Remote Work Tips for Overcoming Common Productivity Barriers

Learning how to stay productive when working remotely might not be easy, but it certainly isn't impossible.

With the right tools and strategies, you can get past any challenges that come your way.

We'll show you what to do if clients don't understand time zones or how remote work is different than regular working hours.

How to avoid distractions like home life and what needs to happen if the internet isn't reliable or if you're struggling with lack of focus; and even some tips for staying healthy while working away from home.

If you're not already using these tools or are just starting, then get ready for some completely new habits that will help the quality of your work.

1. Develop a Routine

This is our favorite productivity hack for remote workers because it combines so many key skill sets.

Not just any routine will do here—the most productive people adopting their former workplace routine to their new home office.

By keeping things likely and constant, you can avoid falling into time sucks like social media scrolling and constant news checks—particularly important during today’s news cycle.

2. The GTD Method

Getting things done (or GTD) has been a work productivity system for a year, and it's been proven to be effective for businesses and individuals alike.

The idea is that you capture everything you need to do into a project management tool, then create processes around each task to make it easier to execute them.

3. Use To-Do Lists Method

This is the second of our favorite productivity hacks because it is so useful.

It works by creating a system of to do list that you can use as a checklist or reference point for most of the work you do, so getting things done is no longer a struggle.

4. The Sunrise Method

If you want to make sure you get a lot of work done by a specific date, this one is for you.

The Sunrise Method focuses on setting a specific start time for your day and sticking to it, even if other people are trying to get in touch with you.

5. The 5-Minute Mindfulness Break

This is another method that helps you achieve productivity by working smarter, not harder.

It involves 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation every hour and it's been shown effective in helping many people stay focused while still being productive.

To be productive you can follow the above tips or just equip yourself with a time tracking software like Time Champ.

Time Champ is the perfect software to keep track of productivity and project at the same time.

Features available in Time Champ:

1. Optimize your workday with insights around productivity and focus time.

2. Understand top workplace distractions with the Work Efficiency Report.

3. Get visibility into technology usage & adoption with the Technology Usage Report.

4. Manage burnout risk with the Workload Balance Report.

5. Set Baselines and Measure Success with Benchmarks & Goals.

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