Why should you concentrate on Productivity Enhancement than Employee Monitoring?


The Covid-19 pandemic caused a remote working situation everywhere in the world. 'Remote working' or 'Work from Home has taken a toll on most companies' productivity. Still, some companies do not Favour implementing employee monitoring tools. Those companies believe they can increase productivity through employee monitoring but may lose employee engagement and trust.

In any organization, both productivity and employee morale are important. While spending more time monitoring employee activity may be tempting, it is more important to focus on ways to enhance productivity.

How much is Employee Monitoring too Much?

The typical individual spends roughly a third of the day at work. Given the importance of work in our lives, we must be productive during those hours. Several things can interfere with our productivity, but one of the biggest is employee monitoring.

Employee monitoring is the practice of tracking employee behavior and activity. This can include monitoring email and internet usage, following work hours, and even GPS tracking.

Some companies follow the strict way of employee monitoring, which most employees do not always nod to. There is a thin line that should not be crossed, or it feels like monitoring is getting on employees' nerves. Employee monitoring may get your employees habitual of some good work habits with reminders of breaks and priority tasks. Knowing that your employer is supervising your every move can make employees more stressed and anxious.

Too much employee monitoring can spread negativity in employees' minds and hurt your workplace environment. Not all employers believe in too much monitoring. Too much employee monitoring can spread negativity in employees' minds and hurt your workplace environment.

Employee Monitoring may involve tracking some or all of the following things

1. Internet Usage

2. Use of Applications/URLs

3. Downloading Files

4. Software Downloads

5. Screenshots/Videos Capturing at Regular Intervals

6. Keyboard Strokes and Mouse Clicks Per Minute/Hour

7. Idle Time

8. Break Times

9. Emails Sent or Received

“Daily time tracking can decrease productivity leaks by 80%.”

Source: Time Tracking Statistics

Productivity Enhancement – A New Way of Positive Employee Monitoring

The pandemic encouraged remote working, and employees have embraced working from home by taking advantage of flexibility. Employees are taking care of their responsibilities while remote working. Employers do not want to disturb employees' personal lives too much. Most employers support "productivity enhancement" instead of suffocating employee monitoring.

1. Productivity enhancement leads to better results. If you manage a team of employees, you may wonder whether you should focus on productivity enhancement or employee monitoring. Here are four reasons why productivity enhancement should be your top priority:

2. It fosters a positive work environment.

3. It increases employee satisfaction.

4. It's a more proactive approach to managing your team

How Positive Employee Monitoring Helps:

Employees feel good about this kind of monitoring as they know employers trust them and are not tracking their minute-to-minute moves.

Employers must maintain a healthy and productive atmosphere for their employees in any work environment. One way to do this is through positive employee monitoring. By observing and measuring employee behavior, employers can identify issues and potential problems early on and take steps to correct them. Additionally, employee monitoring can help improve communication and collaboration among team members. When done correctly, positive employee monitoring can be a valuable tool for employers and lead to a more positive work environment for everyone.

It can help discover the workload so that you can distribute it evenly among employees or teams.

Monitor and ensure the best practices so supervisors can chime in if needed.

Automate the timesheet filling and invoicing process according to the work hours calculation.

It helps managers discover the need for applications or tools to speed up any process.

It helps employees to manage their performance and can help them to get better raises and appreciation.

A simple Use Case with Time Champ

Time Champ empowers you with customization, and you can stop the keystroke, mouse clicks, and screenshot tracking as per your will. Instead, you can start focusing on productivity data and measurement so that the top performers can be appreciated. Also, get productivity enhancement recommendations so businesses can improve their process and employees' skills and get much more out of our productivity enhancement tool.

In conclusion, productivity enhancement should be given more importance than employee monitoring. Productivity enhancement leads to better work results and improved morale. At the same time, employee monitoring can hurt both of these things. Improving productivity usually corresponds to long-term changes in behavior. At the same time, employee monitoring could be more effective. Therefore, companies should focus on productivity enhancement to improve their bottom line.

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