According to a survey from the American Payroll Organization, 46% of respondents say the most arduous task for their payroll departments is tracking employee time. A clock-in app is a necessity for any business. It helps track employee time, attendance, and location while on the job. The best clock-in and out application will also have GPS location tracking, and schedule, making managing your employees' time even more straightforward.

Many businesses find themselves in this same predicament of needing employee time clock software in modern working times. The good news is that plenty of employee time-keeping apps on the market can do this for you. What's exciting about these apps is that most of them are available online for free.

Clock in and Out App- the employee time clock software:

Clocking in and out is the process of recording the time employees arrive at and depart from work. This practice is used to track employee attendance sheets and calculate payroll. Clocking in and out has changed from manual time cards to digital time clocks. However, the purpose remains to ensure that employees are paid for their work time.

What factors to consider while choosing the clock in and out of the application?

Clock-in/out apps are essential for running a smooth operation. The suitable clock-in/out app can help you keep track of employee arrivals and departures, scheduled breaks, and more. However, choosing an app that meets your specific needs is essential. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a clock-in/out app:

User-friendly alliance:

The app should have a user-friendly interface. It should be easy to navigate, and the options should be clear. The app should have features that match your organization's needs. For example, if you are a hospital, you may want an app to track patient arrivals and departures.


Ensure the app accurately records employee arrivals and departures. Get rid of unwanted delays and headaches.

Minimum Functionality :

Make sure the app you select has all the features you need, such as clock-in and clock-out options, employee tracking, and break schedules.

Efficient Design:

Keep your app looking sleek and professional. Choose an app with a modern look that will fit in with your corporate branding.


choose the app that fits the budget. Like if you are a small company with fewer employees, then you can select the apps that are for free. But, if you are a big company with a large number of employees, then choose the budget-friendly paid app to maintain your staff attendance sheet.

Time Champ – the best employee time-keeping app!

Finding a good clock in and out app is vital for businesses. After all, time is money. If you can't track your employee's time, you can't manage your payroll effectively. The best clock-in and out application will save you time and money. Time Champ application is the best and most successful running clock-in and out app used by many organizations these days.

With Time Champ, Employee time tracking gets easy, where the employer or manager tracks the time an employee spends on different tasks. This detail improves employee efficiency and productivity and manages payroll costs. One can choose from different ways to do the tasks, including pen and paper timesheets, manual punch clocks, and more advanced software solutions. Time Champ is the best software solution employee time tracking app that provides a range of features for both employers and employees.

Why choose Time Champ for tracking – the best clock-in and out of an application?

Time champ is a time tracking app for employees to record their time spent on different tasks. It can be used as a personal project management tool or as an employee time tracking app.

One should choose the Time Champ application for tracking time in an organization only because of the prominent feature the application has to offer. Have a look at the features and decide for yourself why the Time Champ app is one of the best employee times tracking software.

  • The user gets alerted whenever a change is made to an expense or when you forgot to clock in.
  • Time data that is accurate and easy to understand.
  • Automatic synchronization with Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar.
  • Product features: - Automate your business process
  • Save up to 50% on payroll costs
  • Processes are automated so that not many employees are required for your business.
  • Free to download and free app with no ads. As a world champion in time tracking, we're here to make your life easier!
  • The best time tracking app of 2019.

All you need is the right application to meet the business requirements!

It is very important for small or big business companies to get the right time tracking app and maintain a track record of the time spent on the work of the employees. Moreover, this will help to simplify the time-tracking process and displays daily stats to give an accurate overview. The employee time tracking software also offers detailed reports for individual projects or clients, further believing in expanding the business.

Hereby, it is very clear that the Time Champ is one of the accurate and modern time tracking software that you are looking for in your organization. To learn more about the app, download the 14-day free trial version of the app and start tracking time and maintaining a screen sheet of the records. 

You can log in to the portal link and get the app downloaded for free and later use the paid version of the application. Enjoy the features that this wonderful app offers and bring more power to your company by adopting these little changes that every company must go through.


Time Champ is the right tool for your business. Get the software now for free of cost!