Essential Guide to Choose the Best HR Software  

Guide to Choose the HR Software

With so much HR software available in the market, choosing one that aligns with your requirement takes work. To make this entire process simple, we have curated this comprehensive guide. In this, we will discuss what HR software is, the required features and many more.  

What Is HR Software?  

HR software, also called an HR system, aims to ease the monotonous tasks of the HR team. Right from attendance to payroll, the software will take care of everything while the HR teams get time to focus on their core task of managing people, recruiting, etc.  

Essential Features of an Best HR Software  

When you research for a Best HR software in the market, you will find different options with various features. However, only some features in HR software are essential for you. Some features are non-negotiable, and we are going to learn about what those features are in this section.  

Maintaining the attendance of employees is one of the most important tasks of the HR team as it is the only source, they have for payroll processing. This particular task becomes daunting when employees work from home. While the companies operating on-site may have an in-and-out biometric attendance, it is costly, and the tool won’t work without a proper electricity supply.  

Attendance Management  

However, you don’t have to worry about anything with HR software like Time Champ. While Time Champ focuses on boosting employee productivity, the tool also helps organisations manage attendance.  

Right from the employee logins to their account to the time they log out, everything is recorded to the point, and the HR team would know who is in, how many hours they work and various other aspects, which eases out the entire payroll process.  

Apart from that, the tool has a leave tracking tool where HR can add the leave balance, and it will be changed in real-time as and when an employee doesn’t attend the organisation.  

Employee Information  

HR management software will have all the relevant data of an employee stored in it. The people with admin access in the organisation can access this data, change or edit it.  

The best part is to pull up the required data with just a few clicks and go green completely.  

Time Champ- Best HR Software in India  

As you already know, Time Champ has always been considered an employee monitoring software. But do you know that the software has multiple features that make it the perfect HR software for businesses of all sizes?  

Yes, you heard it right. As said above, the software monitors every activity of an employee as soon as they log in to the system in the morning. It marks employee attendance and their hours and curates a timesheet that HRs can use while processing the payroll.  

The best part is that this entire attendance tracking is automated, and there is no need for human intervention. The tool has a leave calendar, holiday calendar and employee information; everything is stored in one place. 

Everyone from the HR team to the employees will get access to these calendars. In contrast, the managerial team can access the employees’ timesheets, leaves and other details.  

Wrapping It Up  

Time Champ is a productivity tracking softwarethat can also be used as HR management software because of its core features. If you are a small or medium-sized business with a limited budget, investing in one tool like Time Champ would be enough to make the most out of it.