Best ways to track productivity & improve employee performance


Employee monitoring software is a necessity in today's digital world.The lines between work and personal life have blurred, and 21st-century employees have more devices, apps, and programs to use than ever before; many of which are not monitored by their employers.

With so many devices in use at any given time and across multiple locations, it's difficult for managers to keep up with what their staff is doing without help from various types of monitoring software.

The purpose of employee monitoring software is to allow employers to monitor and control employees' activities, and it's becoming a necessity for businesses.

The good news is that technology has improved significantly in the last few years, and managers can be better prepared for the demands of today's workforce.

Recognizing the importance of employee monitoring software in today's workplace, many businesses are using it to keep tabs on their employees across all devices they are using.

Employee monitoring software also allows managers to track their staff's productivity from afar, even when they're not working at the office.

An employee might be working from home or commuting on public transportation to get there. This has led to increased productivity for many businesses and the growing acceptance of remote work .

This increase in productivity is a result of staff members being able to complete tasks from home or on the go that previously might have taken several hours at the office.

Employee monitoring software allows businesses to be more flexible with their work schedules, allowing more efficient use of resources and personnel.

Another advantage of employee monitoring software is the ability to protect the employer's brand and reputation, as well as prevent data breaches.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software


Employee monitoring software offers four broad benefits that businesses may take advantage of, including

1. Increased efficiency

The first and foremost benefit of time tracking is increased efficiency. Many businesses/employers can likewise see increased efficiency when employee hours are carefully tracked. Not only does it help hold employees accountable for their time usage, but most time tracking features come with productivity analysis that can help boost efficiency on a company-wide balance.

The increased efficiency of remote work has allowed companies to have more productive working hours. Remote work is also an excellent way for people to balance their work and personal life. You can also use an employee monitoring system to increase efficiency by reducing the time spent managing employees and providing data insights into employee productivity.

Employers can use this information to make better decisions about how they should allocate their resources. This software helps businesses save money while still being able to maintain a high level of productivity.

2. Improved accountability

Employee monitoring helps to make sure employees put in an honest day’s work when they’re on a computer or other device. Employee monitoring software has a feature that will note if an employee’s computer is inactive for too long, and features like screen recording, screenshots, and go a step further. In this time when many employees are working remotely, an accountability tool like this is essential.

Employers use Timesheets & Attendance to show their employees the hours they have worked and the hours they are expected to work. Employees also use timesheets to track their hours and ensure they get paid correctly, resulting in improved accountability.

Time Champ can be that accountable software for your company.


3. Greater internal security

The Software that monitors employee activity for signs of internal threats can help categorize potential risks within a business. This type of risk assessment is only needed in particular sectors, but it’s essential where it’s required.

One can monitor employees in some ways, including their computer usage, the websites they visit, and the times they log in to work. Use this information to verify if an employee is working outside office hours or taking too many breaks. It also provides employers with accurate data about an employee's productivity levels and Attendance.

Timesheet & Attendance software is another way to monitor an employee's work habits. This software allows employers to see how long employees have been at work, how long they have taken lunch breaks, and when they have left their jobs for the day.

4. Streamlined operations:

The bordering features, such as invoicing, payroll, and HR features, help automate processes that streamline operations. These can have constructive effects on overall productivity.

Companies are examining solutions that need less muscle to be successful. One way to facilitate this is with the help of employee monitoring software. The software can help ensure that employees aren't wasting time or slacking off on social media when they should be working.

Timesheet & Attendance is an excellent way for companies to track what their employees are doing during work hours. This makes them easier to check on to ensure that enough competent workers are still available in case of a job-related issue. Remote work is another excellent way for companies to make their operations more streamlined and efficient, but it also has its drawbacks. The remote worker may not feel as much pressure as someone who is in the office, and this can lead them to slack off or spend more time on social media than they should

You must look for these features in employee monitoring software

  • Time tracking
  • Employee monitoring
  • Idle Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Web-Based Messenger for communication
  • HR Management
  • Live view (Screenshots)
  • Timesheet & Attendance
  • Timesheet Approvals
  • Cloud storage
  • Cost of Employee Monitoring Software

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