Create More Connection with Remote Team Meetings while working remotely!


In today's work environment, many companies are adopting remote work as the new normal. Remote work has many benefits, including flexibility, reduced overhead costs, and access to a wider pool of talent. However, remote work also comes with its unique challenges, particularly when it comes to team meetings.

Effective team meetings are essential to building strong connections between team members and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. However, remote team meetings can be challenging, as team members are often in different time zones, and communication can be difficult.

One way to create more connection with remote team meetings is by using a time tracking and employee monitoring system like Time Champ. This system allows managers to monitor their team's productivity and track their work hours, ensuring that everyone is working efficiently and effectively.

However, with the help of time champ employee monitoring system, remote team meetings can be made more effective and engaging, resulting in stronger connections between team members.

Here are some tips on how to use Time Champ to create more connection with remote team meetings:

1.Schedule regular team meetings:

Set a regular time for team meetings, preferably at the same time each week. This will help team members plan their work schedules and ensure that everyone is available for the meeting.

2.Set an agenda:

Before the meeting, set an agenda outlining the topics to be discussed. This will help keep the meeting on track and ensure that all team members have the opportunity to contribute.

3.Encourage participation:

Encourage all team members to participate in the meeting. Ask for their input, opinions, and suggestions. This will help create a sense of inclusion and belonging, even when team members are working remotely.

4.Follow up:

After the meeting, follow up with team members to ensure that they understand what was discussed and what is expected of them. Use Time Champ to track progress and monitor productivity.


In conclusion, remote team meetings can be challenging, but by using a time tracking and employee monitoring system like Time Champ, you can create more connection with your team. By scheduling regular meetings, using video conferencing, setting an agenda, encouraging participation, and following up, you can build a stronger, more connected remote team.

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