Tips of Working From Home


During these uncertain times, we have come to find a "new normal" in various aspects of life. One major change the global workforce is coming to terms with is working from home. Many folks will not undertake the daily commute like we won’t. Instead, we are settling into home offices and doing our days’ work from our own homes.

Working from home? That's fantastic! You can have your morning coffee in peace, chat with your family over lunch, and maybe even get a few chores done before dinner. You are in control of your hours—there's no official dress code to worry about, and you don't have to rely on public transportation.

Sure, it has its setbacks too, like the fact that sometimes you'll want to bake all day when it's snowing outside (yes, we know how tempting it is). But for the most part, being able to do remote work is a wonderful thing.

Here are some tips for making working from home easier:

1. Set Some Reasonable Boundries

While working remotely, you must have boundaries to maintain productivity, as you would in the office. Prioritize your work and complete it accordingly.

2. Keep a Regular Schedule

This is determined by how you manage your working hours; some people prefer to list out all of the tasks they need to complete throughout the day and complete them in priority order; others prefer to outline what they need to do and allocate time to each throughout the day.

3. Designate a Specific Work Area

Make sure you have a home office. It needs to be well lit and separate from the dining & living areas. It shouldn't be used as a storage area. You should completely clear it out whenever you're done working on something new.

4. Make a List of Everything that Needs to be Done

Set a timer for every hour, and when it goes off, stop working and do something else. Don't just work until you get tired — then your work won't be as good as it could be if you took time out for a break.

Take at least one lunch break a day. Get outside if the weather is nice, eat lunch with friends, or even take an extra ten minutes to call your mom. Just get out and do something other than work for an hour at some point during your day. Spread out all of your tasks into little time blocks instead of trying to do everything at once.

5. Finish Your Work

While this might sound obvious, of course, we will finish working. What we mean is, set a time to finish work. Remote work doesn’t mean working 24*7. When working remotely, it can be tough to switch off, especially if you are self-employed.

Even if you are an employee, those few hours of overtime before bed might sound like a good idea, but they can be counterproductive. We need rest and to take care of our health, so make sure you turn off that laptop at least 2-3 hours before bed to relax and recharge! Stay motivated by planning.

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