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Famously, remote working software Tim Ferris has said that if a pandemic is coming and you want to avoid it, one strategy is to work remotely. He even outlines how in his book "The 4-Hour Workweek". The premise is that if you work remotely, you can escape the pandemic before or as it spreads.

I agree with Tim's point of view; it is a great strategy to include in any preparedness plan. I also like how he approaches the topic using logic and common sense. Similarly to his approach, I would expand on his idea by creating a pandemic preparedness plan based on remote working software and cloud computing.

The key to a good remote working strategy is effectively running your business everywhere. Our technicians, coworkers, and partners can create healthy work habits and techniques to reach personal objectives using the correct resources.

To do this effectively, choose the web-based software tool “Time Champ”

Time Champ helps companies unlock productivity potential with feature-rich automatic time tracking and productivity measurement software. Time Champ enables you to identify where they spend their time during the working day, allowing you to ensure their time is being spent productively. Time Champ collects various metrics and KPIs and presents them in beautifully laid-out analytical charts and reports. With the ability to drill down into problem areas, Time Champ makes life much easier to analyze and find solutions for problems quickly.

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Features available in Time Champ

    1. To achieve substantial progress in your daily life, ensure you get insights about productivity and focus time.

  • With Time Champ, it's easy to know whether the team has healthy work habits that empower it to stay focused, generate innovative thoughts, and demonstrate mastery. Get all the insight at one single click through a comprehensive dashboard. Get all the insights like the number of productive & focused hours, different site visits and many more.
  • A team-level Executive Summary of productivity indicators is available.

2. Realize the staff's most time-consuming distractions on the Work Efficiency Report.

  • According to PwC findings, organizations suffer an average loss of $600 billion annually to workplace distractions. Could you afford that? Time Champ will help you with that. You see how many productive hours, unproductive hours and idle time all employees at a single place and get to know where they have spent their time during working hours.

3. Obtain information about the technology and adoption statistics with the Technology Usage Report.

  • Using Time Champ Alternatively, you can investigate apps and game usage by identifying the frequency of use and duration on top brands' sites and categories and analyzing adoption trends by clicking and drilling down for details.

4. Manage burnout risk with the Workload Balance Report

  • Time Champ creates the workload balance report so that you can view work habits across teams and those who are more productive and unproductive and help them to rebalance where they spent time and set a goal for the organization's growth.

5. Set Baselines and Measure Success with Benchmarks & Goals

  • Goal-setting and tracking are key to improving team productivity and work habits. While it's good practice to set goals at the team level, it’s also important to track individual team members’ performance against their benchmarks.

Remote work is the Future

During the strange time of COVID-19, wisdom is to maintain social distancing and work from home. Many companies have decided to use WFH as the new normal. Companies will have to reexamine their practices to stay connected to performance improvement opportunities offered by remote work.

During the strange time of COVID-19, wisdom is to maintain social distancing and work from home. Many companies have decided to use WFH as the new normal. Today's businesses must adapt to the need for remote work to ensure they capture possible productivity gains. 

Time Champ a software to visualize work from every angle and maximize employee efficiency and team productivity.

Time Champ is launching new versions of the software to make it simpler to reach our business objectives and increase our productivity. Stay connected to us regularly for the latest changes.

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