Top 20 BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Companies of the World

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As we are in a rapidly changing business environment, BPO can help an organization reduce overhead costs, concentrate on its strength, and thus increase the company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.


The objective of this blog is to explore the BPO world, uncovering the top 40 BPO corporations worldwide, their activities, and the role they play in enlivening the industry. It involves analyzing BPO, and different types, elaborating on each major company, services they offer, clientele, and global spread.


We will also provide valuable insights on how to select the most suitable BPO partner and effectively manage your outsourcing relationships.


1. What Is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to the practice of contracting standard business functions to third-party service providers. This model enables businesses to focus on their core activities while outsourcing non-core functions like customer service, data entry, or accounting.


For example, a retail company could partner with a BPO firm to handle customer service, freeing up resources to focus on innovation and boosting sales.


Different Types of BPO


BPO services can be broadly categorized into three types:


  1. Offshore Outsourcing: Outsourcing services to a company in a different country, usually due to cost considerations.
  2. Nearshore Outsourcing: Balancing cost and cultural alignment in outsourcing to a company in an adjacent or close-lying country.
  3. Onshore Outsourcing: Hiring out services to a firm in the same country, where communication and cultural understanding are better.
    Now we will move on to the Top Forty BPO companies and look at their services, clientele, and international presence.


Top 20 BPO Companies


1. Accenture


Accenture is one of the leading world’s professional services organizations, which provides multiple types of services from strategy and consulting to digital, technology and operations, where an important component is BPO services.


Employees count: With more than half a million workforce (5000000+), the firm is active in nearly 120 countries.

Key Services: The company offers the above BPO services, which cover


  • Finance and accounting,
  • Human resources,
  • Marketing,
  • Procurement,
  • Supply chain management

Top Clients: Accenture provides outsourcing support for some of the largest companies in the Fortune Global 100 such as leading companies in tech, retail and finance.



2. IBM

IBM’s Global Business Services is known to be an exceptional provider of professional and IT services such as a full suite of BPO services.

Number of Employees: IBM has about three and a half million (350,000+) workers spread across many countries across the world.

Key Services: Provides


  • BPO customer service,
  • Consulting and financial services,
  • HR services
  • Supply chain
  • Many other services.


Top Clients: They deal with such companies as big IT, finance, and manufacturing companies’ clientele including Amazon, HP and Citibank.


3. Triniter

Triniter is a fast-growing service provider renowned for customized solutions meant for SMEs.

No of Employees: The company is currently has 1000+ employee and recruiting for its global team and intends to deliver personalized services.

Key Services: Provides 


  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Human resource management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Medical billing and coding

Top Clients: Primarily focused on serving growing tech startups and midsized businesses.


4. Cognizant


Cognizant is one of the world’s largest providers of IT, consulting, and business process outsourcing services known for its rich domain knowledge and global delivery model.

No of Employees: It is a global company and it employs people globally up to the number of 280,000.

Key Services: Cognizant offers


  • Customer management services,
  • Data process and analytics,
  • HR,
  • Finance 
  • Accounting outsourcing

Top Clients: Catering to different sectors such as banking, health care, or retail. These clients range from medium-sized companies to large corporations like Fortune 500.


5. Genpact


Originally a unit of General Electric, Genpact has grown into a robust standalone entity providing digitally-powered business process management and services.


Number of Employees: Employs more than 90,000 professionals in over 30 countries.


Key Services: Key services include:


  • Finance and accounting,
  • Supply chain and procurement,
  • Analytics, 
  • Enterprise application services


Top Clients: Collaborates with numerous Fortune 500 companies across various sectors.


6. Wipro

Wipro Limited is a multinational corporation dealing with information technology, consulting and business process services.

Number of Employees: At the moment, it runs its operations on six continents and employs over 160,000 workers.

Key Services: Provides a wide range of BPO services including:


  • Customer interaction
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human resources outsourcing

Top Clients: Wipro’s clients include well-known names like banks, hospitals, telecom giants, etc.

7. Concentrix


Concentrix which was spun off from IBM is now one of the leading players in the BPO sector providing cutting-edge customer interaction solutions.

Number of Employees: With over 40 countries, it has over 225,000 employees.

Key Services: Concentrix offers


  • Customer services
  • Sales support
  • Tech support
  • Back offices 

Top Clients: One of Concentrix’s significant clients is HP. It also provides services for other popular companies like technology, automobile, and healthcare.


8. ADP

ADP is a popular Payroll service provider but it also provides extensive business outsourcing, human resources solutions and compliance.

Number of Employees: A network with more than 58,000 employees worldwide.

Key Services: Offers specialized human capital management solutions like


  1. Payroll services,
  2. Tax services,
  3. Talent management, 
  4. HR management.


Top Clients: Serves small businesses, medium, and large enterprises in many industries including American Campus Communities, ADT and Comerica.


9. EXL Service


 The company known as EXL Service has been instrumental in boosting business growth and profitability through operations management and analytics.

Number of Employees: The firm employs over 31,000 professionals catering to its worldwide clients.

Key Services: 


  • Operational
  • Digital and strategic consulting
  • Market research
  • Customer analytics


Top Clients: Serves clients across different sectors including health care, financial services, insurance and power supply.


10. Invensis

Invensis is also a large BPO service provider, which provides outsourcing services for different business processes.

Number of Employees: A 1000+ team with multi-county operations.

Key Services: The services they provide range from customer service to data entry, e-commerce support, and finance & accounting.

Top Clients: Invensis provides services to different companies, including small businesses and large corporations across various industries ex: CBS Interactive, and Sprint.

11. SunTec India

SunTec India is renowned for providing customized IT-enabled services and solutions to international customers.

Number of Employees: Workforce of more than 1000 that is knowledgeable and committed to delivering customized solutions according to client’s requirements.

Key Services: Offers services including:


  • Data entry
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mobile app and web development
  • Digital marketing
  • Photo editing

Top Clients: Provides its services to e-commerce businesses, digital agencies, and publishers, some of them are PepsiCo, Panasonic, Honda.

12. Intetics

 A company in the global technology market, Intetics is focused on developing effective business environments.

Number of Employees: The team has offices in all over the international territories, offering outsourcing services and products.


Key services:

  • Custom software development.
  • Data processing
  • Business intelligence and analytics.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services.
  • Customer support.


Major clients: Spreadshirt and Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.



13. Unity Communications

Unity Communications is a BPO company, which offers customized outsourcing services.

Number of Employees: It has an expanding group of 500+ expert staff in different BPO areas. 

Key Services:

  • Customer service
  • Tech support
  • Data entry.
  • Virtual assistant solutions.

Top Clients: Servicing a variety of clients which include AT&T, RingCentral and other small and medium-sized companies from varied industrial sectors.

14. Helpware


A modern outsourcing company, Helpware provides diverse back-office as well as customer support services.

Number of Employees: A 500+ flexible and progressive workforce with a focus on offering innovative solutions for their clients.
Key Services: A company focused on customer service, back-office support, and digital marketing services.
Top Clients: Google, CISCO, and Zendesk are among Helpware’s clients.

15. Plaxonic Technologies


Plaxonic Technologies is a BPO and IT firm that has been known for technological innovation.

Employees: 200+ global team that strives for excellence in different service areas.

Key Services: Provides a host of services comprising of:

  • Call centre
  • IT
  • E-commerce
  • Data analytics
  • Digital marketing

Top Clients: HerbalCart and WonkCoin

16. Octopus Tech

The BPO service provider, Octopus Tech, is a growing firm with budget-friendly and cutting-edge solutions.

Number of Employees: It includes several experts who can deal with different BPO projects.

Key Services: 

  • Web design and SEO
  • Telemarketing
  • Data entry
  • Legal processing

Top Clients: It primarily deals with Amazon, Avant, and Goodyear

17. Vserve


Vserve is a top BPO solutions provider providing a variety of business services.

Employees: Maintains a 400+ team of professionals experienced in providing effective delivery of services.

Key Services: It specializes in E-commerce solutions, data management, and customer support.

Top Clients:, Graybar, Global Industrial,



18. Maxicus


Maxicus is a renowned BPO company that combines technology with human expertise to offer superior service.


Number of Employees: The company’s 4000+ workforce is known for its technical prowess and customer-centric approach.


Key Services: 

  • Customer engagement
  • Back-office
  • Tech support services
  • Content & cataloging


Top Clients: Its clientele include Samsung, Tata Steel, Airtel, Swiggy and Vodafone.


19. 1840 & Company


 1840 & Company stands out in the BPO industry for its focus on technology-driven solutions and global talent.


Number of Employees: Features a 600+ team with expertise in various fields of outsourcing.


Key Services: Offers services like

  • Customer support,
  • Sales and marketing, 
  • Administrative support
  • Software development & IT
  • Call center


Top Clients: Instacart, HomeLight


20. BinaryFolks


BinaryFolks is a BPO and software development company known for its custom software development and end-to-end IT services.


Number of Employees: Its team is composed of skilled professionals excelling in technical and client services.


Key Services:

  • Focuses on software development
  • Mobile app development
  • IT support services


Clients: Caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations, across various industries.


Other 20 BPO Companies


21. IQ BackOffice


Specializing in finance and accounting outsourcing, IQ BackOffice offers comprehensive solutions that combine expertise with technology.

Key Services: Provides services like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll processing.


22. Flatworld Solutions


Flatworld Solutions is a global corporation offering a wide range of BPO and IT services.

Key Services: Specializes in call centre services, software development, photo editing, and healthcare BPO.


23. Max BPO


 Max BPO is known for its customized BPO services, tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients.

Key Services: Offers services in debt collection, data entry, call centre operations, and healthcare BPO.


24. Fusion BPO Services


Fusion BPO Services stands out for its multilingual support and a wide range of outsourcing solutions.


Key Services: Provides call centre services, debt recovery, and social media support.


25. Data Entry Outsourced


Specializing in data management services, Data Entry Outsourced provides efficient and accurate data processing solutions.


Key Services: Focuses on data entry, data processing, and data conversion services.


26. Magellan Solutions


Magellan Solutions is a full-service BPO provider known for its small and medium-sized business focus.


Key Services: Offers inbound and outbound call centre services, telemarketing, and virtual assistance.


27. Premier BPO


Premier BPO combines technology with skilled human resources to deliver customized outsourcing solutions.


Key Services: Specializes in customer service, finance and accounting, and IT outsourcing.


28. Outsource Services India


Known for its cost-effective and efficient outsourcing solutions, Outsource Services India caters to various business needs.


Key Services: Offers services like data entry, CAD services, and web research.


29. Acelerar Technologies


Acelerar Technologies is a leading provider of outsourcing services, particularly known for virtual assistant services.


Key Services: Specializes in virtual assistant services, data entry, and customer support.


30. KMC Solutions


KMC Solutions is a Philippine-based BPO company offering a wide range of outsourcing services.


Key Services: Their service range includes customer support, back-office services, and IT outsourcing.



31. WNS Global Services


WNS Global Services is a leading global business process management company offering business value to 200+ clients around the world by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise.


Employees: Employs over 44,000 professionals across 61 delivery centres worldwide.


Key Services: Specializes in business analytics, finance and accounting, customer care, technology solutions, research and analytics, and industry-specific back-office and front-office processes.


32. GroupOne Health Source


GroupOne Health Source is a leading provider of medical billing, coding, and consulting services, focusing primarily on healthcare BPO.


Key Services: Expertise in medical billing, electronic health records, and revenue cycle management services.


33. QuisLex


QuisLex is a premier legal services provider that specializes in delivering the benefits of operational excellence, process rigour, and measurable quality to complex legal work.


Key Services: Offers services in legal process outsourcing, including document review, contract management, and compliance services.


34. The Contact Company


 The Contact Company provides bespoke outsourced customer service solutions, helping clients with their customer contact strategies.


Key Services: Specializes in multichannel customer services, including call handling, email response, and social media management.


35. LexReception


LexReception is a professional virtual receptionist and answering service, particularly catering to legal firms.


Key Services: Offers services like live answering, lead qualification, appointment scheduling, and legal intake.


36. AnswerFirst


AnswerFirst is an answering service and contact centre solution provider known for its exceptional customer service.


Key Services: Provides answering services, customer care, and virtual receptionist services.


37. MyTsker


MyTasker is an outsourcing company offering virtual assistant services and various business process support.


Key Services: Provides virtual assistant services, SEO, web design, and content writing.


38. BillingParadise


BillingParadise is a healthcare BPO company specializing in medical billing and coding services.


Key Services: Expertise in medical billing, coding, telemedicine, and healthcare IT solutions.


39. HelpSquad


HelpSquad is known for providing affordable, 24/7 live chat teams for websites across various industries.


Key Services: Specializes in live chat support, lead generation, and customer service.




STAFFLINK is a BPO company that offers outsourcing solutions primarily to the real estate industry.


Key Services: Provides support in real estate administration, property management, and marketing.




How to Choose a BPO Company


Selecting the right Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your business operations. Here’s a more detailed guide on how to methodically choose the most suitable BPO partner:


1. Define Your Criteria:


  1. Industry Expertise: Verify the BPO provider’s experience in your specific industry. This is crucial as industry-specific knowledge ensures the provider understands your market, regulatory requirements, and unique challenges.
  2. Service Range: Identify providers that offer the specific services your business requires. Whether it’s customer support, data entry, IT services, or something more niche, the right BPO should align with your operational needs.
  3. Employee Strength: The size of the BPO’s workforce can be indicative of their capacity to scale services up or down based on your needs. A larger workforce suggests more flexibility and the ability to handle high volumes or scaling.
  4. Pricing: Examine the provider’s pricing structure. It’s important to find a balance between affordable pricing and the quality of services offered. Ensure the cost aligns with your budget and offers a good return on investment.


2. Shortlist Companies:

Using the criteria above, narrow down your options to three to five BPO companies.


This could include firms from the list of the top 40 BPO companies or others that you’ve identified through research.

3. Assign Sample Projects:

Before committing, assign small projects or tasks to these shortlisted companies. This trial phase will give you a clear insight into their working style, quality of output, responsiveness, and ability to meet deadlines.

4. Evaluate Performance:

Critically assess the outcomes of these sample projects. Consider factors like the quality of work, adherence to deadlines, cost-effectiveness, and how well they communicated throughout the project.


The ideal BPO partner should demonstrate reliability, high-quality output, and effective communication.


Managing Your BPO Service Provider


Once you’ve chosen a BPO partner, managing this relationship effectively is key to ensuring the success of the outsourcing arrangement. Here are strategies to effectively manage your BPO service provider:


1. Set Clear Expectations:


From the start, spell out your expectations with regard to service delivery, quality, and timelines. Clearly established and documented expectations reduce confusions and create a basis for performance measurement.


2. Regular Communication:


Establish consistent and open lines of communication. There should be regular meetings (whether virtual or physical) whereby progress is discussed, the challenges are tackled, and feedback is given. It encourages teamwork and both agree on the same thing.


3. Performance Monitoring:

Establish KPIs and metrics for measuring the BPO provider’s performance on a regular basis. Turnaround time, error rate, and customer satisfaction scores, among other metrics, should be constantly assessed to check whether the service provider is delivering the services at specified levels.


4. Leveraging Technology in BPO Management


Utilizing Time Champ for Enhanced Productivity and Oversight


In the realm of managing BPO services, leveraging technology plays a critical role. Tools like Time Champ are instrumental in ensuring that the outsourcing partnership yields the desired results.


Here’s a more detailed explanation of how technology, particularly Time Champ, can be utilized:


1. Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking is among other features offered by the Time Champ. This facilitates the monitoring of the business’s BPO service provider in real-time mode.

Tracking in real-time makes it transparent and facilitates recognition of any problems or bottlenecks as soon as they appear. This form of oversight is vital in sustaining service standards and meeting timelines.

2. Detailed Analytics

The software gives specific and comprehensive reports on different issues related to BPO provider’s work. These may involve time-to-task completion statistics, workforce effectiveness figures as well as resource efficiencies.


In this case, companies will be in a position to make informed choices based on facts. For example, if the analytics show that some of the activities are taking more time than expected, this could lead to a review of the process or talk to the service provider to find out why and determine solutions.

3. Enhancing Productivity


Time Champ’s tools are not meant for mere monitoring but also productivity improvement. It is also possible to identify trends in the workflow because such patterns can later help in streamlining procedures.


Through a better understanding of these patterns, businesses can improve operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and possibly even reduce costs. Productivity directly translates into the overall efficiency in outsourcing provision.

4. Informed Decision Making

Time Champ provides aggregate information about outsourcing, thus enabling one to have a complete picture of the process.


With this knowledge, business leaders can make educated decisions regarding their outsourcing strategies. This may even include increasing the scope of work with the BPO providers in some circumstances, tackling improvement areas that require additional attention, or even recognizing new opportunities in some circumstances.

5. Fine-tuning Processes

The tracking and analytics tools provide continual feedback which leads to constant improvement of processes.


This iterative approach ensures that the BPO services evolve and adapt to the changing needs and goals of the business, leading to better outcomes and a more fruitful BPO partnership.



Outsourcing business processes to BPO companies can significantly boost efficiency and allow you to focus on core business activities.


With the comprehensive list of the top 40 BPO companies and guidelines on choosing and managing a BPO partner, you are well-equipped to make informed decisions in your outsourcing journey.


Additionally, leveraging tools like Time Champ can further streamline the process, ensuring you get the most out of your BPO services. Embrace the potential of BPO and see the transformation it brings to your business operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

BPO involves the management and execution of many of the processes that can help a firm run its functions effectively. These may involve customer support, data capturing, human resources, and finance. BPO firms help their clients concentrate on vital core operations by assuming other essential but non-core functions.

An example of a BPO firm is Accenture. The company provides IT, consulting and business process outsourcing services to numerous industry’s clientele globally.

The ranking of number 1 BPO globally is subjective depending on various factors including but not limited to revenue, employee number, and quality of services. Companies such as Accenture, IBM, or Cognizant usually top the list thanks to their widespread presence all over the world, diverse service portfolio, and large number of employees.

BPO firms help increase their client’s business efficiency in non-core activities by enabling them to concentrate on strategic tasks. They provide skills, technology, and best practices that translate to cost reduction and better quality.

An example of business process outsourcing is a retail company outsourcing its customer service operation to a third party. The retail company hands over all the customer interactions, from queries to complaints to the BPO company allowing it to develop new products and sales.

Risks in BPO include loss of control over processes, potential data security issues, and cultural mismatches. However, these risks can be mitigated through careful provider selection, clear contract terms, and ongoing management and communication.

Time Champ software helps in managing BPO providers by offering features like real-time tracking, productivity analysis, and detailed reporting. This enables businesses to monitor outsourced tasks, assess productivity, and ensure alignment with business goals.