How to Effectively Track Time on Multiple Desktops? 

Time Champ- Multiple Desktops Tracking

Not everyone in an organisation works on the same computer throughout the day. Depending upon their roles and requirement, some people work on multiple devices as and when required. Developers and testers have to use multuiple desktops and different devices to check whether their program runs smoothly on various OS, screen sizes, etc.  

And there are other instances where you may have forgotten your laptop charger and have to use another device to work for the day. If you use productivity tracking software, you would expect it to track your productivity across all devices so you don’t miss out on your working hours.  

But is it possible? Of course, it is. With effective employee time tracking software like Time Champ, you can track your time and productivity across multiple desktops or any device you want. 

Use Same Time Champ Account across Different Devices  

Creating multiple Time Champ accounts for different devices is chaotic. Managing all the accounts, tracking work time and maintaining time sheets becomes messy. To ease your efforts, Time Champ has introduced this new feature- Multiple Desktops, where you can log in to any device with one user account.  

You may ask how it works. Let us understand this in simple terms. You are using two devices which are named Desktop 1 and Desktop 2. You worked on Desktop 1 during the entire morning session and took a lunch break. Now you have started working on Desktop 2. You just have to log in to the Desktop 2 using your credentials and resume work there without hassle.  

The software will continue tracking your time from where you have left off in Desktop 1. You can check the time tracked in the Time Champ dashboard. You will find three metrics  


Comprehensive dashboard with the total time you have worked (Desktop 1 and 2). 

  • Separate dashboard for Desktop 1. 
  • Separate dashboard for Desktop 2.  

In this example, we have discussed two desktops, but you can sync the time you have worked on multiple devices without limitations. As the software is operated in the cloud, it is quite easy to access and synchronise with it from any device.  

Work Simultaneously on Two Devices 

If you want to work on two devices simultaneously, you can do so with Time Champ. This one-of-a-kind feature will help you in logging every working minute. When you work on two devices simultaneously, Time Champ is activated on the device where an action is noticed. 

You can switch between two devices in just a minute and the data will be logged. For example, you can work on Desktop 1 at 9:58 to 9:59am and then shift to Desktop 2 at 10am and work there till 10:12am, the work happened between these two intervals will be tracked.  

How Does Time Champ Synchronise the Data?  

Time Champ leverages cloud computing to easily ensure you switch from one device to another. Whenever you work on one device, the app collects data and syncs it online. Once you switch to another device, the data from the cloud will be synced to that device, and data will be tracked without any limitations.  

All the data is stored in the cloud and will be updated in real-time.  

Benefits of Using one Time Tracking Account across all Devices  

Using Time Champ across multiple devices has myriad benefits. It is quite convenient and optimises your productivity.  

Seamless Synchronisation  

Time Champ offers seamless synchronisation across every one of your devices. From Windows to macOS, you can switch to any OS without losing any time tracking data. You can retrieve time-tracking analytics, app usage metrics, weekly summaries, productivity analytics, etc.   

Better Flexibility and Convenience  

When you can track time on multiple devices, it becomes very convenient to work from anywhere. If you travel frequently and switch between multiple devices as and when required, this is for you.   

On top of it, you get the flexibility to work as per your requirement. If you want to switch from your desktop to a laptop or MacBook, you can do so without any limitations.  

Enhanced Accuracy  

Time Champ syncs data across all of your devices in real-time. This will make it easy for you to maintain the timesheet without worrying about clocking in and clocking out at different times. You don’t have to remind the tool manually the time you log in and log out.  

As soon as you log in to one device, the other one gets logged out, and the time will be tracked on the current device. If you are in any in-person meeting and haven’t accessed your computer during that time, you can claim that particular time and maintain your working hours with ease.  

Improved Work-Life Balance 

With accurate reporting, Time Champ ensures that your time is tracked perfectly and helps you maintain your working hours. You can complete the working hours and clock out without any hassle. This way, it would become easy to manage a good work-life balance.  

Wrapping It Up  

Time Champ is here to simplify the entire time-tracking process for both organisations and employees. With our advanced features like multiple desktops, MFA and many others, you will be able to track employees and their productivity with ease.  

If you want to get access to these myriads of features at an affordable price, then book a demo with Time Champ- the most trusted app by industry leaders.