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"Time Champ is your eyes on your company"

Time Champ is an amazing software and it has so many features that I can't even remember all of them. I've done many tests with other solutions, and I couldn't find any that satisfied my needs, but Time Champ does!

Thank you guys!!

Rajnish Kumar J,
Senior Field Service Engineer, Mid-Market.

Remote Working

The only software that you would ever need to be able to monitor and manage remote workers

You’ve never transformed your business like this before. One software that has the potential to boost the productivity by 20% to 30% and boost employee morale like never before. Time Champ is more than just a time tracker. With the rich feature set that it offers, it is a completely refresher and will become the only decision that you will differentiate you from your competitors.

Realtime status

The only software that can give you realtime status updates.

Realtime status updates let's you know whether your employee is online, whether your employee is offline, whether your employee is on break, even it can tell you if the employee is currently idle and how long they have been idle.

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Screen Recordings

The only software that can give you screen recordings in less than $3

Save 80% of the money by choosing us and we help you by providing full recordings of employees, don't get confused! it is not screenshot's, it is screen recordings.


Time Champ – For All

Office Based Teams

Time Champ is built using tomorrow’s technologies for next generation businesses. The comprehensive tool can really help run office based teams. It can work for teams as small as 20 upto global organizations having thousands of employees.

Hybrid Remote Teams

With the advent of Covid, remote teams is something that is order of the day. Time Champ innovation makes a perfect usecase for hybrid teams. You may have a well structure heirarchy with teams distributed around, Time Champ could really help improve productivity of your teams.

Fully Remote Organizations

Everyone agrees that tomorrow’s companies are going to be fully remote. The fact that Time Champ fundamentally relies on metrics and the automatic business processes is at its core, running a full remote organization with processes makes a perfect usecase for Time Champ


Activity Monitoring

How accurate is your company monitoring your employee's activity? Not sure, But we are pretty sure about our software.

A detailed report with timely analysis on your employee's activity will be provided. It captures all the desktop apps and websites employee has opened. It also records the amount of time they have spent on each of them.



Completely automate attendance in your company.

You will be able to know your employee's intime, you will be able to know their outtime.You can get their total working hour's and automark the attendance and easily manage their leaves.



Are your employee's potentially cheating. Is your system not able to detect intensity of your employee's.

We have a unique system where we not only collect the screenshot's and keystrokes but also give you the intensity levels in a graphical format. You can use this for detecting behaviour of employee's.


Want to get to know when your employee goes idle ? Use our software.

Want to get to know whether your employee is cheating on the system ? Use our software. We have artificial intelligence enabled systems that can detect the cheating behaviour of your employees and alert you.



Power up Your Organization with Time Champ

It takes less than half a day to get a demo arranged and an hour later you can start the pilot. Less than a week, for free, you will be able to get the recommendations on productivity improvement areas.

It puts the much needed power and control back to your hands.


We do not believe in limiting the benefits for you

A single subscription gets you unlimited use of our projects, tasks, timesheets and activity. More usage into the system means better productivity improvement recommendations. And, more opportunities to find problems that can be corrected.



Do not have time to regularly check your employees data, Don't worry. We will send you Mails on daily and weekly basis.

Daily Mails will contain detailed report on employee's Working time, Productive and Unproductive times and similarly weekly Mails contain overall week's performance.

Task Based Tracking

We will not just get you the data based on your employees in and out time but we will be able to segregate the data based on the task they are working on.

Our system will automatically start the timer when user starts a particular task and will stop the timer accordingly. Also employee can manually start the time for the particular task and stop it.



With Time Champ helping you manage your employees, it is time to get much needed rest and relax.

Time Champ helps to save time. It fundamentally kills micro-management. It gives summary reports to the level where you would need to glance the reports once a week to check if things are going as well as you have planned. That freesup huge amount of time trying to manage the team.

Proven and Trusted Brand


Active Users


Hours Monitored


Computers Tracked



Power Your Company, Team, or Individual Time & Productivity Processes With a Single Software


Unlimited Use

A single installation gets you unlimited use of our products and apps. For each user account, deploy on as many computers as you like. Access reports as many times as you like while in office or on the go. Fair usage policy applies!


Simple Pricing

We have got an unmatched number of features in our software. And, we have got the simplistic set of pricing tiers and there are no hidden charges. Just pick the tier that you can fall in love with and have fun. Wish you need to upgrade the tier any time, it would just be a click away.


Constant Updates

We have got the worlds best software already. The software lighting fast, secure, performing and highly feature rich. What more! We are constantly investing to upgrade our software to bring the best of the technology to meet the tomorrow’s businesses.


Organization You Can Trust

Our organization is trusted globally by companies that are small, medium and large enterprises. With services being used by countries including UK, USA, Arab countries, Singapore and Newjealand, you can rely on to give you the best and beyond.


Rock Solid Security

By becoming certified in ISO 27001:2013, Time Champ Cloud demonstrates it has reached a high level of security maturity. With a goal of providing the most robust security possible,


24/7 Premium Support

Whether you’re a startup, small business, or global enterprise, our global teams across many timezones are here to support you. Get responses fast with free 24×7 email, phone, and chat support.


Many Use cases

Managing and tracking Time & Productivity of any organization is central to enabling many use cases including Employee Monitoring, Workforce Analytics, Operational Efficiency, end to end business process automation.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

A single subscription gets you unlimited use of our features and modules. Make use of them along with reporting and analytics. With proven software, satisfaction is guaranteed.


Track Time & Productivity across all the devices

Time Champ is a comprehensive software that works across devices and browsers. You will be able to use it in Windows Devices, Linux Systems and Mac devices along with Android.