Tips and Strategy to improve operational efficiency


To analyze and optimize operational efficiency, they say, “Time is money,” and you should always spend it wisely. When managing time in your company, you can not control all the employees by appointing supervisors. It would help if you had a time-tracking tool to initiate smooth time and work management. Time-tracking tools can help businesses to enhance productivity and to generate more revenue. Time tracking is the most precious tool a company should have with the increasing culture of remote working or the pandemic hit of the Work From Home scenario.

Selection of a time tracking tool can be tricky if this is your first time; else, you know what to look for in your time tracking tool. Either way, this blog post will help you as time tracking tools are not just limited to tracking or managing time. Still, they have evolved as Productivity Enhancement Tools, Project Management Tools, Employee Monitoring Tools, Timesheet Software, etc.

The process of selecting the time tracking tool for your company starts with identifying your requirements. Once you get clear with the needs, you can concentrate on those requirements and get the best out of your money. Our recommendations would be to go through the following eight factors:

1. Automation

This world belongs to saving time by doing more things you can do automatically. Always look for automatic options like auto start and shut, automatic timesheet filling, auto break adjustments, auto invoicing & payroll, etc.

2. Customization

Just be sure to have the power of customization in your time-tracking tool. You may be happy with the set of features available, but you may want some additional features in the future so get ready with this option.

3. Workforce Analytics

One of the most powerful techniques to improve business performance and revenue. Be sure you can get the desired data for your employees’ daily working styles and calculate through those data. Analyzing workforce data will help to make better future business decisions.

4. Compatibility

What are the devices you want the software to run on? Generally, employers have Windows, Mac, and Linux with Desktop and Laptops as their preferred devices. If you have any unique requirements, have a word with the time-tracking tool team.

5. Features

These days time tracking tool is evolved, and you can use the tool however you may want. Still, you may want some must-have features, like optional employee monitoring, timesheet management, productivity measurement, HR records, project management, invoice generation, payroll management, etc.

6. Integration

What are the integration options available? As you may be willing to run the tool with video conferencing, getting clear with integration options will help.

7. Exporting Options

Make sure you have easy exporting options. And the data exported is in formats you can use to analyze according to your needs.

8. Budget

Different time-tracking tools have different pricing options. Make sure you get the one according to your needs at reasonable rates. Do not forget to compare it with the competitors.

Why ConsiderTim e Champ?

  • The timestamp is not just software; you also get your productivity consultation. Time Champ consultants are experts in productivity enhancement recommendations.
  • Comes with optional employee monitoring so that employees do not feel suffocated and can freely work.
  • HR can better manage employees with the safe management of employee data.
  • Supported by all the major OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Timestamp can integrate well with many other modules to help automate your business. Available modules include Project Management, Leave Management, Status Reports, Compliance Management, Video Conferencing, Analytics, etc.
  • Users can choose different pricing options as per requirements.
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