Beyond the Keyboard: A Deep Dive into Keystroke Loggers  

Keystrokes Logging

Keystroke loggers, as the name suggests, is a software that helps monitor the keys you are typing on your keyboard. This particular technology dates back to 2006 and has been used for surveillance and security purposes.  

While it can be used for wrong and right reasons, this technology is nothing less than a boon for organisations. Whether remote or in-house, knowing what your employees are doing on their systems and monitoring them can increase their productivity and keep you in the loop for all the happenings.  

While there are so many employees monitoring software in the market, the ones capable of logging in keystrokes are very few and Time Champ is one of them. Before deep diving into the topic, let us understand what these keystroke loggers are and how they are helpful for your organisation.  

What Are Keystroke Loggers?  

Keystroke loggers are tools that will record every key that your employee presses on their system. Right from the time they have logged in to the time they clock out, you will get to see how many keys they have pressed, what those keys are and various other details without any limitations.  

These keystroke loggers increase productivity tracking in an organisation and give you a clear picture of everything an employee does.   

Keystroke Logging in Time Champ  

Time Champ is one of the market’s most popular employee monitoring and productivity tracking software. On-demand from our clientele, we have brought in a new Keystroke Logging feature. This feature is switched off when you have started using the tool, and if you want, you can switch it on to get in-depth insights related to your employees.  

With this feature, you will be able to monitor the number of keystrokes done by an employee. Usually, Time Champ detects five minutes of inactivity and considers it as an ideal or non-working time. Employees will have a chance to click any button once in five minutes and show that they are not idle.  

In order to track this kind of malicious activity, Time Champ has brought in keystroke logging. With this feature, the employer will be able to see the number of keys an employee has logged in, which keys they press, the intensity of keystrokes in graph format, etc. Time Champ gives a clear-cut picture of all the interactions that any employee has with the system.  

If you find any of your employees mismanaging the keystrokes, you can immediately check the screenshots or screen recordings at that time and understand if any mis happenings have occurred.  

The best thing about our software is that it just doesn’t stop with keystroke logging; it observes the mouse movements and logs them as well. This way, your employees will be monitored all the time they are working. 

How to Use Time Champ Keystroke Logging? 

You can use Time Champ keystroke logging in multiple ways. 

    • Assessment Tool: You can use our keystroke logging to understand how productive an employee is and what they re working on.  
    • Preventive Measure: Employees who know that their every activity on the computer is monitored will be very cautious of the things they do and prevent spending their work hours on personal matters.  
    • Detection Tool: If there are any malicious activities happening on any of the computers, you will be able to detect them. This helps majorly in cases where employees are moonlighting.  
    • Investigative Tool: The keystroke log is proven as a valuable tool while investigating any past incidents.  

Is Keystroke Logging Legal? 

If you are contemplating whether it is legal to monitor the keystrokes, then you can stop worrying.  

Organisations have the complete right to monitor their employee during working hours with the mutual consent between the management and employee. Before you proceed with opting for this solution, check with the labour laws and regulations in your state to be safe. 

Wrapping It Up 

Modern problems require modern solutions, and Time Champ is that modern solution that you need to ensure that all of your employees are productive and giving their best during office hours for your organisation to thrive. 

Most of the competitors in your industry have already started using Time Champ; what are you waiting for? Book a demo, up your game and become the best in your industry with Time Champ- the best employee monitoring software in the market.  Also Read: