Data Protection

We take security extremely seriously. We are on top of security improvements every single day. With huge amount of expertise building high secure systems, our team ensures that security is taken care of at every level of data transit and storage.

Security Measures

Here are number of things we do to help improve the security. We work on it every single day to ensure that security best practices are followed.

  • SSL Certificates
  • Email Verifications
  • Strong Passwords
  • HTTPS prototal (Tranferring Data Encrypted)
  • Auditing IP Addresses
  • Physical security
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Email Verifications
  • System Level Logging
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Third Party Audits
Enterprise Grade Security

Time Champ is best at providing enterprise grade security to the customers. This is the key reason on why we work with partners and suppliers to conduct many levels of penetrating testing to the software. And, we take the audits very seriously. If there is any issue, we take it very seriously.


We backup databases regularly on daily basis. This will guarantee consistency and we support Disaster Recovery. We can restore the database very quickly.

GDPR Compliant

We are a GDPR compliant business, for every data breach, we have a procedure in place that dictates how and when to make a responsible disclosure to the affected parties, with the first communication occurring within 72 hours of our becoming aware of the incident.

Controlled Development

Time Champ uses the GIT version control system. We conduct thorough security reviews uses a Git version control system. This goes through a round of manual testing. When code changes pass through the automated testing system, they are first pushed to an environment where employees test the changes before they’re pushed to our production servers.

Controlled Access To Server

Strict control is on the employees access to the customer servers. And all the users data with TimeChamp is very confidential and senstive information like passwords are encrypted too.

Access is only limited to those employees who really need it for troubleshooting or for support purposes. Even while working through support issues, privacy is taken care of. And, only the access to files and or the settings are given for those in need.

Live video and screenshots are optional features. They can be activated or deactivated. Every screenshot is stored fully securely using Azure data centers. Data centers follow highest levels of security standards to ensure security for the company data. They are located in secure enterprise data center with 24 * 7 monitoring and hosting support.

Credit Card Details

When we sign up for Time Champ, none of the credit card details are not stored in our servers. And, we use Stripe's secure encryption, which is same level of protection as the banks. All the details are processed through PCI compliant network.


We are GDPR compliant organization and ISO 27001 certified product. Here is the summary of the ISO certification.

ISO Statement

The certificate was issued by Management System Certificate on 13th of October 2020, to certify conformity with the Management System Requirements of ISO 27001:2013 for manufacturing and supplying the following products and services:

Snovasys Suite of Business Software Solutions configured as Business ERP, HRMS, Remote Working Software, Employee Monitor Software, Compliance Software, Duty Rostering Software, Application Builder and Analytics Software, Custom Software Development Services, Testing Services, Maintenance and Support Services.

We will continue to improve the way we conduct our day-to-day business. And having ISO 27001:2013 as a tool along with yearly audits from notifying body, will help us to reach our defined goals within quality for both service and product towards our customers and partners.

We perceive quality in work as a constant task and a common responsibility within our company.