Time Champ: Right Combination of Productivity and Project Management Tool 

Project Management

Post the COVID era; it is safe to say that everyone working in the digital space has worked remotely at one point or the other. While so many companies are calling their employees back to the office as things get settled down, there are still so many organisations out there that are operating completely remotely. 

The employees from these organisations work from various parts of the earth and enjoy their freedom to work from anywhere. While all of this sounds fun, the elephant in the room is project management tools. The project managers run from post to pillar to ensure that all the work is done on time, and it is not easy. 

Bringing all the teammates onto the same page and making sure that they are getting work done without any hiccups is a little tough, and to assist them, Time Champ has been turned into a project management tool. 

Well, you know it as a productivity tracker, but when does it double down as a project management tool? The experts at Time Champ have always strived to stay ahead of the competition with some of the best features that they can offer, and this project management is one of them. 

What Is Project Management in Time Champ? 

Now, let us understand how exactly the project management feature works in Time Champ. As we have mentioned already, Time Champ is an employee monitoring software. However, that is not it. The software also has different features like attendance, free project management, etc.  

This project management feature will work just like various other tools present in the market, but it comes with time tracking, which enables managers to see how much time is spent on each of the tasks and projects. 

If you are paying an employee on an hourly basis, then this is the best tool that you can have for your perusal, as employees won’t be able to modify the time spent on the project, and you will get accurate data that you can use. 

The project management feature comes with project activity, test case management, task management, goal management and budget management. You will get real-time updates related to project progress and reports which can help you in the decision-making process. 

Most of the project managers have relied on Time Champ to assign tasks to their team members, monitor their progress, gather real-time data on their performance, etc. You can set deadlines for the tasks and the budget and keep an eye on everything despite working remotely.

Increase in Productivity 

Time Champ won’t stop just monitoring the employees. It also helps them in achieving higher productivity levels. Right from monitoring when the employees are performing better to curating analytics about their productivity, Time Champ does it all.  

This software will divide the time you have spent on your device into three- Productive, unproductive and neutral time. It carefully tracks the websites that your employees are accessing and all the other activities to give you a clear idea of the productive, unproductive and neutral time. 

Wrapping It Up 

It is important to have the right tools at your employees’ disposal to ensure that your remote employees are working without any interruptions. Having a tool like Time Champ that can act both as a productivity tracking and a project management tool is a necessity.

This one comprehensive solution is enough to keep all of your employees on track, and it also comes with an online attendance management tool as well which helps with HR payroll. Time Champ can replace multiple tools that you have been using till now without burning a hole in your bank account.