineers in South Africa is around 34,100 ZAR, which is around 1782.30 USD.


In South Africa, highly skilled petroleum engineers are paid high salaries, as a result of the nature of their work in the oil and gas industry. It is through the application of their knowledge of geology, reservoir engineering, and drilling that they extract as well as refine the oil and gas resources.


They put their efforts on the increase of production, improvement of removal methods, and decreasing environmental risks. With the contribution of power generation and in backing up the economic growth more people are employed and new career paths are created for former job seekers.

Analysing Wage Variances Based on Various Factors in South Africa  


Salary Comparison by Occupation


Average salaries for various professions in South Africa are listed below:

Industry Average Salary
Accounting and Finance
61,600 ZAR
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace
57,700 ZAR
Customer Service and Call Center
42,600 ZAR
31,500 ZAR
Health and Medical
75,100 ZAR
Information Technology
54,000 ZAR
Teaching / Education
26,200 ZAR

Source: Salary Explorer

Salary Comparison by City


The average salaries for employees in different cities in South Africa are listed below:

City Average Salary
30,400 ZAR
Cape Town
36,400 ZAR
34,800 ZAR
33,500 ZAR
Port Elizabeth
31,600 ZAR
32,800 ZAR

Source: Salary Explorer

Top 4 Outsourcing Industries in South Africa


Information Technology (IT)


South Africa has great opportunities in IT services such as support and development. The country’s top strengths include excellent infrastructure and skilled workers.


In the Information Technology sector of South Africa, the average monthly salary is about 32,100 ZAR (approximately 1677.77 USD).


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


The BPO industry in South Africa offers services like customer support, call centre operations, data entry, and administrative tasks.


South African BPO firms work with clients from industries like telecommunications, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.


Financial and Accounting


Accounting and finance workers are frequently hired out to specialized service providers in South Africa by businesses.


Bookkeeping, payroll management, tax preparation, financial reporting, and accounts payable/receivable administration are a few examples of these services.


Digital Marketing and Creative Outsourcing


The digital marketing and creative outsourcing industries in South Africa are growing. Businesses in this industry offer clients all around the world services like social media management, website construction, graphic design, digital advertising, and content creation.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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The need for specialized talents in the healthcare, aviation, technology, and power industries is reflected in the high salaries of positions such as petroleum engineers, medical specialists, pilots, and IT managers.


A person’s location and occupation can have an impact on wage inequalities; jobs like accounting, healthcare, and IT often pay more. Cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg have higher average earnings thanks to these factors.

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 South Africa is a competitive alternative for outsourcing across numerous industries like IT, BPO, finance, and digital marketing because of its robust infrastructure, talented workforce, and ability to speak multiple languages.

In South Africa, the average monthly pay varies depending on the industry and the city, although it typically ranges between 26,000 to 31,000 ZAR. Although it may not be as high as in several industrialized nations, it still offers competitive rates in the area.