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Manage workflows and enhance your team's productivity while prioritizing privacy. Try our intuitive computer screen monitoring software for Mac and PC today.

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What is Computer Screen Monitoring?

Computer screen monitoring, or computer monitoring, involves using software to record and analyse activities and usage patterns on a computer. Computer monitoring is useful in managing resources better, ensuring security, and following company policies.

With computer screen monitoring software, employers learn a lot about how employees use their digital tools. It involves recording how much time was spent on individual applications, which websites were visited, and other patterns of use. But this visibility also means that managers can spot potential security holes and inefficiencies, giving them the basis for making informed decisions about workflow improvements or resource allocation. This facilitates greater productivity and operational efficiency.

What makes Time Champ the Ultimate Computer Monitoring Solution?

With its combination of usability and functionality, Time Champ's computer screen monitoring software is the perfect tool to help you maintain vigilance and raise productivity in a digital work environment. Time Champ provides real-time monitoring of computer screens, which enables managers and team leads to monitor and analyse the activities of employees more quickly and efficiently.

Time Champ’s monitoring features are intended to achieve a balance between surveillance and privacy. Our computer screen monitoring tools can help organizations to organize and improve workflows, discover areas to improve, and maintain high levels of operational efficiency. This makes Time Champ an ultimate employee computer monitoring tool for any organization focused on growth and operational excellence.

Computer Monitoring Features

Experience how your Employees work in Real-Time

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Our computer screen monitoring software features allow you to see what employees are doing on computers during work hours to gain visibility into your team's work dynamics. we emphasize our commitment to real-time oversight and management.


Real-Time Monitoring: Monitor all activities and the work being done by your employees, track their project status and tasks they are engaged in, to provide immediate response and support as they need.


Apps and Website Usage: Gain insights into all the apps and websites your team utilizes to ensure they have the right tools and prevent distractions.


Office TV: Take your monitoring capabilities to the next level, with a live comprehensive view of your team's activities at any given moment in time to spur an in-depth understanding of their actual work patterns.


Screenshots – Manual and On Demand: Tailor your screenshot capturing to highlight critical moments and activities, for effective activity monitoring.

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Streamline Your Operations with Indepth Activity Tracking

With activity tracking at the heart of our computer screen monitoring software, you'll get detailed information about all your team’s daily activities to make more informed decisions.


Activities Tracking: Have a clear picture of time is spent on different tasks and activities, which will deepen your understanding of productivity at the team level. So, you'll be able to supply more help where needed.


Screen Recording: Record and review screen activity to make sure tasks are being performed properly and to prevent any procedural discrepancies. Record and review screen activity to make sure tasks are being performed properly and to prevent any procedural discrepancies.


Activity Logs: Provide a complete overview of your team's activity and time spent, allowing you to be sure that work is accomplished swiftly.

                            Automated Attendance Solutions of computer screen monitoring software

Enhance Your Time Management with Automated Attendance Solutions

Time and attendance tracking is crucial for any business. Our computer screen monitoring software simplifies this process, ensuring accuracy and ease.


Automated Time and Attendance: Track employee attendance easily with our automated tracking system, freeing up time for strategic tasks.


Manual Time Entries: Be flexible while maintaining accountability; offer manual time entry options to accommodate different working styles.


Timekeeping: Get historical time data which will help you with trend analysis and reporting. It's also important to closely monitor active and idle time, and the ability to review and approve manual logs.


Reports: Receive customized reports delivered directly to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Elevate Your Team’s Potential with Advanced Productivity Analytics

Understanding productivity patterns is key to optimizing performance. Time Champs productivity Tracking offers a complete view of your team's productivity.


Productivity Tracking: Discover trends and patterns of productivity, revealing progress overtime to compare performance within your team.


Productivity Labeling: Categorize apps and websites based on productivity levels, so you can accurately measure productivity to manage and improve it.


Productivity Records: Check out productivity information on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom-date basis to see a complete picture that is backed up by data. This makes it easier to do strategic planning.

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Safeguard Your Data & Operations with Robust Security Features

Time Champ’s computer screen monitoring software prioritizes security, ensuring both company and employee data are protected. It safeguards your data by preventing unauthorized access and alerting you to malicious activity.


Customizable Privacy Settings: Gives you complete control of your data by allowing you to choose who has access to what data, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.


Real-Time Alerts: Stay informed about unwanted and suspicious activities or low productivity levels with real-time alerts.


Safeguard Against Insider Threats: Get notified instantly about insider threats and security breaches with our keystroke logging and alerting system to keep your data safe.

Use Cases for Computer Screen Monitoring in Your Organization

Boost Your Productivity and Focus

Boost Your Productivity and Focus

Time Champ enhances your team's workday by providing useful data to overcome obstacles, track progress, and efficiently resolve difficulties. This cutting-edge computer screen monitoring tool improves focus and commitment, boosting your team to greater output. It's like having a smart assistant who keeps everyone aligned and moving forward.

Lead Your Remote Team Effeciently with computer screen monitoring

Lead Your Remote Team Effeciently

Lead your remote crew like a pro with Time Champ. It's like having a neat dashboard with all of your team's work on it. You get the entire picture, from what they're doing to how long they've been doing it. There will be no ambiguity when it comes to payroll hours. Managing from a distance has just gotten a whole lot easier.

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Perfect Your Attendance Records

Say goodbye to guessing games with attendance. Time Champ monitors when your team is actually working on their laptops, ensuring that timesheets are accurate. It's like having a reliable timekeeper to ensure everyone is on the same page—no more buddy punching or time stealing. Just fair and square timekeeping.

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Increase Security and Adherence

Time Champ is your cautious protector in a world full of digital threats. It allows you to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour or breaches of rules on business time. Our computer screen monitoring is the trusted shield that keeps the bad things at bay for enterprises where keeping data safe and following the regulations is the name of the game

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Screen Monitoring

Computer screen monitoring is a technology that allows employers to watch and record an employee's computer screen activity, thereby increasing productivity and assuring task adherence.

Computer monitoring provides insights into how employees spend their time, assisting in the identification and reduction of inefficiencies, as well as the optimisation of workflows for increased productivity.

Absolutely. Our platform monitors which apps and websites employees use, providing useful information for analysing work habits and efficiency.

Our platform provides real-time monitoring and activity tracking for remote teams, ensuring that team members remain aligned and productive regardless of location.

Yes, we prioritise privacy with customisable options to ensure sensitive data is safeguarded while required oversight is maintained.

Our programme includes automated time and attendance tracking, which simplifies the task of accurately monitoring staff attendance.

Yes, it has various security measures such as customisable privacy settings, notifications for questionable activity, and a data protection silent mode.

A: To protect all obtained data, Time Champ Software applies stringent security procedures. It has customisable privacy settings and powerful encryption to keep sensitive information private and in compliance with privacy standards.

It offers real-time monitoring, activity tracking, and productivity analysis tools, making it easier to manage, communicate, and work with remote teams and ensuring that distance does not impair productivity.

Time Champ places a high priority on data security by using stringent access control procedures and cutting-edge encryption. These protocols ensure that all keystroke data remains secure, confidential, and protected against unauthorized access, aligning with the highest standards of data protection.

Yes, it offers versatile functionality that allows for both individual and team performance analysis. Managers can monitor individual employee's KPIs while also learning about team dynamics and joint efforts.