How to be focused while working from home

Work from home, and I'm constantly distracted.

I get it — in certain ways, you have more freedom to do what you want when you're working from the comfort of your abode.

But that also means you have more responsibility for being productive, which can be a whole new challenge if your personal life is a bit meandering.

Here are some tips to help you focus on work when you're working from home.

1. Set expectations with your family

I find it helpful to be explicit about what hours I will be working and when I can be interrupted.

Of course, you'll want to work in time for family — but if you don't set expectations, it's easy for your "work time" to turn into "family time", and suddenly the laundry isn't done and dinner isn't cooked.

Planning out your days helps everyone stay on track with their schedules and responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the options available.

2. Declutter

Working from home means there's no reason to procrastinate on decluttering.

Clean up in between jobs, and as you get the urge to do something else.

That might be folding laundry, organizing files on your computer, or cleaning off your desk; just dive right in!

If you can't find it after a half-hour of searching, chances are good that you don't need it anymore anyway (unless it's something very important)

3. Don't multitask

There's really only one exception here — if you need to check email or social media accounts regularly, set a timer and only check them for 5-10 minutes at a time.

You can check Facebook while making coffee, but don't let yourself get distracted by "checking Twitter real quick" when you were just going to make a pot of coffee anyway.

4. Shut it down

If there's something that can wait until tomorrow, then shut it down and come back to it another day.

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