Remote Employee Process Policy remote employee policy Copied
Remote Employee Process Policy remote employee process Copied


This policy outlines the guidelines for remote employees in our organization. To facilitate effective remote working and ensure accountability, we utilize Time Champ as a key tool in managing and monitoring work activities.

remote employee monitoring

Tracker Installation

Personal Computers:

Employees using personal computers for work will be provided with an interactive tracker.

Office Systems:

For those using office-provided systems, a silent tracker will be installed.

Work Hours and Logins

Employees are expected to maintain timely logins. Any deviations or late logins must be communicated in advance..

Work Equipment (BYOD)

Employees should use desktops or laptops with reliable internet connectivity and headsets.

Activity Monitoring

There is a zero-tolerance policy for unauthorized or suspicious activities during work hours.

Availability and Work Environment

Employees must be available during working hours, with access to desktop and video conferencing tools. Screen sharing may be required upon request.
All video calls must be conducted in a clean, professional home office environment. Inappropriate work settings, such as working from a bed, are grounds for termination.

Communication and Reporting

Any work-related problems or challenges should be promptly communicated to the line manager for guidance.
Employees are responsible for planning their work and establishing timelines in advance.
It's expected that employees will actively resolve dependencies or blockers by communicating with relevant teams or individuals.

Time Management and Reporting

At the end of each day, employees must log their time in the Time Champ Project Management System, accounting for 8 hours of work on various tasks.
A daily standup meeting must be attended in the morning, and a detailed status update is required before the end of the day.
Timesheets should be submitted weekly for approval.

Payroll and Time Tracking

The payroll team will review the data from the Time Champ Tracker and Project Management System before processing monthly payroll.