Ways to Overcome the Hurdle of Managing a Remote Workforce


The WHO has declared the coronavirus, or COVID-19, a pandemic. This pandemic is affecting the health of the community, and it’s also impacting the economy and business.

Remote work culture has its benefits, including the right to use a wider talent across the globe and removing expenses for maintaining a local office.

But sometimes the pros don’t seem to overshadow the cons. In this blog, we will cover the solutions, which include tracking and managing the productivity of remote employees and be connected with your remote team.

1. Managing Productivity while Completing Business Goals

Handling remote teams it is very important to reduce distractions for productivity purposes, even in a “regular” office space.

At home, the concern is compounded exponentially. Employers should help set up procedures to ensure distractions don’t become an issue for remote workers. The right combination of monitoring tools and policies helps reduce distractions in the remote workplace.

Another way to deal with distraction issues is to set clear priorities. Setting priorities gives employees a clear picture that which goal should be achieved first.

There three main ways to ensure productivity for teams irrespective of their locations:

First, the employer should help the employees understand what the company goal is and how the company will operate.

Second, sharing the progress of important goals within the company as well as at the individual level. This tracking helps maintain transparency and engagement.

Finally, Individual employees should know their roles and responsibilities and how much each one is important for completing the business goal of the company.

Software Time Champ like can help to connect the dots while tracking productivity for remote employees and maintain their productivity

2. Resource Management

Even if you are working remotely, you have to give your remote employees the appropriate equipment for their work environment.

Most remote employees, at the basic, should be offered a laptop or desktop with appropriate software installed. Companies should also give people an allowance to buy equipment associated with their job.

Adding to physical equipment, employers also lean towards allowing access to the company’s VPN, or Virtual Private Network to make working at home within the organization’s secure network possible.

Additionally, every department has its requirement of software and licenses employer should provide to secure your data and manage the cloud.

Well-organized resource operation and management are key to managing productivity as well as costs.

3. Long-Distance Teamwork

Teamwork over long distances can be quite challenging, especially when working with a remote workforce. The main challenge is simply finding a time when everyone is roused. This can make it hard to coordinate group meetings between teams on other sides of the planet.

We recommend that meeting timing for the update of an ongoing project should be fixed for every department by the employer this should be done regularly and consistently, as it can help to increase the engagement and build the relationship between the employee and their employer.

Chat and video conferencing technology are the main for doing business today, and it’s necessary for establishing a business relationship, especially when working with a remote workforce.

Using video and instant messenger-like chat is important for efficient and productive team-building, problem-solving, and teamwork with a remote workforce, because it radically decreases response times as compared to email.

How to Solve Remote Workforce productivity and Engagement Problems

However these three problems are noteworthy, they can become less hindering with the use of remote workforce management tools.

With the right tools like Time Champ, managers can make sure everyone is on job, jobs are manageable, and that everyone is all on the same page even when many hours apart. Ultimately, these challenges are easy to overcome if equipped with the right remote management tool Time Champ.