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Yes, Time Champ offers a hybrid work mode that allows for data storage on your own cloud infrastructure. This provides flexibility for teams that require a combination of cloud and on-premises data storage solutions.

Time Champ provides specific bandwidth requirements for each screenshot, and you have the option to adjust the bandwidth based on your requirements. This ensures that you can manage data transmission efficiently.

Time Champ has offline capabilities for tracking work hours, especially in field locations, indicating some level of functionality without an internet connection.

Time Champ ensures data security by adhering to top-notch security protocols, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), GDPR, and HIPAA compliance. The software is committed to protecting privacy and securing personal information, as outlined in their Privacy Policy.

Yes, after subscribing to Time Champ, you will have access to your data through the TimeChamp UI. This user interface provides a convenient and user-friendly way to interact with and manage your data. For more advanced and technical data management needs, Time Champ also offers access through Swagger APIs. This combination ensures versatile and continuous access to your data, allowing both straightforward usage through the TimeChamp UI and more complex data interactions via APIs.

Yes, Time Champ is designed with a role hierarchy mechanism that supports different levels such as team, user, and organization roles. This facilitates the use of the software in a work-hierarchy structure.

Time Champ is designed to accommodate various work setups, including office and remote teams, suggesting its adaptability to different systems.

Time Champ's servers are hosted on Azure infrastructure, but the exact locations of these servers are not specified.

Time Champ offers control over the screenshot feature, including the ability to stop screenshots based on specific roles. Additionally, it provides an option to blur screenshots to manage privacy based on role specifications.

The CPU usage of Time Champ is negligible, ensuring that it does not significantly impact system performance.