Remote work might be here to stay?

It is projected that approximately 45 percent of the employees will be work from home in some capacity by the end of 2021.

Remote work is increasing across the globe, in every industry trying to manage remote work during the pandemic situation.

Sure, the pandemic forced an increase in speed and range of adoption, but this remote work culture is in the talk for years.

Employees expect more flexibility; employers need to prepare for an enormous change in the normal worker’s schedule, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Whether you’re a team manager, a stakeholder, or a business owner, you have to understand this: Remote work is here to stay. And it can be very effective, too—especially with the use of tools to help you and your workers maximize their productivity and efficiency, no matter where they’re logging on from.

The Pandemic Has Raced Up Remote Work

The novel coronavirus and the following outbreak of COVID-19 put in-person work in a weak position.

“COVID has accelerated the global embrace of remote by at least 10 years. You can’t just pretend everyone’s going to go back to the office, and no one will ever ask for flexibility in a job interview ever again—it’s never going to happen.” – Darren Murph, head of remote, GitLab ”

There's no denying that managing a remote team is not exactly easy. There's no such thing as "pep talks" or "mandatory fun Fridays." And even if you do organize a virtual happy hour, some remote workers might hesitate to speak up on conference calls or video chats due to concerns they don't want their co-workers to think they're drinking in the middle of the day.

The feeling is understandable but everyone should give it a try and overcome their anxiety anyway.

It's also hard to be a remote worker. While living in a city with tons of great co-working spaces is certainly a bonus, you might have to put up with having some weirdoes at the coffee shop across the street.

There are challenges but they should be viewed as an opportunity as well. As someone who's been in an office environment for the last eight years, I've learned quite a bit about myself these last few months.

Remote work ensures that you can be more productive without the continuous eye of your manager and team lead and try to solve the issues without the help of higher authorities.

Embrace the Benefits of Remote Work

For those out there who aren’t sure about the effectiveness of remote work, the idea that it may swing around can be annoying.

However, there are real benefits to remote work beyond the essential nature of social distancing at this time. Remote work can save money, time, and mental energy for businesses and employees alike.

It can even help the environment.

If you’re new to the idea of remote work, we can help framework some of the best things about it.

How Remote Work Helps Companies

Remote work is forced by COVID19 on us but knows it will be helpful for both: employees and employers.

Though employers and supervisors sometimes resist the idea, there are some great benefits for the employers from remote work when implemented correctly.

Grows your talent pool. If your skilled employee pool is a circle 30 miles in diameter from wherever your office happens to be physically located, you’re cutting out most of the planet’s population.

Why compromise for the skilled employee to your company, and your growth to geographical happenstance?

Time zone differences can be accomplished, so don’t be afraid to hold the benefits of a more various applicant set.

Lowers your overhead expenses. This math says for itself. Take a look at your expenses you reduce any of the following bills: office lease, utilities, cleaning services, building repair, and furniture costs.

Do you provide food to the employee on Fridays? How much do office birthdays and holidays cost to staff, decorate, and catering? How much does your building’s security system cost?

Consider the enormous expense of computers and printers, not only in purchase but long-term upkeep as well.

You will remove these expenses while working remotely and to maintain the productivity of your employee you just have to take a time tracking software like Time Champ.

How Remote Work Helps Employees

Remote work benefits employees in, possibly, more obvious ways: It comes with advantages both financially and mentally, and can significantly increase productivity.

Eliminates the morning travel:

The morning journey can be rough. Most people have to get up earlier than is usual for their bodies, get ready as quickly as possible, and hurry out the door.

Maybe they do not have time to grab a to-go coffee or have breakfast. Now multiply these problems for parents or other caretakers.

Improves the work-life balance:

An employee who can take a break from work to walk their dog or help their kid with some mathematics homework is in a better place mentally.

While this may seem like an interruption at first blush, this flexibility allows workers to release their stress in little bursts as an alternative of storing them all up at work and having them explode at home or vice versa

Now they can focus on work (with the occasional break) and more productive instead of distressing all day and being unfocussed by what could be happening back home or at the babysitter.

Boosts productivity

Amazingly for many, remote work can increase productivity. Not everyone is built to sit at a desk and be productive from exactly 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Some people are more dynamic in the morning and would love to get up at 6 a.m. and complete their work in the next five hours.

For some, their energy level peaks in the evening, and they do their best work when everyone else is winding down.

Flexible work hours can help an employee to work more effectively and productively and give the best result to company growth

Time Champ a complete software that will give your insight about productive and unproductive hours and thus you can improve your productivity accordingly.

Wrapping Up

So simple Time tracking software is helpful for both employees and employers during this remote work culture

Time Champ a software to visualize work from every angle and maximize employee efficiency and team productivity.

Time Champ we keep updating the software to make it easier to increase productivity and achieving the goal for organization growth. Stay tuned for more!

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