Audio Tracking: The Latest Addition to Time Champ's Suite of Employee Monitoring Tools


Employee monitoring has become an essential part of many organizations across various industries. As companies strive to increase productivity and efficiency, they need to have a way to track and monitor employee performance. Time Champ, a leading provider of employee monitoring software, has recently added Audio Tracking to its suite of tools including Employee monitoring, Time tracking, Productivity monitoring, Project management and Task management. This new feature enables employers to capture audio along with screen recording, giving them a complete picture of employee activity.

What is Audio Tracking?

Time Champ's Audio Tracking feature is a seamless integration with the existing employee time tracking software. It allows employers to record the audio output of an employee's computer while simultaneously capturing their screen. This feature complements screen recording by providing additional context for employee activity.

This Audio tracking feature is perfect for those who work remotely or are based in a shared workspace. It ensures that employees stay on task, and work is done efficiently.

Here are the some of the features of audio tracking :

Capture Audio from Inputs or Outputs or Both

Audio Tracking is a feature that allows employers to capture audio from an employee's system inputs or outputs or from both inputs and outputs. This means that you can record audio from their computer's microphone or any other input device, as well as audio from their speakers or headphones.

Audio Tracking at Employee, Team, and Company Level

Time Champ's Audio Tracking can be configured at various levels. Employers can set up audio tracking for individual employees, team level to track employees of specific teams, or company level to track the audios of empoyees in the entire company. This makes it easier to customize the monitoring process based on your organization's needs.

Scheduled Audio Tracking

One of the most significant advantages of Time Champ's Audio Tracking is the ability to schedule audio recording. Employers can set up specific times for audio tracking, whether it's a one-time recording or a recurring one for a period like some days or a complete week. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that need to monitor employees who work remotely or have flexible schedules.

Benefits of Audio Tracking

By adding audio tracking to its suite of tools, Time Champ has provided employers with a powerful tool for monitoring employee activity. This feature provides several benefits, including:

  • Increased Accountability: Audio tracking helps ensure that employees are held accountable for their actions, whether they are working in the office or remotely.
  • Improved Productivity: Audio tracking provides a complete picture of employee activity, allowing employers to identify any areas where employee productivity can be improved.
  • Enhanced Security: Audio tracking helps organizations identify any potential security threats, including employees who may be sharing sensitive information.


Time Champ's Audio Tracking is a valuable addition to its suite of employee monitoring tools. This feature provides employers with a powerful way to monitor employee activity, enabling them to increase accountability, improve productivity and enhance security. By providing customizable audio tracking at the employee, team, and company level, as well as the ability to schedule audio recording, Time Champ has created a tool that can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization.

With Time Champ, you can ensure that your team stays on task and productive throughout the workday.

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