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In today's digital and remote work environment, maintaining high productivity standards while embracing flexibility is key. Our company is committed to this balance, and we have chosen Time Champ as our tool to achieve these goals. Time Champ is designed to optimize work hours, enhance remote team management, and establish a new benchmark in workplace flexibility and productivity.

Our Mission with Time Champ

Our aim is to leverage Time Champ effectively to cultivate a work environment that is both productive and flexible. This policy outlines our strategy for integrating Time Champ into our daily operations, ensuring that our team fully benefits from its extensive features.

Work Management Tools and Features

To boost our team's productivity and ensure efficient time management, we will employ the following tools and features:

  1. Start and End Times Tracking
  2. Monitoring Idle and Break Times
  3. Assessing Productive and Non-Productive Times
  4. Evaluating Activity Levels
  5. Analyzing Work Intensity Graphs
  6. Implementing Screenshots and Screen Recordings (with privacy safeguards)
  7. Task Management and Time Sheet Systems
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Departmental Feature Utilization

Each department within our organization may utilize these tools differently, aligning with their specific operational requirements:

Leadership and Management: Access to extensive monitoring features, with the exception of mandatory time tracking. Customer Interaction Teams: Tools to enhance client engagement and support flexible work arrangements. Technical and Engineering Departments: Comprehensive access to features, with privacy settings for sensitive projects.

Working Hours Policy

Our policy for working hours with Time Champ includes:
- Defining a full workday as 8 hours.
- Classifying shorter workdays as half-day or absence, based on logged hours.
- Different shift windows for various teams.

Implementation and Compliance

Our approach to monitoring and managing work hours involves:
- Regular email alerts on work hour discrepancies. - Automated leave marking for unaddressed shortfalls.
- Manual correction through HR intervention.

Flexibility and Absence Reporting

We recognize the difficulty of adhering to a strict 8-hour workday and encourage employees to report work done outside Time Champ for appropriate consideration.

Role-Specific Exemptions

Certain roles or scenarios in our organization may be exempt from specific monitoring features to accommodate the diverse nature of our operations.

Policy on Time Integrity

We strictly prohibit any form of time manipulation or misuse of work management systems, ensuring accountability and integrity in our work processes.

Employee Health and Well-being

The well-being of our employees is a top priority. We encourage open communication about any factors impacting work performance and well-being.

Purpose of This Policy

This policy aligns with our objectives to improve productivity, foster a balanced work-life environment, and provide insightful operational data.


By adopting these work management tools and practices using Time Champ, we aim to not only boost productivity but also establish a standard for a balanced and efficient office work culture.

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In our continuous effort to boost workplace productivity and ensure robust security, we have embraced a comprehensive activity monitoring approach. Time Champ serves as a key tool in this initiative, enabling us to gather insightful data on work patterns and behaviors while upholding our values of privacy, trust, and accountability.


Our primary objective with this policy is to foster a transparent and efficient work environment, leveraging Time Champ as a facilitator. The focus is on understanding employee engagement, optimizing workflows, and maintaining strict security standards.

Monitoring Practices

Our organization employs the following monitoring practices facilitated by Time Champ:

  1. Random Screenshots:

    Taking periodic screenshots to provide an overview of ongoing work activities, ensuring that employees stay focused and productive.
  2. Audio and Screen Recording:

    Primarily used in customer-facing roles for quality assurance purposes. These recordings are conducted in compliance with legal and ethical standards to ensure transparency and accountability.
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  4. Keystrokes and Activity Analysis:

    Monitoring typing patterns and activity levels to evaluate employee work focus and intensity. This helps in assessing productivity and identifying areas for improvement.
  5. Real-Time Monitoring:

    Implementing live screen views and status updates to track work progress. This real-time monitoring ensures that projects are on track and that any issues are addressed promptly.
  6. Application Usage Monitoring:

    Tracking the real-time usage of applications to assess security risks and productivity levels. This helps in ensuring that company resources are used appropriately and efficiently.
  7. Conflict of Interest and Behavior Analysis:

    Identifying potential conflicts of interest and unusual behaviors. This practice is vital for maintaining ethical standards and workplace integrity.
  8. Device Security and Authentication:

    Monitoring system sleep events and employee work patterns to ensure device security and prevent fraudulent activities. This is crucial in protecting sensitive company information.
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  10. Multi-Desktop Visibility:

    Extending monitoring to cover multiple screens for a comprehensive analysis of activities. This practice provides a broader view of employee work habits and efficiency.

Implementation and Compliance

  1. Consent and Transparency:

    All monitoring practices are conducted with full transparency and employee consent.
  2. Data Privacy Assurance:

    We commit to the strict confidentiality of data collected and compliance with data protection laws.
  3. Ethical Monitoring:

    We ensure that all monitoring is done ethically, respecting personal boundaries and privacy within the workplace.
  4. Regular Policy Reviews:

    This policy and its practices are subject to periodic review to align with our organizational goals and ethical commitments.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Awareness and Education:

    Employees are informed about the monitoring practices and the reasons behind their implementation.
  2. Feedback and Concerns:

    We provide channels for employees to express any concerns or suggestions regarding the monitoring practices.
  3. Opt-Out Provisions:

    Where possible, employees are offered the option to opt-out of certain monitoring features, respecting their personal preferences.

Benefits of This Policy

  1. Enhanced Productivity:

    By analyzing work patterns and behaviors, we aim to optimize workflows and improve overall productivity.
  2. Security and Compliance Enforcement:

    This policy helps in ensuring that our security protocols are consistently followed and that we remain compliant with relevant regulations.
  3. Informed Management Decisions:

    The data gathered provides valuable insights, enabling management to make well-informed decisions for workflow improvements.


Our implementation of this Activity Monitoring Policy, with the aid of Time Champ, signifies our dedication to cultivating a productive, secure, and transparent work environment. We commit to using these tools responsibly, prioritizing operational efficiency while maintaining a high regard for employee privacy and respect.