Great Reasons to Have a Meeting When Working Remotely

Work remotely for a while, and you’ll quickly learn that meetings are not to be taken lightly.

People who work remotely understand the challenges of collaborating with people in different time zones, at different job sites, or in different countries.

Add to that the challenge of making sure everyone is on the same page.

For many companies, it simply isn’t feasible for all employees to be in one place all day long.

Plus, when teams are distributed across various locations, it often makes sense for team members to work from home or another remote location rather than head into an office every day.

And, while there is comfort in working in an office environment, the space and amenities of a local office tend to be limited.

With all of these considerations, we sit around a lot at work, answering emails and making phone calls rather than getting things done.

Here are some great reasons to get off the phone and take action:


When you get distracted by emails or other interruptions during meetings, you’re likely to forget key points that could otherwise have been covered.

Distraction also makes it harder for teams to stay focused on what they came together to accomplish.


Being out in the field or different locations makes communication more challenging, especially when teams are working on projects that are critical to your company’s development.


When people are physically together, it’s easier to get feedback on what’s being said, get people’s opinions, and get them to buy in on decisions.


With everyone in one space or at least one place, it’s easier for everyone to share thoughts and stay motivated throughout the process.

It also helps ensure that there is no duplication of effort among various stakeholders.


While you might be able to get by with team members in one place, remote collaboration can be far more powerful.

By working remotely, everyone has the freedom to think differently.

And it gives employees the ability to make connections with people who may not usually work at the same company.

This kind of cross-pollination helps give your team a richer tapestry of experience and knowledge that can better serve their clients.


With fewer distractions, teams are better able to move forward on critical projects because they’re not wasting time waiting for others or trying to figure out who is available at what time.

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Wrapping Up

Finally, who says that meetings can’t be a source of happiness? Whether you want to recognize achievements, mark a milestone, convey good news, or ring in the holidays, bringing the remote troops together to share joy bridges the miles.