How Time Champ can be a Time-Saving Factor for Your Business

Covid-19 epidemic around the world, most of the companies have allowed their employees to work from home but the biggest challenge being faced by them is to track how much time an employee really spends on work or simply faking being engaged.

According to a survey the number of meeting hours has considerably risen by 8 to 10% during this remote work culture.

Average employees attend 62 hours of meetings in a month and a large chunk of 47% of employees have reportedly claimed half of which is wasted time.

New tools and techniques have come to play a vital role during remote work and culture and these tools significantly helping the companies to improve employee efficiency and organize onsite/virtual teams.

Employee Time Tracking has been around for a long time but nowadays we get familiar.

Employee monitoring software is easy to find and easy to use. But how exactly does it help your bottom line?

The first timesheet was invented back in 1888 by tech behemoth (now we know it as IBM) since then it is being used by every other company but implementation has seen a complete turnaround during this pandemic.

Employee monitoring software is easy to find and easy to use. But how exactly does it help your bottom line?

Performance vs Productivity


There is a very thin boundary between performance and productivity, but Employee Monitoring Software does help you to accurately evaluate the performance and productivity of your employees’ performance defines that he/she can perform or execute the given task.

Knowing that your employees are working hard and efficiently is a huge relief for employers. It reduces stress and helps you to focus on different work.

Employee monitoring software allows you to take a step back and let professionals do to be more productive.

Time loss = Money loss


In most cases, employee monitoring software helps you achieve higher profit margins through increased efficiency and detailed customer service.

Employee Monitoring Software helps you identify problems before they escalate, saving money on unnecessary customer service costs and mistakes.

Monitoring your employees’ activities makes them more accountable and keeps customers more satisfied with their overall experience. Better Customer Satisfaction can help you to increase the profit.

Organized vs Unorganized

Unorganized resources can cost you as much as having none, utilizing and managing them wisely could be a decisive factor for the success of the company. Time Champ allows you to manage and use them rightly.

The ability to observe and receive notifications from almost any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access gives employers peace of mind as they can look after their assets while working from home or on the go.

Setting a clear and organized plan is a good way to check efficiency and productivity.

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Time Champ collects various metrics, KPIs and presents them in beautifully laid out analytical charts and reports. Time Champ makes life much easier to analyze and find solutions for the problems quickly.

Resource Burnout

Sometimes companies exaggeratedly use the resource which eventually leads to burnout and loss of its feasibility, to avoid such things time tracking software can be useful.

So Employee Time Tracking Tools like Time Champ can prove to be a benefit for tackling these kinds of details which can help the companies to reduce the unproductive hour’s big time and keep employees focused on their work.

1. Productivity

2. Efficiency

3. Utilization

4. Predictability

5. User Activity

6. Idle time

7. Outliers


So the amount of time an employee spends daily at the workplace irrespective during their remote work.

Time Champ tracks all the tasks and activities that make it an inevitable choice for every range of companies to the business smoothly and profitably.

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