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Welcome to Time Champ! Let's Get You Set Up for Success

As you begin your journey with Time Champ, it's important to ensure that your antivirus and firewall settings are configured to work seamlessly with our software. This guide will walk you through the necessary exclusions and exceptions to optimize Time Champ's performance and accessibility.

Antivirus Exclusions and Exceptions

To ensure the proper functioning of Time Champ, certain paths on your system should be excluded from antivirus scanning. Here’s what to exclude:

Paths for Exclusion:

  1. %SystemDrive%\Users\*\AppData\Local\TempInstall

  2. %SystemDrive%\Users\*\AppData\Local\TimeChamp Or Svcvtt

  3. Purpose:

    Excluding these paths prevents interference with the Time Champ or Svcvtt application, ensuring smooth operation.

Firewall Exclusions for Download and Site Access

For uninterrupted access to Time Champ’s services and downloads, the following links should be excluded from your firewall’s restrictions:

  1. Link: *.timechamp.io

    1. Purpose:

      This exclusion allows downloads from and access to Time Champ’s primary domain.
  2. Link: *.sites.timechamp.io

    1. Purpose:

      Exclude to ensure access to sites hosted on the sites.timechamp.io domain.
  3. Link: *.sites2.timechamp.io

    1. Purpose:

      Enable access to sites hosted on the sites2.timechamp.io domain.
  4. Link: *.sites3.timechamp.io

    1. Purpose:

      Facilitate access to sites hosted on the sites3.timechamp.io domain.
  5. Additional Custom Site URL:

    1. Link: [Customer site URL]

    2. Purpose:

      Exclude this specific customer site URL to enable downloads and access to tailored Time Champ sites.

Implementing the Exclusions:

  1. Antivirus Software:

    Navigate to your antivirus settings and add the specified paths to the exclusion list.
  2. Firewall Settings:

    Add the provided links to your firewall’s exception list to ensure uninterrupted access.


Configuring these exclusions is crucial for a hassle-free Time Champ experience. If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance, our support team is always here to help.

Thank you for choosing Time Champ. We’re excited to support your productivity journey!