Employee monitoring software became the new normal post covid_19!


Remote work became the new shift for many industries worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has set challenges globally and many new challenges for employers and employees. The major challenge that falls on the employer's shoulders is managing the employer's shoulders is to manage employee productivity when they are not in the office. To do so, employers these days are using employee monitoring software that will help them manage employee productivity remotely.

Employee monitoring software is essential for any company that wants to comply with the Covid- 19 situation. The software is a guide to track employees and ensure they are not wasting time or working on projects outside their job description.  

Employee monitoring: what is it and why it is important? 

Employee monitoring is the act of tracking employee activity through the use of various monitoring tools. The purpose of Employee monitoring by the company is purely based on increasing the productivity and performance of the company and cutting short the budget. Moreover, this might not be a favorable norm for some employees as they might feel that such change is unnecessary as their privacy is not screen guarded. Employee monitoring software is the latest transformation that draws the HR teams' interest when refusing the benefits of increased employee productivity and control.

Why Employee tracking system in a company is a must these days?

The employee monitoring system is now a norm for companies that want to keep an eye on their workforce. The confusion of whether to indulge in the new standard is real. However, the aim of using the employee tracking app -to track the location of employees I s evident. With Employee time tracking, it gets easy to have a clear outlook of what the employee is exactly doing and handling the work. This is also further done to:  

  • To record the time given for particular tasks and activities
  • To monitor internet use 
  • To record keystrokes.  

With this work-from-home tracking software, tracking the performance and productivity of the employees is easy. Employment monitoring software will be the new standard across all industries because of its ability to succeed in a competitive field. 

Pros and Cons of Employee tracking software:  

Employee monitoring software is a tool that employers can use to track the activities of their employees. Tracking software has some advantages and disadvantages; let us learn in detail about it. 

The pros:  

  • Employers can maintain a record and track their employees' work activity. 
  • Employers can now have detailed knowledge about the productivity of their employees, where they spend the most time, and what they do during work hours. 
  • This software makes managing the company resources and assets easy, leading to better management practices.  

The cons:  

  • Employees might consider this a takeover of their privacy, or it will create a feeling of mistrust between them and their employers.
  • Employees may find this tool unnecessary because they feel it will increase their work.

Learn about the best Employee Tracking Software for remote workers.

Several employee monitoring tools are available; the Time Champ tool is the best known, and the best is the Time Champ to Time Champ tool. Time champ is an employee monitoring tool that helps companies track their employees' time and attendance. This app has various features to offer users, including reports on how much time employees spend on projects, automated notifications when they reach their allotted hours, and setting up the schedules as and when required.  

Monitoring employees' hours has become an important aspect of a company. Moreover, it's also essential for employers to know when they can expect a specific task or project to be completed. Time champ is a modern solution where companies can stay on top of their work and track the working time of employees spent by each hour. 

Features of Time Champ- the best work-from-home tracking software! 

Time Champ is one of the best and latest online tracking software company's uses. Its unique features make the Time Champ software the best of the entire available employee tracking software. Some of them are:  

Time tracking: Using the Time Champ software, tracking the time taken to complete a project is easy. Also, the employees help maintain billable time rate management and achieve the timesheets on time. 

Mobile time tracking: it gets easy for the employee to download the software on a mobile phone and use it for time tracking on the smartphone.  

Platform: Time champ is one of the best employees tracking software as it provides a platform to track actions that include reporting, performance, reliability, integration, and APIs. It also offers mobile user support, making it easy for the employees to track their productivity at their fingertips. 

Administration: the employees can get automated reminders using the software and have a complete workflow record. 

Screenshots and live videos: using the software helps the employees view and download the screencasts and further allows visualizing an employee's live desktop at the time of working. 


Henceforth, the Employee monitoring software is essential for employers to keep track of their employees. It is a necessary evil that every employer has to deal with in the modern workplace. Employees can quickly get the cost-effective monitoring tool and start tracking their productivity.  

Modern organizations are updating their old ways of monitoring to stay competitive. Office workers are using the latest trend: software that monitors and tracks what they do on their computers. And it's increased productivity by 15%. To help with your workload, consider installing the Time Champ software to monitor your employees and increase productivity is the best idea. So quickly get started and get the 14 days free trial version now.

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