Productivity Styles and why They Matter for You and Your Team?


In the past few years, workplaces have been shaken by the rise of productivity 'hacks' or productivity styles.

These methods vary from meeting schedules to how much you should work per day or week and what kind of work environment you need to thrive. 

Individuals who adopt these habits are often happier and more productive than those without.

If you want to use these methods, here's what you should know about productivity styles.

Workplace productivity styles vary depending on how people perceive the work they need to do and the number of hours available in a day or week.

For example, an autodidact will work more independently than a teacher with a small class. Also, some jobs require more structure than others. If you're a surgeon or an accountant, you'll be more productive if you adopt one of these styles.

What Are the Different Productivity Styles?

Everyone has a productive style. We will take some basic style which is very common:

1. Prioritizer

The Prioritizer is a highly efficient employee who moves with conclusiveness. Built with a strong sense of what matters most, the Prioritize can zero in on the primary task and complete large amounts of work in a small period. They always focused on completing the task effectively and on time. Prioritizers focus on facts and data; thus, they work efficiently.

The Prioritizer style is an excellent choice for teams who want to ensure they are always productive and efficient. It is a simple yet effective way to get work done, and it can be customized to fit the needs of any team. The Prioritizer is an excellent choice if you want a productivity style that will matter to you and your team.

2. Planner

Employees who adopt this strategy have high productivity and are very goal-oriented. They are often concerned with long-term goals and have a solid work ethic. The planner has a propensity for schedules, list-making, and deadlines. They are great as a project manager.

To elaborate, here are two reasons why the planner style of productivity matters:

A. This device ensures overall coordination in the simplest way possible

It is strongly recommended that every staff member in your business team understand precisely what must be done and when it must be finished. A central planner can help with this, as everyone can see what tasks need to be completed and when.

B. It can help to reduce stress levels.

If you or your employees feel overwhelmed by their workload, having a clear action plan can help reduce stress levels and help them work more happily.

3. Individual

The Individual style will work for you if you're a highly independent person. This means completing tasks to your specifications so you can be more creative and express yourself freely. You'll find that the Individualist is driven by internal motivation.

This productivity style is essential because it allows employees to work at their own pace and in their way. This can be very beneficial for those struggling with traditional working methods. An employee's originality can be increased for the sake of achievement.

To improve productivity on your team, consider implementing a personalized ideology. This could make a big difference to the overall success of your business.

4. Taskmaster

The taskmaster is likely your preferred style if you're goal-oriented and hard-working. Open-minded, Innovative, creative problem-solving, and seeing the big picture.

Taskmaster knows how a task or project will fit into your company's overarching goals. This productivity style focuses on setting goals and completing tasks promptly. Efficiently finding and using this technique can help you accomplish more in less time. This can be especially beneficial if you have much work or need to meet deadlines.

The task master style can also be helpful if you are working on a team. This is because it can help the section to work together more efficiently and get more done.

After reading the above descriptions of the four productivity styles, you are trying to figure out your and your team’s style. To get a clear picture of this, have employee monitoring software.

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How to Find Your Team Productivity Style?

The best answer to the above question is Employee monitoring software which will effectively measure the productivity of the teams in an instant using a compressive dashboard.

You can see how many team members are working and how many are more productive and least productive on a single screen. This information can then be used to drive performance and productivity style.

Software that collects various metrics, KPI and presents them in beautifully laid out analytical charts and reports of your team and let us know the productivity style and be ahead of your competitor.

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