How to Make Time Tracking Simple and Easy for Remote Employees

Time tracking is not what it used to be half a century ago. Today, we’ve got all the tools and methods with proven productivity approaches to building rock-solid time tracking habits and be productive to the jobs, businesses, and lifestyles.

Among other benefits, time tracking does a great job at improving our self-awareness, correction, transparency, and productive mind-set. But what does time tracking have to do with the business environment – let’s find out.

Why Track Employee Time and Productivity?

Week time tracking and time management approaches may cost you’re the profit of your business. A 2018 survey conducted by Udemy revealed that five in ten people struggle with distractions and notice a drop in their ability to stay productive while working hours.

Another study showed that employees compensate for breaks and unproductive time by working faster.

This working pace leads to increase pressure and stress in employees, which results in their performance and job satisfaction.

On a regular, a single company loses about $700 per employee year due to employee unproductive and non-work related activities.

Companies that use time tracking software like Time Champ prevent time and money outflows and help their employees develop more self-awareness and to be more productive.

When you have a timer running against one of your projects, you have no other choice but to completely focus on it and put distractions on the backseat. So timers encourage productive work and promote higher performance.

Time tracking i.e. Time Champ benefits go even extra than that. Let’s see how businesses, project managers, and individual employees can benefit from time tracking software.

Business Benefits

Improve transparency

Capture productive and unproductive hours separately

Accurate client payments

More trust with their employees through time logs and reports

Show hidden costs

Paid time off management

Project Management Benefits

Real-time monitoring of the ongoing project

Recognizing possible issues and addressing them in the early stages

Keep track of employee productivity and engagement

Attendance tracking

Establishing effective workflows and routines

Enhanced scheduling and estimates for future projects

Measured ROI for each project

Open opportunities for outsource

Employees’ Benefits

Exact payrolls

Better work-life balance for remote and flexible workers

Improved productivity, self-discipline, and focus

Opportunity to tell and profit from peak performance time

Recognized overtime hours

Getting better at estimating and planning

So time tracking data can give you a clear idea and you can improve on different areas of your business: project management, billing and accounting, absence management, and more.

Such insight will help you make smoother business decisions, better prioritize employee schedules and daily activities.

If you are new to business time management solutions, Time Champ can help you to manage your team productivity.

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