The 10 Best Employee Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking software

What is Time Tracking Software?


The specific type of application is time-tracking software that is used to register and assess the amount of time an individual or group spends on tasks and projects. It is an essential element of companies that want to be effective in the areas of production, good customer billing, and timesaving. Aimed at both freelancers tracking their billable time and businesses that would like to enhance productivity among employees, time tracking software enables an easy understanding of how time passes by in an organization.


If you are looking for the best time-tracking system out there, you are in the right place. 


Finding the right time-tracking app is critical to your team, whether you’re stuck with antiquated paper timecards, or your current digital solution isn’t working. We will go over the top 10 best time tracking software their features, costs, and user opinions, in this extensive blog. A good time-tracking program should help you make the most of your resources, improve responsibility, streamline timesheet administration and payment processing, and give you insight into the team’s daily activities.


What makes the best time-tracking software?


Real-Time Tracking

Instantaneous intensive measurement provides easy scheduling reassessment on the go for projects and the capability to address any inconsistencies with a prompt response, keeping your team agile and effectively controlling your client’s expectations.


Editable Time Entries

The software also offers manual adjustments of time logs as it recognizes the nature of work as flexible and thus facilitates the preservation of the accuracy of time reporting even if there are some deviations in the patterns of the work.


Reporting Features

The high-level reporting functionality is based on the acquired data from which patterns of productivity are created, which implies changes in the ways used by the team members and some sort of learning something new to work more effectively.


Invoice and Data Export

Moving from time tracking to client billing and payroll operations becomes much more efficient with the Integration of accounting functions, where the project management financial aspects become more efficient.


Multiple Points of Access

The end-user has the flexibility and convenience to use the recording tool of time offsite desktop, mobile app for work for offsite users, or web portal for remote workers.


AI Features

  • Predictive Analytics: Considering clients’ expectations and labour allocation in view, AI can interpret the data relating to historical time and predict future projects’ timelines.
  • Automated Classification: AI algorithms accommodate time entries so that the system can understand the habit, mechanize the procedure, and minimize human interference.
  • Intelligent Insights: Data pattern recognition allows AI to identify the small improvement areas or the areas that need change.
  • Time Tracking with Screenshots: Time tracking software that comes with a screenshot feature also serves to give credence to the increased confidence and transparency that managers can show remotely to their workers by being able to prove active work performance on tasks without the need for intrusive surveillance.
  • Staff Time Tracking Software: The Time tracking software collection tool set for this time is the major HR functions such as employee attendance monitoring, leaves, and performance trends for an organization.
  • Software with Screenshots for Distributed Teams: Screenshot items are perfect for remote teams because these components let management get respect through the visualization of logging in operation which later shows that distanced work is done.


10 Best Time Tracking Software:


1. Time Champ


Time Champ is a complete solution for companies wishing to simplify time-tracking procedures and improve efficiency. Time Champ is a product that was developed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind and that provides a variety of features that can meet the needs of contemporary teams such as the office team, remote team, and hybrid team.

Time Champ Features:

  1.  Automatic Time Tracking: The time tracking software is lauded highly for its intuitive interface and auto-time tracking software. It reduces manual time entry, eliminates mistakes, and saves time. It tracks the time spent on every project or task while at the workplace.
  2. Automatic Timesheets: Time Champ automatically generates printable time sheets through time tracking software. These timesheets work great to monitor employee working hours, working patterns, and payroll processing.
  3. Employee Productivity Reports: Time Champ provides in-depth productivity reports that enable one to identify productivity trends, eliminate distractions, and enhance focus which, in turn, increases the level of productivity. It presents the efficiency of work processes and employee task participation.
  4. Intelligent Alert: Timely Champ supplies a progressive alerting feature that sends idle and suspicious activity alerts to ensure that an employee is productive and secure by monitoring and alerting to employee activities in real time during working hours.
  5. Employee activity monitoring: A key function of the Time Champ is its employee activity monitoring system. Time tracking software monitors employee activities such as the applications and sites they visit for work hours. This increases the ability of managers to gain the work patterns of employees, the peaks and troughs.
  6. Location tracking and geofencing-based time tracking: With this feature, managers can also monitor where employees are located. Geofencing creates virtual barriers and switches on and off tracking when users pass the barriers. This location tracking feature is critical for both remote and hybrid teams, allowing for adequate transparency and accountability within the workplace irrespective of where work takes place.
  7. Task and Project Management: The analysis of Time Champ’s time management capabilities shows that time tracking can be merged with daily tasks and project management. Time tracking software allows task creation and assignment, deadline setting, and workflow monitoring in one place.
  8. Integrations: You can upscale your workflows with more than twenty integrations using tools like Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, Basecamp, and many others to help you simplify your work.



What makes Time Champ unique?

The distinctive feature of Time Champ is, however, how it combines simplicity with advanced functionalities. It also includes idle time detection software, employee monitoring, random screenshot capture, audio tracking, screen recording, and payroll services. This makes businesses of all sizes more flexible.


  • User-friendly: If your guys are beginners who use Time Champ for the first time, then they will not have problems starting using this tool.
  • Automated time tracking: Keep idle timeouts; get reminders to record time; schedule and create timesheets through the time tracking apps for tracking time for employees.
  • GPS-Geofenced time tracking: Use geofenced (virtual borders) job sites to auto-start and stop the timer for mobile teams.
  • Integrations: Work efficiency can also be enhanced through its integration with 20+ apps.
  • Insights: Insights is another innovative part of Time Champ. Time Tracking Software provides insightful analytical views on the performance of the workforce, and companies can implement data-informed decision-making to increase workforce efficiency.

Suitable For

Time Champ is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for:


  • In-office teams
  • Remote teams
  • Hybrid setups

Time Champ is available for:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Time Champ Pricing

Time Champ offers a free trial and three pricing plans:

  • Free Trial: A free Trial is offered for 7 days without the need for a credit card by Time Champ.
  • Starter Plan: It costs ₹1,800 per user per annum and has features such as automatic attendance, intensity graphs, time claim, offline tracking, auto login/logout, file name tracking, productivity calculator, etc.
  • Professional Plan: At ₹2,500 per user per year, it includes all the Starter plan’s features plus leaves, HR, project management, mobile app support, document uploading, screenshot frequency, blur screenshots, etc.
  • Enterprise Plan: Costs ₹5,000 per user per annum including real-time status, viewing live videos, screenshot deletion, phone support, dedicated account manager, custom roles, and more features.



In Professional and above, including…

screen capturing (₹ 2,000 per user per annum).
audio recording at a cost of ₹3,000 per user per year.
the real keystroke data (Rs.1000 per user per year),
and task management (Rs. 500 per user per year).
timesheet approvals (500 rupees per user annually).

Customer Ratings on Capterra

Time Champ received an overall grade of 4.9 out of 5 on Capterra, indicating a high level of user satisfaction. The app stands out best in terms of usability and quality of service which is also evident from its high score.


Elevate your team’s performance and streamline your project management with Time Champ. Uncover valuable insights and take advantage of advanced time tracking software and productivity features.


Sign up for Time Champ now and transform the way you work.


2. TrackingTime


TrackingTime is a business development tool that is designed for business owners, managers, leaders, and administrators. The approach to tracking is such that recording of hours and day-to-day happenings should be simple to carry out. This is a contemporary time monitor, which allows automatic time tracking software and provides better productivity for project time monitoring as well as attendance tracking. This is very important for organizations that are interested in making changes that will optimize the time and energy used in various activities.


Best Features:

  1. Time Tracking and Online Timesheets: Offer time tracking on the web, desktop, and mobile with flexible timing. It comes with automated and manual time tracking depending on work preferences. Online timesheets are created to reduce paperwork and human intervention. Strategic decisions within the organization can rely on this data.
  2. Project Management and Integrations: Has a one project management role with multiple visions of task progress. It is also compatible with more than 20 business applications including those from Airtable, Asana, Basecamp, and Jira enabling seamless Time Tracking Software across different workspaces.
  3. Timecards and Attendance Tracking: Employee timecards are generated as a result of these time entries, and they offer attendance tracking as well. It comprises various reports such as user performance reports, project progress reports, client reports, and payroll reports.

Suitable For:

One more thing is that TrackingTime is versatile enough and seems to be suitable for

  • Freelancers
  • Small teams
  • Even big businesses



  • Free Plan: Supports three users, basic work, and time management.
  • Freelancer Plan: $ 8.00 per month paid on an annual basis or $ 10 per month paid monthly. Single user, plus task management and invoicing.
  • Pro Plan: Starting with 3 users at the price of $5.75 per user per month for annual billing or $7 per user per month for monthly billing. Offers advanced functionality for team and timesheet organization.
  • Business Plan: In a base plan which starts at $10 per user per month, billed both at $ per month. Gives strong support in security and business-critical operations.

User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.6/5 (based on 39 reviews).
  • Highlights: Users value its simplicity, customer support, and feature kit.


3. Timely

Developed by AI, Timely is an intelligent time-tracking tool meant for people in their individual capacities and work groups. Scheduling, real-time tracking of the usage of the application, and creation of timesheets will help in logging activity. Timely runs time that minimizes the energy to be used and time to manage for the users to focus on activities that are of priority. Thus, time tracking software serves as a valuable instrument for employers, managers, and business owners.


Best Features:

  1. Automatic Time Tracking: Time tracking software tracks time on several work apps and tools and then creates timesheets out of them, which are based on the tracked hours.
  2. Project Budget and Activity Visualization: The indicators of the team status and quality are also being maintained while the teams can see the whole list of project budgets and activities, with the help of software that visualizes data. Time tracking software includes the project review dashboard that allows one to determine the cost rate, budget, and labelling tags.
  3. Team Tracking and AI Feedback: Timely is excellent for distributed and remote teams. It provides tools for time tracking with screenshots and shows the sum of spent hours on assignments, as well as on all categorizations. You get to know the sum, overtime, and payment index of work. The AI component provides immediate ability to determine how well the plans are being followed according to the initial schedules.

Suitable For:

It is appropriate for sole proprietorship, partnership, as well as in corporations.



  • Starter (Solo / Micro business): 5 users and 20 projects. Costing USD 11/month per user.
  • Premium (Teams): USD 20 per month user fifty users; kinds of projects.
  • Unlimited (Large companies): unlimited users and projects cost USD 28 per month.

User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.7/5 (based on 212 reviews).
  • Highlights: Timely enjoys high ratings among users about its ease of use, customer support, feature set, and perceived value for money.


4. Replicon


Replicon is an AI and ML-powered software suite for time tracking and a timesheet solution that automatically captures the time and work data from global employees. It is aimed at boosting worker working rates and increasing project returns. The software is perfect for a hybrid workforce as it manages automatic time capture within several work apps and helps to oversee a diverse employee base operating from different localities.


Best Features:

  1. AI-Powered Time Tracking: Replicon breaks the chains of conventional timesheets with the power of AI, automatically aggregating and curating work and time data from more than a hundred work apps, such as Slack, Jira, Asana, and Zoom.
  2. Flexible Timesheet Management: The software provides adapted user interfaces for different devices, hence capturing the time spent on any activity, project, etc. becomes very comfortable.
  3. Compliance and Data Integrity: Replicon also makes sure that the input data contains no defects and is ready for processing. It consists of an in-built compliance and rules engine to meet important business policies and standardizes data collection through business functions for seamless integration along straight lines to accounting, ERP, and other systems.

Suitable For:

Replicon is appropriate for companies of all sizes and industries. Because of its customizability and the extensive functionalities, it can offer, it is a great option for companies who need thorough time-capturing and project management capabilities, especially those who have a hybrid or global workforce.



  • Project Time Tracking: Starts at $12/month.
  • Time & Attendance: Starts at $6/month.
  • PSA and PPM: Starts at $29/month.


User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Highlights: Some of the users have also praised Replicon as the most pleasant and efficient tool for time tracking software for employee and project management; people noted that it is very user-friendly, and its customer support is stunning.


5. Everhour


Everhour is an easy-to-use time-tracking tool for teams that makes budgeting, invoicing, and payroll processes. It records the work hours for each employee, the time spent on tasks, and the breaks. Everhour is a simple yet flexible approach to project billing and Time Tracking Software, which may be a convenient solution for some teams.


Best Features:

  1. Comprehensive Time Tracking: Record the time taken by each employee to perform tasks, the hours worked, and the number of breaks taken, thus making work schedule management and productivity manageable.
  2. Project Management and Billing: Use budgets to track progress in real-time and receive timely notifications. Plan tasks put them in a section and add time estimation to notify and guide everybody involved.
  3. Expense Tracking and Invoicing: Monitor workers’ expenses and compensate them. Further, the software permits invoicing based on tracked time and expenses which integrate with accounting tools such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks.

Suitable For:

Everhour is especially suitable for teams that require granular tracking of time plus project administration and billing features. Its feature set is ideal for small teams and bigger organizations.



  • Free Plan: It is free for up to 5 users with unlimited time tracking, projects, and reports.
  • Lite Plan: $5/user/month, starting at 2 users. Free Plus includes invoicing, budgeting, and API access.
  • Team Plan: $8.50/user/month, starting at 5 users. The lite plan includes advanced features of time approval, expenses, resource planner, and Single Sign-On.


User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.7/5 (based on 397 reviews).
  • Highlights: Everhour is one of the best-rated software systems when it comes to ease of use, customer service, features, and price.


6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is an effective tool for individual freelancers and all-size teams that offer complete timesheets with productivity management. With all its features, it is suitable for various business situations such as simple Time Tracking Software with screenshots and sophisticated project management.


Best Features:

  1. Automated Time Tracking: With Hubstaff, one needs to input their data which is automatically converted into the hours worked.
  2. Advanced Reporting: This allows for comprehensive reports that shed light on the efficiency and use of time.
  3. Activity Monitoring: Keyboard and mouse data capture provides an overview of working patterns as part of the package.
  4. Online Timesheets and Payroll: Reduces timesheet management and payroll processing.


Suitable For:

Despite all this, Hubstaff suits anybody, from a one-man freelancer whose goal is to monitor and control his own time to a large team with a need to receive precise and full information on each participant’s performance.


Hubstaff Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Timesheet, less screenshot, mouse-keyboard action, limited payment
    Suitable for solo teams like freelancers or consultants
  • Starter ($7 per user/month)
  • Grow ($9 per user/month)
  • Team ($12 per user/month)
  • Enterprise, (Custom pricing to be specified accordingly)


User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.6/5 (based on 1440 reviews).
  • Highlights: Hubstaff scored well on its user-friendly interface, customer support, range of features offered, and price.


7.  Time Doctor


This is a strong time-tracking app designed for businesses of all calibres. It can be useful to teams that have to drill more into how many minutes are spent on tasks or projects.


Best Features:

  1. Time Tracking: Precise tracking for work hours.
  2. Employee Monitoring: Means of monitoring employee activity over working hours.
  3. Screenshots & Activity Levels: Takes periodic snapshots to maintain worker productivity.
  4. Detailed Reporting: Generates smart reports for enhanced control.


Suitable For:

Time Doctor is flexible and can be used by an in-house team, a remote team, freelancers, small businesses, and even large enterprises.


TimeDoctor Pricing:

  • Starts from: Flat Rate pricing model at $7.00 per month. See detailed pricing.


User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.5/5 (based on 510 reviews).
  • Highlights: Good overall feedback on its tracking features and user-friendliness. See reviews.


8. DeskTime


DeskTime originated as an internal application developed by the Draugiem Group to manage their employees. It has since evolved into a comprehensive tool offered to other companies, designed to enhance productivity in an open and empowering environment. DeskTime is a time tracking software committed to accountability, transparency, and fairness, aiming to boost employee performance and motivation.


Best Features:


  1. Comprehensive Project Management: DeskTime recently updated its Projects section, adding features such as setting task deadlines, attaching files, and entering hourly rates for tasks.
  2. Workspace Management: The time tracking software includes features for booking desks, meeting rooms, and other shared spaces, making it an effective tool for managing shared and hybrid workspaces. All bookings are updated in real-time and can be viewed from a single booking grid.
  3. Flexible Time TrackingDeskTime offers a manual web timer, allowing users to enjoy time tracking for employees from any browser without the need to download and install software.


Suitable For:

DeskTime is suitable for a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises, particularly those looking for a comprehensive solution that includes time tracking software, project management, and workspace management.



  • Pro: $7/user/month. Includes automatic and manual time tracking, URL and app tracking, productivity calculation, project tracking, and reports and exports.
  • Premium: $10/user/month. Includes everything in Pro, plus screenshots, absence calendar, shift scheduling, and integrations and API.
  • Enterprise: $20/user/month. Includes everything in Premium plus VIP support, personalized onboarding, unlimited projects, tasks, data history, and a custom API.
  • DeskTime Lite: Free for 1 user. Includes automatic time tracking, URL and app tracking, a web timer, and mobile time.


User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.5/5 (based on 517 reviews).
  • Highlights: DeskTime is highly regarded for its ease of use, customer service, and feature set.


9. Clockify


The simplicity of Clockify Time Tracking Software has always been its distinctive feature. This allows individuals and groups to trace work time with a single click. At the core of Clockify are time entries which are essential in calculating hours devoted to specific projects during the assessment of the workweek within the report. Users can easily track the time spent on specific tasks without being distracted by any complicated tracking system.


Best Features:

  1. Versatile Time Entry Methods: Clockify gives options for creating time entries, such as timing while doing work, adding time manually after finishing tasks, and a precision tracker. The flexibility helps cater to different work styles or preferences.
  2. Manual Time Logging: Time logging by day and activity offers a simple way of entering users’ time manually.
  3. Time Clock Kiosk: It also has a time clock kiosk, where the employees can clock in by pin code, which is vital for site attendance management.
  4. Comprehensive Reporting: Users can create various types of reports, such as summary reports, detailed reports, weekly reports, and shared reports in Clockify, which allows them to analyze their time data comprehensively.



  • Basic: US$ 3.99 per full user/month (billed annually). Consists of all free functionalities with extra supplementary administrative and tracking instruments.
  • Standard: USD 5.49 per full user/month. The Plus version has all Basic features and other supplementary management features such as staff time tracking software and billing.
  • Pro: Full user/month (billed annually) – USD 7.99. Enhances functionality, including scheduling, forecasting, and cost control.
  • Enterprise: Annually billed at $11.99 per full user a month. Adds enhanced control and security, including SSO and audit logs.


User Reviews (Capterra):

  • Rating: 4.5/5.
  • Highlights: Clockify is lauded for its functionality, usability, and array of features by its users.




TimeTrack is an excellent option for tracking the team’s work time and presence. The TimeTrack app is also used for manual and automatic break tracking. In addition, it also monitors the employees’ time when they are off-line, which is later synchronized upon regaining online connection.


Best Features:

  1. Timesheets: Track attendance and see when employees begin or end a shift. Use the TimeTrack Terminal App to automate attendance tracking.
  2. Attendance tracking: Attendance module for tracked vacation and sick leave with corresponding entries on timesheets.
  3. Expense tracking: capture your expenses while you move as well as take photos of receipts. Provide billable hours and expense invoices.


Suitable for


Available for:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox



TimeTrack offers three plans, with the following fees paid annually:

  • Standard ($5 per user/month)
  • Premium ($9 per user/month)
  • Gold ($11 per user/month)


Customer reviews on Capterra

  • rating: 4.5 (14 ratings)
  • reviews: Customers like the ease of use of TimeTrack.


How to Choose the Best Time Tracking App


Many considerations need to be made when deciding on an appropriate time-tracking app. However, this is not a case of selecting the most popular choice but choosing a tool that fits well within your organization’s needs, your management styles, and the workflow within your organization. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this decision:


1. Assess Your Needs:

First, state what it is that the Time Tracking App should accomplish. For what purpose do you want it? Is it used for client billing, productivity improvement, project organization, something else, or all of the above? Identifying your main use case will greatly simplify your choices. conversion


2. Features and Functionality:

Compare the services each app provides. Search for functionalities congruent with your business needs. Key features to consider include:

  1. Automated vs. Manual Time Tracking: Determine whether you require automated tracking that will run in the background or manual tracking which provides control to the employees as to when to start and stop the timer.
  2. Project Management Integration: Integrating with project management tools can become a life changer for businesses dealing with various projects.
  3. Billing and Invoicing: Look for apps that enable easy invoicing and hourly billing.
  4. Reporting Capabilities: Such information can also be used to measure productivity on a project and plan for future assignments.
  5. Expense Tracking: An app would be worth looking at for a complete financial picture, including expenses.


3. User Experience:

Time tracking software should be user-friendly that is, easy to use and intuitive. Team members may also resist for the complexity of the system and inaccurate time entries. Ensure you go with an app that has a simple user interface.


4. Scalability:

Take into account the number of employees you currently have and potential expansion. Some apps will work well for small teams or independent freelancers, while others can effectively deal with larger organizations and more intricate requirements.


5. Compatibility and Integrations:

Make sure that the app syncs well with other tools that you use as a team like the project management software, communicating applications, and account management apps. Verify whether the app is compatible with different platforms and devices used by your team.


6. Security and Compliance:

Data security is paramount. Pick a secure app, especially when dealing with clients’ confidential data. The company also has to comply with labor laws and privacy regulations.


7. Customer Support and Reviews:

During the early years of implementation, good customer support can prove to be indispensable. To determine the trustworthiness and responsiveness of the app’s support team, read reviews and testimonials.


8. Pricing:

Finally, consider the cost. Evaluate your app’s features, cost, and benefits relative to its price. Do not fall victim to surprise, add-on, and more-user charges.


A comprehensive assessment of these factors will enable you to select a time-tracking app that fits your present requirements and aligns with your future objectives.




Therefore, it is crucial to understand what your business needs are and what features can address them while looking for the best time-tracking app. The 10 time tracking apps – Time Champ, Time Doctor, Hubstaff, TrackingTime, Timely, Replicon, Everhour, DeskTime, Clockify, and Apploye, provide distinct offerings to enhance the monitoring of an individual’s performance. Time Champ differentiates itself through its rich feature set and usability, each app has its selling points.


When moving from a timekeeping method to a time-tracking system, remember that the best application is one that matches your working procedure, improves productivity, and eventually adds benefits to your business. Time Tracking Software with screenshots is not only about hours but rather a strategic weapon that if time-tracking software is used properly can boost a business’s efficiency to a higher level.


Ready to revolutionize the way you track time and enhance productivity? Book your free live demo with Time Champ—a comprehensive time tracking solution tailored for success.


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Time tracking involves recording and analyzing the time spent on different activities, typically to enhance productivity, ensure accurate billing, and manage project timelines. It’s a crucial tool for understanding employee work patterns, client billing, and resource allocation.

Time tracking helps identify areas where time is not utilized efficiently. By understanding how much time is spent on specific tasks, businesses can streamline processes, prioritize work, and reduce non-essential activities. This leads to better time management and, consequently, an increase in overall productivity.

The best time tracking app depends on your specific business needs. Consider factors like ease of use, features, scalability, and price. Apps like Time Champ, Time Doctor, and Clockify are popular due to their comprehensive features and user-friendly interfaces.

Yes, time tracking can significantly improve team collaboration. By providing insights into each member’s workload and progress, it enables better project coordination, balanced workload distribution, and more efficient teamwork.

Time tracking aids in project management by providing real-time data on the time spent on various project activities. This information is vital for project planning, resource allocation, and meeting deadlines, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

Time tracking is particularly useful for remote teams. It helps in maintaining transparency, tracking productivity, and ensuring accountability despite the physical distance.

 Many time tracking apps integrate with project management tools, accounting software, and communication platforms. These integrations streamline workflows by syncing data across different tools, reducing manual entry, and providing a more comprehensive overview of business operations.

When choosing a time tracking app, consider its features, user interface, integration capabilities, scalability, data security, compliance, customer support, and pricing. Your choice should align with your business needs and workflow.

Yes, many time tracking apps can help with payroll processing by accurately logging work hours, calculating overtime, and integrating with payroll systems, simplifying the entire payroll process.

Time tracking apps ensure user privacy through secure data handling, compliance with privacy regulations, and features that allow users to control what data is tracked and shared. It’s important to choose an app that prioritizes user privacy and data security.